New Movies on the Way

We just signed a deal today for a ton of new movies from Ethnicity Films, Fusxion and Loaded Digital. Just a few of the movies we’ll be getting are:

Mamacitas 9 Early Entries 5 Elite 2
Wild Cherries 4 Fucked at Home Milf Bonanza
Myne Games Young Hot & Bothered Big and Bouncy

Look for the poll to decide which goes first in a couple of weeks!

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34 Responses to “New Movies on the Way”

  1. fedor Says:

    oh thank you…no black market….

    All the titles look wonderful!

  2. oldvert Says:

    Hi Alison:

    It appears that most of the movies you are taking in are relatively mainstream. The membership group tantrum for the last few transvestite dvd’s has been notable. Have you taken a poll of what the members want to see and what they would rather avoid?
    Just because I’m repulsed by the tranny stuff doesn’t mean you shouldn’t carry it if there is a large silent minority out there. I wonder, however, if you have a gay area (which I think I read Rope mentioning) why you don’t place the she-male vids there?
    Moreover, I would be very interested to know what is in most demand by your highly opinionated membership.
    Keep up the good work. This blog site is informative and fun.


  3. xposh Says:

    oldvert, look back though the blog postings, Alison said once that tranny vids are the vids they get the most email about requesting more of. Videobox also has a gay site,

    New videos look great by the way! Faith isn’t old enough to be a MILF though.

  4. Greg Says:

    One could argue that the people who do not request videos are happy with what they are getting (for the most part) and therefore do not place requests or even comments for that matter. I think a variety of videos is important. I enjoy straight one on one sex videos and don’t particularly like anal videos, but I think they both should be posted on here because some people like one type and some like the other. However, I think the people who request the tranny videos need to get a subscription to your gay site, where they should be placed. If everyone started requesting gay videos, would you post them here? I hope not.

  5. friedrich Says:

    What? Nothing from the “Big Wet Asses” series? I’m hurt.

  6. Nate Says:

    I agree with Greg. Those who enjoy tranny vids are generally quiet in the “reviews” sections because there are frequently twenty other people who will shoot them down for requesting more from that genre. Furthermore, I really wonder if the tranny vids (which are vehemently disliked by a very large portion of the members) are discouraging a significant number of people from getting a membership or renewing. Personally, whenever I stumble into one of the pages with tranny vids its an instant buzz-kill.

  7. The Content Dude Says:

    The number one reason I wanted to get more Metro on the site was based on the ratings of the other Fuxion titles we had released. Most of the users really like it and my hope is you will like this batch equally. BTW these titles are exclusive to Videobox.

    friedrich – The “Big Wet Asses” series is from Elegant Angel. That particular line is exclusive and will not be seen on this site anytime soon. That said, i did just do a deal with Elegant for some of their other new lines and you should being seeing that on the site shortly.

  8. alison Says:

    fedor – I’m glad you’re excited!

    oldvert – Thanks for the compliment. Believe it or not, gay men don’t like transsexuals, men who identify as straight do. If you’re interested in the post xposh referred to, it’s here:

    xposh – Thanks. And I totally agree with you that Faith is nowhere near old enough to be a MILF. I was kind of shocked to see her on the cover of that movie.

    Greg – You’re right. Satisfied people generally don’t write us emails. But as I told oldvert, the tranny stuff really doesn’t belong on the gay site. You can argue whether it’s really “straight”, but it definitely ain’t gay.

    friedrich – We have an Elegant Angel deal in the works…don’t worry 😉

    Nate – We don’t really get unsubscribe requests saying we have too much tranny stuff very often, if that answers your question. Based on download rates, tranny DVDs are actually pretty popular, but as you mentioned, as soon as they’re posted, the people who don’t like them get extremely vocal. Can’t we all just get along? 🙂

  9. mike Says:

    I’d really like to see something on here with Abbey Brooks. Seems she is on just about every site but video box.

  10. fedor Says:

    Content Dude – Could I request this?

    One of the hottest vids that I lost.

  11. mike818323 Says:

    what about getting some of the original “Taboo” videos? specifically #1, #2 and #3? I think a lot of people would like those, as i have read reviews of other classis videos requesting the taboo series instead of the classics they are reviewing. Overall i am happy with the content on here and think it is a excellent value for what we pay!!!

  12. oldvert Says:

    Thanks to xposh and Alison for the insight. I really didn’t know that tranny vids were consumed by straight, not gay, viewers.

  13. Elbobo Says:

    I have to echo what mike said above. I would like to see much more classic porn on here. Because honestly there are very few of these new vids and girls I can tell apart from one another anymore. So it makes it hard to get excited about new releases on here because to me, they look exactly the same as last weeks new releases.

    As for anyone on here who bitches something is ‘gay’ and is upset about the ‘gayness’ of a scene. Well, it’s no secret the people who moan the loudest about something being ‘gay’ generally are the ones who are and can’t come to terms with it.

    One thing you rarely see in Pornos is a guy willing to kiss the girl after he’s ejaculated on her face. My girlfriend LOVES it when we do that and the cum came from me so why should I care? Why is it okay for a guy to kiss a girl with pussy juice all over his face? Is there a Double standard here? I think so…

    I think it’s a very hot thing to do in the heat of passion kissing a girl with your cum on her lips or breasts, or her juice on your face, or any combination thereof. It’s been my experience many girls really are turned on by this.

    So I guess what I’m leading up to is why don’t we see this in straight porn? It’s like the one taboo porn makers won’t cross. Are there any scenes like this on the site? If there are no doubt the homophobic reviews are plentiful. Too bad, it’s kind of hot and something you should do if your partner is into it. I know mine is… mind you she is into cum and some girls aren’t so much!

    Okay that was rambling…I’ll get off my soapbox now.

  14. fedor Says:

    “So I guess what I’m leading up to is why don’t we see this in straight porn? It’s like the one taboo porn makers won’t cross. Are there any scenes like this on the site?”

    Can’t remember the names but there are some here. There are even a few where a gal baby birds it back into a guys mouth. For sure not for me but I don’t think its gay.

    Oh an for anyone wanting to improve the taste of their cum for your gal…eat lots of watermelon or blueberry’s. Girls deserve the extra effort!

  15. zarafan Says:

    Dear Elbobo,

    I don’t know if this will help you much on the VB site, but Rocco Siffredi is one porn star who consistently provides what you are looking for. I understand what you are saying, but I think the situation you are referring to can be effectively described as the difference between “making love” and “fucking”; the exchange of these “coital” bodily fluids is an instance of great, profound intimacy between people. Whereas porno essentially is the presentation of strangers fucking–hard enough on its own, let alone with the higher expression of closeness you are advocating! I find it odd and disconcerting that many porn stars don’t kiss one another at all during the sex act, although this tends to be a taboo that is disappearing somewhat, and is much less observed, I often find, in Euro porn than in the American stuff.

    Since people are giving requests, Alison and ContentDude, let me contribute to the fun by reiterating my long-standing hope for Marc Dorcel titles, if possible. And on the classic tip, I’ve recently come across reference to a film titled “Thunderbuns,” which if available would definitely count as a curiosity worth seeing; in similar regard I wonder if it’s possible to inquire again on the status of “Candy Stripers 1,” regarding the discrepancy between the flash player version and the downloads?

    Finally: I’m REALLY looking forward to learning more about the new Elegant Angel line–please provide an announcement if and when the deal goes down–as well as seeing some of the new lines announced on this blog entry. And most of all, please please please keep the Private titles coming!!!

    You guys are the best!!!

  16. lastgang Says:

    I’ve only recently found out about VideoBox and I love it! One question, though, ever thought about including screencaps like other movie porn sites (I won’t mention them, I don’t want to advertise other sites on here!)If screencaps were included it would quite simply be THE BEST site on the internet.

  17. fedor Says:

    lastgang…click “edit custom clip” and get ready for sheer porn greatness as you have never imagined.

  18. lastgang Says:

    fedor, I do love the “edit custom clip”, this is one thing that makes VideoBox unique but screencaps they aren’t!

  19. mack Says:

    Good to see some new stuff coming. As has been noted in the comments, this place has gotten very anal and DP lately. Some of this stuff must be classified as shock porn – it’s a bit over the top in grossness. Based on your download data or requests, are people really into the sword fights and ATM?

  20. fedor Says:

    “fedor, I do love the “edit custom clip”, this is one thing that makes VideoBox unique but screencaps they aren’t!”

    Oh you mean the slide show type caputures?

  21. friedrich Says:

    Many thanks, Alison and Content Dude.

  22. lastgang Says:

    “fedor, I do love the “edit custom clip”, this is one thing that makes VideoBox unique but screencaps they aren’t!”

    Oh you mean the slide show type caputures?”

    Screencaps like (I didn’t want to mention them but…) / BangBros offer

  23. PMG Says:

    Dig that you guys are so on top of getting new material. I for one second (3rd/4th/5th) the request for the earlier Sakura Tales releases. I’d also request more Sabrine Maui!!

    What are the odds of getting any of the Jules Jordan vids here? Or is the issue that they are exclusive elsewhere (evil angel)? I would love to see the Weapons of Ass Destruction and Trained Teens series on VB.

    Keep it “up” alison and contentdude! Your work is much appreciated!

  24. CNote Says:

    As much as I like the blog, I wish VideoBox had a message board where we could all discuss what we like and what we want to see more of. I just resubscribed to VB two weeks ago, and it seems like ever since then, the newer videos that have went up have not been to MY liking. I appreciate that everyone has their tastes and like alot of this stuff, and VB is still well worth the money, but lately, I havent cared for the content that has gone up. Too much anal/DP content. I guess I am a more straight forward guy with regular tastes. How about tossing in some more DVSX vids from the Grudgefuck or other series they have? Or how about some more Barely 18 and Babewatch movies every once in awhile? Im not saying completely abandon the anal DP stuff alot of people like, but seeing it all the time it gets annoying. I am happy to see the Loaded Digital and Fusxion studios added. Id like to see more from the “Whos next in porn” series and other videos they offer.

    Good work VB staff!

  25. jfro Says:

    One problem I have found with edit custom clip is that the timeline of the video is somehow disrupted so you can’t skim through the edited clip, it has to play from beginning to end without using the video slider or fast forward. At least on my computer.

  26. dphunkt Says:

    new FUSXION titles?! rawk. i wouldnt turn down any Loaded Digital either. and wondering what Ethnicity Films is all about, so cant wait to dive into those.

  27. bxm294 Says:

    Allison, what about Red Light District? Is there some restriction on carrying their videos? Also what about Vivid, Wicked and Naughty America?
    Sorry if these seem like stupid questions, but I’ve always wondered. Since you are blogging about it, I figured I would ask since I don’t know the answer.

    Any response is appreciated. Keep up the great work and have a glorious day!

  28. jbzzzle Says:

    i think i need to leave this site b/c im at porn overload…seriously this site has everything so that these new vids are just making me yawn….way too go vb u killed my porn desires for the next few months

  29. Vbox Fan Says:

    Any chance of getting some Jules Jordan vids?

  30. russell Says:


    is it possible to create a small boob category? i fancy the bitties and it would be nice to have the same porno scouring advantages as those who appreciate larger mams.

  31. tyler Says:

    looking forward to fusxion. Britney Fosters movies are on fusxion

  32. V1agr4X Says:

    woohoo more Latina vids!!

  33. cnote Says:

    Are these coming anytime soon?

  34. Frank Says:

    The titles all look good. I am happy that I do not see any Stefano films in there.

    I like Charlie Laine, but is there anything of her that is not lesbian porn?

    And what about more Ashlyn Brooke? Didn’t VB recently sign an agreement with the studio she contracts with?