What Do You Look At First?

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One of the folks on the content team sent me this little poll because he’s really curious to “know more about how the dedicated VB fans operate.”



24 Responses to “What Do You Look At First?”

  1. Strangepork Says:

    Star names first, then categories to get a quick idea of what happens in the scenes. Missing option: Screenshots! Many times I won’t recognize the names, and the categories are too generic. Screens give a much better idea if it’s something I want to watch or not. Reviews are good if I’m still undecided, but half of the time they’re just jokes about the screens anyway.

  2. Strangepork Says:

    Oh yeah, and the box covers and descriptions can’t always be trusted to accurately explain what happens in the movie. (sorry for the double post)

  3. Bozwell Says:

    Definitely screencaps first, they are probably the main thing I look at to decide if I will DL or not. I read the reviews as well, but as Strangepork pointed out they don’t actually review anything very often. I read the descriptions also, but only to laugh at the outrageous aliterations, misspellings and grammar mistakes.

  4. alison Says:

    Since you guys both said screen caps, I added it to the poll.

  5. fedor Says:

    Screen caps

    I constantly see blowjob vids mislabeled. Blowjob vids should only be 100% blowjob vids because otherwise every single male/female video on this site is a bj vid. Drives me nuts and my only complaint about this site.

  6. Eliot Says:

    When I hit the front page I open all the Newest DVDs I haven’t seen in new tabs. I then go to each tab and scan the screencaps downloading the scenes that look good. If I see a particular star that looks interesting I’ll open her name search in a new tab. I don’t look for particular stars, but if the site told me when when new scenes with my favorite stars were up I’d be very happy.

  7. xposh Says:

    My operation is: 1. Look at the box cover (not enlarging it though) 2. Go to screen caps 3. Stars 4. Comments. I don’t ever really look at larger box covers (unless it’s a sexy cover) or categories. Practically never look at the description (unless someone makes a comment about it).

  8. DP Says:

    I like the newest release where there were no screencaps released. Comments based off of screenshots are not helpful at all for review purposes. Hopefully people who actually watch it & take the time to review it will be positively banged.

  9. Lazer Says:

    Screencaps first, comments second.

  10. redchile Says:

    Porn titles have become long and descriptive, so I can often tell by the title alone if it’s going to be of interest. Titles that indicate they’re Asian, all black, lesbian, tranny, fatties etc., I don’t even bother to open them. If the title is vague as to content, I procede to the categories. If the categories indicate any of the above genres, I don’t even open them. If it passes these two tests, I open it up and check out the six vid caps. If these are inconclusive, I open the “edit custom clip”. My tastes tend to be esoteric. On average, I only download about 20-25% of the scenes.

  11. apefj3to2 Says:

    I only check out reviews for any good comedy.Funny Earlhooker was mentioned he’s a favorite funnyman.
    For me stars,screencaps,if screen caps are good click edit to see the more detailed screencaps,then stream it fast if it’s dl worthy.Only dl superior scenes then to dvd.I would like to thank VB for being so user freindly .Here we can review a flick in minutes with an easy process.Unlike many sites.Keep the bj & reverse cowboy scenes coming.

  12. dttttoz Says:

    Deciding on a scene for me generally goes:

    1) Screencaps
    2) Categories
    3) Reviews

    Screencaps to see if anyone involved looks interesting/appealing. Categories to tell me what goes on in the scene that the screencaps might not reveal. Reviews for those little insights that the categories don’t reveal, either.

  13. HotScooter2 Says:


    how ya doing girl? I am gonna fetch me up some brunswick stew and Jambalaya,a bottle of wine and some gator etouffee. I.m in a cajun mood today hon. make sure the crawfish don’t bite though.
    Hey in my opinion most important things i look for is stars and studios. titles are very deceptive,and i tend to think stars and studios are more reliable but by no means a perfect index.
    as far as reviews go they are almost never a review. perhaps you or someone else on VB staff could teach us how to write a review. it might also ber a good ide to censor the really dumb reviews like someone writing in only one word like first.
    if you come down south Alison remember Cajun beats cookin up possum or squirrel anyday.
    Hey y’all out there y’all whistle if ya luvs lil ole Alison.And applaud if you think she deserves a raise.
    Hey alison’s boss give Alison and rest of the crew a raise ya hear

  14. Anthony Says:

    1) Categories (i.e. interracial)
    2) Screencaps
    3) Reviews
    4) Stars

    It would be good if we could search for male stars too. My girlfriend complains about that but I wouldn’t mind the facility either. There’re certain guys I prefer to watch fucking my favourite girls.

  15. Boots Says:

    I filter “new” (actually a few weeks old by the time I get to them) videos with the following process:
    1. The New DVDs page is enough to reject some videos, eg trannies or lesbian or mature.
    2. For the majority I scan the screen caps and reject on colour balance, lighting etc as well as on content, attractiveness of the girls etc.
    3. Sometimes I look at ratings, but in practice anything with big boobs seems to score high.
    4. Sometimes I look at reviews, but they are usually more entertaining than useful. Sometimes they mention featured acts which aren’t in the categories but ought to be.
    5. For serious candidates I bring up the scene’s Edit Custom Clip page and use the edit-point screencaps to get a fuller idea of content.
    6. Sometimes I “play it now” for a final check (but not to watch).
    7. Repeat the above until I have around 5, then download them all at once (or maybe in 2 batches).
    8. Watch a previous batch while the new batch is downloading. (“Watch” being a euphemism.)
    I don’t pay much attention to featured artist names; I prefer younger performers who usually haven’t been in the business long.

  16. JohnnyH Says:

    1. Screencaps
    2. Categories
    3. Reviews

    I would like to see a new category of “finishers.”

  17. cancelHoo Says:

    I look at screencaps and stars first, but the reviews are usually the best source for finding gems. The caps are often misleading (not a criticism of whoevers taking them, but lets face it, still pics of women moaning in pleasure look stupid on even the hottest babes) Sometime, when a girl in the caps isn’t doing it for me, but soandso69 sez she moans like a banshee, and he gets lots of thumbs up…well, i have yet to be disappointed. Seems like we perverts have a consensus.

  18. Pendejo sin nombre Says:

    number of reviews… positive or negative, a scene that’s causing a stir’s usually worth taking a closer look at. would love a “most commented” link

  19. WA Says:

    For me the category is most important. I’d like to see more orgy and creampie scenes.

  20. shaggy369uk Says:

    I always check the screencaps first to see if there’s a new hottie I might not recognise. On quite a few of the movies the girls are credited with just their first names so the caps are a great way to find out. And then I double check just to make sure I haven’t missed a Sativa Rose scene *drool*

  21. sizelarge22 Says:

    From the main page, I look at studios, titles, and categories. I open all the new ones since the last time I logged in new tabs, then go through them one by one. I look first at the reviews which is often enough for me to close the tab forever. If the reviews are good or neutral, I scan the screen caps, stars, and scene reviews. Then, and only then, do I download or view a scene. Lately, however, it takes about thirty seconds to decide the updates suck, in which case I just cruise the archives for favorites scenes or stars.

  22. Drstrange Says:

    I would love to be able to read the categories but it seems they are too broad. When fetish includes everything its not very helpful. Or threesome could be MMF or MFF. And what about minority categories like rimming or footjobs or female-on-male strapon or additional descriptions to make it easier to find or stay away from certain vids.

  23. sikampret Says:

    I’d like to see more category like Strap-On (i like strap-on lesbian) and Shemale/Female ( my fave shemale doing it with female).

  24. V1agr4X Says:

    Latinas! im all about the latina girls, i look right for the Categories, then even if i don’t see latinas in the Categories i look at the individual scenes to see if theres a latina one hidin lol if there is then i look at the screen cap for it.