Top Scenes: May 2008

Top 10 Scenes May 2008
Here, ranked for your personal edification, are the most downloaded scenes of May 2008.

Top 10 Scenes of May 2008
1. Naughty Amateurs #3, Scene 5 starring Micah May
2. Big Bottoms Up #1, Scene 1 starring Naomi
3. Natural Teen Nymphs #5, Scene 5 starring Sasha Sin
4. Spread My Lips, Scene 6 starring Ellen Saint
5. Ass 2 Mouth #4, Scene 3 starring Tory Lane and Flower Tucci
6. Sexy Secretaries #2, Scene 1 starring Lisa Rose
7. Shorty’s Macin’ Your Daughter, Scene 5 starring Jayden Rose
8. Slutty Campus Teens #3, Scene 1 starring Anastasia
9. Anal Lolas, Scene 1 starring Gabriella Marceau and Sunny Blue
10. The Girl Next Door #5, Scene 2 starring Liliana Moreno

Fun Stats About this List
Number of blondes: 6
Number of brunettes: 6
Number of redheads: 0
Anal scenes: 6
Straight sex scenes: 4
Squirting scenes: 1
Girls with real tits: 10
Girls with fakes: 2*

* Liliana Moreno has an outstanding set of fakes

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13 Responses to “Top Scenes: May 2008”

  1. G man Says:

    The Shorty Mac scene at number seven: I’m pretty sure most guys didn’t download that because it looked hot. But rather for the sheer freak show thrill of seeing that wee lass submitting to “anal deconstruction” (screen cap 5).

  2. dphunkt Says:

    i only snatched a couple from the list, but each has definite strong points. i wont try and contest Liliana’s tits, for fear that they couldnt become the new standard. shes pretty outstanding for retraining herself (not going for D’s).

  3. DirtyBirdy Says:

    Thanks for doing the heavy number crunching for us to compile those stats. Probably a good use for all those idle cycles at your datacenter. From my expert analysis, I would say we are majority ass men but we love natural. I think one crucial data piece that you left out is the number of tats, this seems to be an important topic in the reviews.

  4. Smee Again Says:

    We need more redheads

  5. xposh Says:

    Only one I’ve checked out on this list is the Sasha Sin scene. Watched the first few minutes and that’s it. Didn’t get off to it or anything.

    All the scenes listed have a lot of reviews, except Lisa Rose’s. Other than screen caps obviously, I’m wondering if people download mostly based on # of stars a scene gets or # of reviews, or a combo of the two?

  6. jethro2 Says:

    There are 4 Scene 1’s. Is that because they often put their best scene first, or is it because some of those downloading might try scene 1 first if the whole video looks promising?

  7. Anthony Says:

    Hey, by the way, we did you guys start offering H.264 video? And on all videos no less!!

    This is fantastic. I was thinking about going on a Videobox holiday but not any more. 🙂

  8. apefj3to2 Says:

    These downloads represent some of the hottest girls granted,but sometimes beauty isn’t properly captured due to poor camera work and shitty behind the scenes set-up.A good future topic would be favorite directors.I really don’t have many names memorized but some scenes top production quality is unbelievably great and others make a hot girl just average.

  9. smoothcriminal Says:

    What happened to the custom clips? This option has disappeared!

  10. jfro Says:

    I just watched the #1 scene on this list which I had downloaded a while ago and it really didn’t turn me on that much. She’s really pretty but otherwise the sex wasn’t that convincing to me.

    On the other hand the #10 video (Lilian Moreno) is smokin’ hot…great chemistry and great looking chick.

    Just goes to show you that popularity tells you something…but not everything about how good a scene really is.

  11. Strangepork Says:

    jfro: I’ve found some great scenes by using the “View by Popularity” sort option, but some of my favorites aren’t necessarily the most popular ones. Being popular doesn’t mean it’s the best, it just means it appeals to a wider variety of people.

    One cool thing I like to notice is when a new video starts climbing up in popularity. For instance, “More Cushion For The Pushin’ #2” was just added on June 9th, but it is already the 24th most popular movie on the site. (New movies start at the very end of the list, so this one became more popular that 4739 other movies in just 5 days! I’m not sure how this is calculated, but my best guess is it is based on the star ratings average, with quantity of good ratings determining rank for ties.) It would be really cool if we could get a list of the movies and/or scenes with the biggest gains in popularity rank each week.

  12. bob smith Says:

    Hello Allison,

    Thanks for the belated validation. I commented on the fact that Liliana Moreno had fake tits and was negatived banged for it. I guess people knew and don’t care….

  13. jfro Says:

    Yes, the rate at which a scene gains popularity is interesting to watch. I have ended up adding any scene in which I think i have a remote interest to my favorites list. Then I can watch how quickly it gets good ratings. This does influence my decision to download but I also like to allow for whether the actress in the movie is superpopular or not. If the actress is popular that doesn’t necessarily mean the scene is THAT good. Some people are just suckers for a particular actress or look, in my book. For instance I think Monica Sweetheart is hot looking but I am not always convinced that she is really enjoying herself. Bree Olsen and Alexis Love on the other hand, are almost an automatic download for me…though I like to think I have standards… 😉