Jenna Jameson to Star in “Mainstream” Movie

Jenna JamesonAccording to Variety, vehemently ex-pornstar Jenna Jameson will have a starring role in the as yet un-IMDB’d movie War of the Dragon. I think the main reason that this is considered news is that the movie is not a horror film – the traditional domain of starring “mainstream” roles for pornstars.

According to the Variety story, the movie is about “a psychic and a martial arts expert who team to find the killers of their mothers.” I couldn’t even make this stuff up.

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21 Responses to “Jenna Jameson to Star in “Mainstream” Movie”

  1. mudshark Says:

    Is this the prequel to The Fox Force Five?

  2. HotScooter2 Says:


    it is soooo totally awesome,that such great talent as hers is not going to waste. the title is so apropo. Because Jenna herself has so many dragonish qualities. Perhaps the most notable is her ability to breath out hot air.

    In my humble opinion she is the most overrated pornstar of all time,and no significant loss to the industry. she is not now and never was a truly monumental figure in the adult industry like Nina Hartley. Ladies like her and Christy canyon and Amber Lynn are true legends of the adult industry.

    I suppose there may be many that might disagree with me,but what has Jenna done that is so significant
    as to make her a legend.

  3. Charts Says:

    I think what makes Jenna a “legend” if you will is how she brought porn mainstream more than any other star. How many others have had interviews on NBC, CNN, and Fox, not to mention a best selling book? As I see it she was a good pornstar, not my favorite, but what she has done to bring positive publicity to the industry is why she is, and probably always will be, on the collective conscious of the nation. Ask most people the name of a porn star anywhere in the english speaking world and I’d be shocked if Jenna wasn’t by far the most often named

  4. friedrich Says:

    Eek. Could she look more cadaverous in that photo?

  5. dphunkt Says:

    shes legendary. she strode through the industry commercializing itself, front and center no less. and with that was the most targeted to move on, so the next batch of starlets could step into view. the latest move seems like a mid-career crisis on her part, and could have all the pitfalls of a post-career laugh/riot. sounds like a fun b-movie, imo. thats prolly where a lady like herself could find some levity. or maybe im just dying to see the 2 worlds merge. best wishes, whatever the case may be.

  6. off in the woods Says:

    I have to respond to the negativity. Jenna is…well was a great porn star, maybe the greatest in my opinion. Just because she didn’t do anal every scene, do gang bang/bukkake scenes, or stay in the biz until she’s 50, doesn’t mean she wasn’t great. I don’t care for all of her opinions, especially of late, but she was incredible. Great ass, great blow jobs, beautiful pussy, and above average actress. Also, the most recognizable star in the industry by far. Admittedly, I refer to her earlier stuff and could have done without the “Justin” married years, but she’s still hot to me.

  7. zarafan Says:

    Well, folks, I think we have a reining champion for the “worst film premise” of the year award. Compared to this, a bad horror film would be a step UP for Jenna’s post-porn career. And for the record, the only way I can see calling Jenna a “great” porn star is if you reckon that porn is about the commodification of women: no one has made a more valuable commodity of herself than Jenna Jameson. Which returns me to an old theme–it isn’t the “stars” like Jenna Jameson that makes porn great; it’s what I call the “troopers,” the Sandra Romains, the Aurora Snows, the Kathy Andersons, etc., who show up to work every day and give a great scene every time. More focus on the unsung heroines, please!!!

    On a different note entirely, Alison: you are the heroine of this site–and the good news is, we all sing your praises!

  8. shotzee Says:

    great pulp fiction reference mudshark, lmfao!!! oh, and although i was always a fan of jenna’s in the porn biz, there is not a chance in hell i will be watching this hot pile of dragon garbage “mainstream” movie

  9. dttttoz Says:

    @friedrich – speaking of cadavers and Jenna Jameson, “Zombie Strippers” was straight up hilarious. I had low, LOW expectations when I watched it with a buddy – but it was actually highly amusing, and I mean that in a “No, I wasn’t drunk” way!

    My favorite part? Zombie stripper pulls guy out of audience and takes him “to the back room.” Men in the audience cheer wildly. Moments later, the yell of terror hits the main room. Men in the audience pause … and then cheer more wildly.

    Sorry for the slight OT, but some of the B movies are actually a lot of fun!

  10. papayaman Says:

    I accept that War of the Dragon may be different from the usual ex-pornstar venture in not being a horror movie. But it is fairly typical in that it looks almost certain to be crap. I will be watching Zombie Strippers first judging by dttttoz’s amusing description.

  11. DP Says:

    Jenna was never anything incredibly special. Just one of the many run-of-the-mill blonde bimbo porn stars who happens to be incredibly intelligent in running a business. She knew how to market herself and brought attention to porn, but really it was all about herself and her own name. Since she left porn, the most mainstream news I’ve seen on her is that she voluntarily had her implants removed. The most mainstream news I’ve seen on porn is by watching blurred clips on FoxNews as they describe how immoral it is! 🙂 She created a “porn is acceptable” buzz for about 15 minutes in the grand scheme of things.

    Dime a dozen with some acting ability. She relied on high production quality to make her scenes more interesting, but the truth in my eyes is that she had more sexual hang-ups than most amateurs. I’ve never seen her deep throat, take a massive load on the face, nor enjoy doing an anal scene.

  12. fedor Says:

    Tito Ortiz will be in it too.

  13. Charts Says:

    I wonder why Jenna never looked to be enjoying an anal scene? Perhaps because she never did one? nahhh…

  14. housedj69 Says:

    Off in the woods: I agree with you 100%. You summed it up perfectly.

  15. fedor Says:

    Its hard to believe her and I are about the same age. She looks so old.

  16. jfro Says:

    She was good in a first few years; she had a nice girlish quality that was very hot. But later simply a canny manager of her own career/stardom.

  17. LukeWilson Says:

    She messed up in my view.
    She should have used up her career as much as she could with straight hardcore scenes and then began her anal career!!!

    I sincerely hope this is what Gianna Michaels is doing.

  18. lastgang Says:

    Sasha Grey’s doing a mainstream movie as well!!!

  19. Sean McKenzie Says:

    For all the disparaging comments about Jenna … um, I disagree. Jenna was one of the first porn stars who really connected with her fans. On film, her performance was so much more gonzo and enthusiastic than her peers. The industry has gotten alot more gonzo and some of Jenna’s innovations might seem tame today, but when Jenna started giving blow jobs on camera, she spit on that cock with a “fuck-yeah-I-wanna-make-you-cum” vigor that was fresh. Jenna drooled saliva all over cocks in truly nasty ways that xxx fans hadn’t seen before. All the porn stars who (god love ’em) don’t think twice about spitting tons of saliva all over cocks are following in the foot steps of the great Jenna Jameson. Contemporary girls like Annette Schwarz (who is awesome, no argument, owe a lot to Jenna.

  20. Brinkman Says:

    About Sasha Grey’s “mainstream” role: “TORONTO (Hollywood Reporter) – Porn star Sasha Grey, the 2008 Adult Video Network female performer of the year and star of more than 80 porn films, is set to star in the Canadian low-budget horror film ‘Smash Cut.’ Grey will play a TV news personality who goes undercover as an actress in a horror film to discover the killer of her older sister, a stripper. ‘Smash Cut’ director Lee Demarbre insists his indie movie has no nudity or sex, and Grey will remain fully clothed throughout. ‘The only penetration is by knives and axes,’ he said of the slasher pic, a production of Ottawa-based Zed Filmworks.”

  21. shaggy369uk Says:

    After reading all the above posts I thought I’d give you my 2 cents. Jenna was a great porn star for maybe 9 mths/1 year. After that she was just utter shit. She should just just stay away from the camera and take all her fake cosmetic surgery shit with her.