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Eva Angelina’s Having a Girl

Eva Angelina
Genesis Magazine is reporting that Eva Angelina will be taking a hiatus from porn because she’s expecting a baby in December. My congratulations to Eva.

I’ll admit that the second thing I thought when I read the news was “will she be able to breast feed with her implants?” The answer appears to be maybe. Some doctors think that as long as the implants are in tact, there’s no possibility of harm to the mother or the baby. Others disagree. According to S. Lori Brown, Ph.D., an epidemiologist in FDA’s Center for Devices and Radiological Health, “many women with implants are unable to breast-feed successfully.” The reasons for this are unclear.

Seems like yet another reason not to get fakes. Hopefully, Eva won’t have any problems. I wish her the very best.

Musings on Double Penetration

Double Penetration
There are a lot of acronyms in porn: ATM, BDSM, GS, ED, etc, etc, but the most common is the DP. These days, at least half of movies being made have one DP or more. Given that it’s so common, it surprises me that some people seem to dislike it with such a passion. I’ve long wondered what the big fuss is.

The most interesting claim that consistently gets made is that DP is gay, but it doesn’t seem to me like double penetration has much to do with the men at all. I mean, it’s porn. It seems to me that DP is more about the fantasy of being with a girl so slutty that she’d not only have sex with two guys, she’d let them fuck her in both holes. Perhaps it’s more about aesthetics, who knows?

So, blog readers, I’m interested. What’s your take on DPs? Love em, hate em or somewhere in between?


Porn Star Tattoos: Best and Worst (Mostly Worst)

Adrianna Nicole Hip TattooAudrey Elston Back TattooJoanna Angel Right Shoulder Tattoo
Maybe it’s because I have some ink myself, but tattoos on porn stars don’t bother me. That is, unless they’re bad tattoos. An ugly tattoo marring an otherwise beautiful piece of flesh is really a travesty.

Check out my compilation of porn star tats after the jump. There are way too many armbands and tramp stamps for my liking, but the new scourge seems to be getting them below the bellybutton.

Elegant Angel Preview: Teen Machine #2

Teen Machine #2
Elegant Angel is well represented at VideoBox with over 300 titles on the site’s roster. What has me excited is a recent purchase by The Content Dude, which will bring several of their newer releases (2007) to these pages. The first evidence of this procurement was the posting of Fresh Newcummers #1 just a few days ago. Today I’m presenting a preview of another newly acquired DVD entitled Teen Machine #2. I will give a general rundown of each scene and have provided some preview collages to help us visualize the action. Please click on the thumbnails to view the full size images. Fresh Newcummers #1 was well received by the membership. Let’s see if Teen Machine #2 has what it takes to earn a similar reception.


About Last Night…The Party

Last night I had the pleasure of attending a party at the Armory, our friend’s building. The party was fun and the Armory is pretty cool, but I thought the most interesting part of the night was when they filmed some scenes while we all watched.

Samantha Sin was suspended in bondage and took it all which ways from several gentlemen and Claire Adams with a strap-on. (To see Samantha and Claire in a similar scene, click here.)

It was interesting to hear the comments from the party goers, most of whom had never watched a porn scene being filmed before. Most of the women seemed to think she couldn’t possibly be enjoying herself, which seemed silly to me. While she might have been a bit raw from having done several scenes earlier in the day, Samantha was totally enthusiastic and really got into the energy from the crowd. She really seemed to enjoy being a sub, especially when she encouraged the crowd to chant “whore! whore! whore!” at her while she took at least three loads on the face.

I think a good time was generally had by all.

Top Scenes: May 2008

Top 10 Scenes May 2008
Here, ranked for your personal edification, are the most downloaded scenes of May 2008.

Top 10 Scenes of May 2008
1. Naughty Amateurs #3, Scene 5 starring Micah May
2. Big Bottoms Up #1, Scene 1 starring Naomi
3. Natural Teen Nymphs #5, Scene 5 starring Sasha Sin
4. Spread My Lips, Scene 6 starring Ellen Saint
5. Ass 2 Mouth #4, Scene 3 starring Tory Lane and Flower Tucci
6. Sexy Secretaries #2, Scene 1 starring Lisa Rose
7. Shorty’s Macin’ Your Daughter, Scene 5 starring Jayden Rose
8. Slutty Campus Teens #3, Scene 1 starring Anastasia
9. Anal Lolas, Scene 1 starring Gabriella Marceau and Sunny Blue
10. The Girl Next Door #5, Scene 2 starring Liliana Moreno

Fun Stats About this List
Number of blondes: 6
Number of brunettes: 6
Number of redheads: 0
Anal scenes: 6
Straight sex scenes: 4
Squirting scenes: 1
Girls with real tits: 10
Girls with fakes: 2*

* Liliana Moreno has an outstanding set of fakes

Max Hardcore Convicted on Obscenity Charges

Max HardcoreI’ve never been a fan of Max Hardcore. I don’t like his movies and I’ve heard rumors about the way he conducts business that give me pause. That said, I’m pretty pissed off that he was found guilty of distributing obscenity last Thursday. The following is, obviously, my own personal opinion.

It is entirely unbelievable to me that sex acts between consenting adults are subject to any kind of government scrutiny whatsoever in the US. If someone wants to be paid to have her head shoved in a toilet bowl while she’s being verbally abused and doggy-styled and someone else wants to pay to watch that, it’s absolutely none of anyone’s business. Not mine, not my elderly next door neighbor’s, not the government’s.

When I was a little younger and a little more willing to accept that obscenity laws were just a fact of life in this business, I felt that people like Max Hardcore were screwing it up for the rest of us. If folks like him would quit making movies that attract attention, the government would leave the porn industry alone. That was naive.

Attacking producers like Hardcore is just going for the low-hanging fruit. When the government’s agenda is nosing around in people’s bedrooms, no one is safe. The UK recently passed a law banning “violent” pornography. Canada’s obscenity laws are shockingly idiotic. Many countries continue to ban pornography outright.

I think for most people, it’s very difficult to stand up and say that you’re pro-pornography and you want to put an end to this ridiculousness. But this kind of activism is long overdue, both inside the industry and in society at large. If you’re interested in reading more or participating in the discourse on this topic, please check out the following links:

AVN coverage
Porn Star Ashley Blue’s reaction to the judgement
Porn Star Dave Cummings’ reaction to the judgement
Gram Ponante’s reaction to the judgement
Mike South’s coverage
US DOJ press release about Stagliano/Evil Angel obscenity indictment
AVN Article: Stagliano/Evil Angel indictment

The 8 Best Porn Blogs on the Web

RSS Reader
I read a few dozen blogs every day to keep up with what’s going on in the porn industry. A couple of news sites, some blogs that aggregate interesting porn-related websites and a few written by industry insiders. There are a lot of good sites out there, but if you only read a few blogs per day, these are the ones I’d recommend (in addition to this one):

8. Boinkology
One part news, one part commentary and one part link lists, Boinkology is a nice catch-all blog for folks interested in sex (porn is a topic, but not the main focus of the blog).

7. Erik Rhodes “Slipping Away”
Reader Fedor tipped me off to the blog of gay porn star Erik Rhodes. He describes himself as a “miserable Porn Star with nothing better to do with his spare time.” You don’t have to be gay to find this guy’s blog entertaining.

6. Genesis Online
The online home of Genesis magazine. The blog is almost exclusively focused on porn news, but doesn’t sink to the level of some industry publications and simply post press releases for every new movie coming out.

5. Porn Star Babylon
I find a lot of porn star gossip on this site that doesn’t get widely reported elsewhere. Sometimes a little heavy on the Jenna Jameson news, but overall an interesting blog.

This blog seemed to start out as a pretty standard porn news blog. It’s since morphed into a predominantly personal blog of a woman who has alienated and enraged many in the adult industry. In that sense, it remains interesting, but I no longer count it among the best.

4. Popporn
TLA Video’s strange and entertaining blog about all things porn. It’s hard to describe. You kind of just have to read it.

3. Reverse Cowgirl
I think Reverse Cowgirl is one of the best blogs I’ve started reading in the last year or so. The author, Susannah Breslin, is not only an engaging writer, she brings a very interesting perspective to sex and porn.

Evidently, Ms. Breslin takes offense to being on a list of porn blogs. So she’s been removed.

2. Gram Ponante’s Porn Valley Observed
I’ll admit to being a little biased because Gram is a friend, but I’ll say that the reason we became friends is that I loved his blog and wrote to him out of the blue. Gram is a freelance comedy writer who spends his time hanging out with porn stars and writing about his adventures.

1. Fleshbot
The ultimate porn/sex information aggregator. Period. As part of the Gawker blog empire, they post tons of stuff every day and there’s something interesting to read every time I visit. If you only read one porn blog (other than the VB blog!), make it this one.