Is This Elisha Cuthbert?

There are images making the rounds that some folks are claiming feature Elisha Cuthbert (whom you may have seen in movies like Old School or House of Wax).

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Alleged Elisha Cuthbert Porn Pictures

I say its not. These celebrities-doing-porno pictures are always fakes. What do you think?

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28 Responses to “Is This Elisha Cuthbert?”

  1. fedor Says:

    I have a picture of Jennifer Aniston being DP’d by midgets if you want to post that…

    Seriously…thats an awful photoshop. 🙂

  2. CMoney Says:


  3. whackitgood Says:

    looks goot to me

  4. jwan Says:

    Excellent…fakes, the lighting looks good, it’s nice to see people getting better with photoshop after all these years.

  5. bigwilly2007 Says:

    What are the chances of me checking out “Elisha Cuthbert” on then going to Videobox where there is a blog about her!? I wish those were real but she’ll never expose her vajaja 🙁

  6. Mark Says:

    Is she famous or something? Never seen her face before. However, if this is a fake, all I want to know is whom does the body belong to? Smoking!

  7. CooCo Says:

    Check out the bottom left picture in the porn photos, and then look at this picture:

    Obviously, it’s a fake. The head is the same in both pictures. It’s pretty obviously a photoshop, but if you needed solid evidence, there it is.

  8. CJ Says:

    BEYOND FAKE! They are very well done, but easy to tell they arent real.

  9. Anthony Says:

    Fakes, but good fakes. I think the top right one gives it away the most. They didn’t get the lighting quite right.

  10. Jambi Says:

    Whoever did these knows there way round photoshop, but have crudely placed well known images of her head on to some chicks body, they aint fooling no one!

  11. LOL Says:

    its a pretty good photoshop job.

  12. LOL Says:


  13. alison Says:

    CooCo – You pretty much sealed the deal. These things are completely fake.

  14. friedrich Says:

    Fake. Ironically, Ms. Cuthbert played a porn star who was trying to leave the business in The Girl Next Door.

  15. friedrich Says:

    Damn it. Can’t italicize.

  16. bxm294 Says:

    Too bad. She is by far one of my favorite actresses and very beautiful.
    Hey I wouldn’t complain if she went the way of her “the Girl Next Door” persona and did some porn.

    Besides House of Wax and Girl Next Door, probably her most famous role is as Jack Bauer’s daughter Kim on the Fox TV series 24, which is a great show, by the way!

  17. balanar Says:


  18. xposh Says:

    Thanks bmx294. It’s the girl from The Girl Next Door. She was alright in that. Somehow I ended up watching it on tv one time.

  19. me Says:

    I wanted these to be real but if you look she has 2 hair styles, so unless she decided to put on tons of effort into this and also make-up in one pic in particular this is definitely fake, but don’t pay attention to those things and they’re real.

  20. halin Says:

    Looks like her, not a bad looking cock either.
    She’s done all right 😉

  21. Skrotes Says:

    Horny Hobbit is a known ‘faker’. Quite good at it as well. Nice of VB to post a pic in the blog.

  22. BB Says:

    Good fake, must have taken alot of work.

  23. Spazz Says:

    They’re fakes and not very good ones at that.

  24. bw Says:

    you can tell its fake by the way her hair is curly in one picture and straight in another. (and the picture that cooco posted)

  25. El Chameleon Negro Says:

    The pic is no question a fake. However, if you saw her performance as the sultry maneater Venessa in the movie ‘He Was a Quiet Man’ (2007, Christian Slater) you’d agree that she absolutely missed her calling in porn. There’s one scene where after becoming paraplegic in an accident, she’s laying on a bed with Bob (Christian Slater). She tells him she wants him to just stick it in her mouth so she can suck him off. There she is, laying on her back with her mouth open and ready to go. Without removing one article of clothing, she had me pitching a tent faster than Bear Grylls on Man vs. Wild. Check it out!

  26. Jeff Says:

    No offense to Elisha Cuthbert, who I think is extremely gorgeous, I think this is a fake because Elisha is a bit of a larger woman than the one in the picture. Definitely not fat, just broader and toner. Otherwise they are pretty good fakes.

  27. Jeff Says:

    lol El Chameleon Negro

  28. Alison Abraham Says:

    It’s too totally fake. The her face, freakin ugly edit tho. Btw im lesbian :).