Elegant Angel Preview: Teen Machine #2

Teen Machine #2
Elegant Angel is well represented at VideoBox with over 300 titles on the site’s roster. What has me excited is a recent purchase by The Content Dude, which will bring several of their newer releases (2007) to these pages. The first evidence of this procurement was the posting of Fresh Newcummers #1 just a few days ago. Today I’m presenting a preview of another newly acquired DVD entitled Teen Machine #2. I will give a general rundown of each scene and have provided some preview collages to help us visualize the action. Please click on the thumbnails to view the full size images. Fresh Newcummers #1 was well received by the membership. Let’s see if Teen Machine #2 has what it takes to earn a similar reception.

Studio: Elegant Angel

Issue Date: March 2007

Starring: Alexis Love, Aubrey Addams, Lorena Sanchez, McKenzee Miles, Micah Moore, Naomi Cruise

Director: Mark Ashley

Videographer: William H. Nutsack (Director of Fresh Newcummers #1 and brother of renowned director Mason)

Covergirl: Aubrey Addams

Trivia: At iafd, Alexis is listed as 5’3″ and 94 lbs. Aubrey is listed as 4’10” and 99 lbs.

Expectations: This will be the first movie I’ve viewed directed by Mark Ashley. I’ve always highly regarded him as a no nonsense, very solid performer. Mark appears in four of the five scenes so William H. Nutsack will handle the camera. As such, I expect a well filmed movie with good lighting etc. They’ve assembled an awesome female cast for the movie. I’ve admired the work of all the performers with Alexis Love and Micah Moore two of my new favorites. I have high expectations for this DVD.

Teen Machine #2 Scene 1, Alexis Love & Lorena Sanchez
Click images to see full-size
Screenshots from Teen Machine #2 Screenshots from Teen Machine #2 Screenshots from Teen Machine #2
Camera panning down Lorena’s body. She’s clad in a black mesh outfit which only partially conceals her black panty covered ass. As the camera settles upper thigh, we see between Lorena’s legs and spot Alexis Love across the room, playing with her pussy. Alexis is wearing a pink top and blue jean skirt, pulled up above her waist. She is reclining on the couch with legs spread wide, eyeing Lorena as she continues rubbing her snatch. Lorena walks over to Alexis, drops down in front of her and begins licking her thighs. Girls kissing. Lorena pulls up Alexis’ top and sucks her tits. Tonguing the nipples. Lorena moves back down and starts eating Alexis’ pussy.
Lorena: “Want a cock?”
Alexis: “Yeah.”
Lorena: “Or even two?”
Alexis: “Yeah.”
Mark Ashley and Marco Banderas join the girls. Mark receiving head from Alexis and Marco entering Lorena in doggie as Lorena continues to lick at Alexis’ titties. The brief foursome transitions into two couples with Mark licking and rimming Alexis from behind as Marco pounds away at Lorena. Mark slowly inserts his cock into Alexis’ pussy in doggie. That’s a tight pussy and Mark has a big dick. Mark picks up a bit more speed but you know Alexis is feeling each and every stroke. Lorena’s pussy is fully broken in and she urges Marco to keep banging her. Side-by-side doggie fucking. Lorena P2M, Marco face fucking her. Alexis P2M, stroking and sucking Mark’s cock. Girls switch partners with Alexis riding Marco reverse cowgirl as Mark eats out Lorena. Mark screwing Lorena missionary, her left leg draped over his right shoulder as he deep strokes her pussy.
Lorena: “Fuck that tight little cunt.”
Partner switch as Lorena mounts Marco in cowgirl. Slowly riding and gyrating initially, now slamming up and down on the cock. Mark briefly eating Alexis, positions her on the arm of the couch and fucks her missionary. Interesting camera angle from the side showing Lorena riding Marco in the foreground, the palms of her hands using his knees for leverage and support, while Alexis takes on Mark in the background. Side-by-side cowgirl fucking. Alexis riding high in the saddle on Mark while Lorena envelops most of Marco’s cock with each downstroke. Lorena riding hard, her long hair flailing about. Another partner switch and now the girls are riding side-by-side in reverse cowgirl. Mark driving his cock in and out of Lorena’s pussy.
Lorena: “C’mon, keep on fucking me. Fuck that cunt. Now!”
Alexis’ titties swaying beautifully as she bounces on Marco. Girls switch places and prepare to mount up in reverse cowgirl once again.

A strange exchange takes place between Lorena and Marco.
Lorena: “Are you ready? Are you sure? Are you positive about that?”
Marco smacks Lorena’s ass hard. Lorena giggles and looks back at Marco.
Marco: “Fuck you.”
Lorena: “Fuck you.”
Not exactly sure what transpired but Lorena looks pissed.

Alexis has the soles of her feet resting on Mark’s thighs as Mark pistons his dick up and into her tight twat. Meanwhile, Lorena is riding Marco with wild abandon. Either they mended their disagreement or this has progressed into a grudge fuck.
Lorena: “C’mon daddy, fuck me. Fuck me.”
One final partner switch with brief dual standing doggie. Girls down on their knees with their faces pressed together. Marco jerks out his load, catching Lorena’s face with the first spurt and the rest onto Alexis’ face followed by Mark cumming on Lorena’s face, chin, and chest. One spurt in her mouth which Lorena lets dribble out.
Lorena: “At least you got some on the face.”
Lorena has a cum stringer hanging from her chin. Lorena licking cum off Alexis’ face, girls kissing as the scene fades out.

Excellent scene to start the proceedings. Alexis is so damn cute, I love everything she appears in. This is a scene of great contrast. Lorena is aggressive, challenging the guys to fuck her harder. Alexis is tentative. I believe the guys (especially Mark) were a bit too large for her. The side-by-side footage was very hot. This scene should not be judged as a foursome. It is (with minor exception) two one-on-one scenes. Of course, the pairings switch up several times during the scene but there is very little in the scene where all four participants are interacting with one another all at once.

Scene 1 Rating: 4.75

Teen Machine #2 Scene 2, Micah Moore
Screenshots from Teen Machine #2 Screenshots from Teen Machine #2 Screenshots from Teen Machine #2
Ultra cutie Micah is lounging around the living room in a multi colored top and gray shorts. She slowly lowers the shorts revealing her shapely ass. Pulling the blouse overhead, revealing her protruding ribcage and 32A titties. Micah spreads and fingers her pussy. All of a sudden, Mark Ashley has his cock in Micah’s mouth and is face fucking her. POV footage as Micah licks the balls and strokes the dick. Slapping the cockhead against her tongue. Mark lays Micah down on the sofa, spreads her pussy lips wide and eats her out. Micah appears to be getting off on the oral attention. Her pussy is wide open as Marks instructs her to rub it for him. Mark working his cock in and completely out of Micah’s pussy several times. Now developing a nice rhythm stroking inside Micah’s pussy in missionary. Good camera angle showing the fucking right at eye level as Mark ravages the pussy. Micah P2M. Mark spreading and licking Micah’s pussy from behind, entering in doggie. Loud queef.
Micah: “Ooh, she’s talking.”
Multiple queefing as Mark goes to town in doggie. Micah off the sofa, down on the floor on all fours as Mark continues his doggie assault.
Micah: “You’re sweating.” (lol, I’d be sweating too. – rope)
Cowgirl with Mark pummeling Micah’s pussy fast and furious. Micah now takes the initiative as she grinds herself up, down, and around Mark’s cock. Mark hard open handed slapping on Micah’s butt cheeks. She’s got lots of cushion for protection. Micah leaning forward riding Mark cowgirl, her pussy lips all swollen around his cock. Side saddle fucking, Mark still slapping Micah’s butt. Micah’s gorgeous ass on display here, as she gyrates on Mark’s dick. Micah lays atop Mark in the 69 position. Micah P2M. Micah reverse cowgirl, her feet on Mark’s thighs as she propels herself up and down Mark’s cock. With Micah down on her knees, Mark unloads a nice facial. Post cum head, Micah squeezing out the final drops. Micah blows a kiss goodbye.

Very good scene. Micah is soooo cute, soooo hot, and always has a winning smile on her face. You truly believe she’s enjoying her work. As with Alexis, I enjoy all of Micah’s scenes. Good chemistry here with Mark, she handled his big cock reasonably well.

Scene 2 Rating: 4.5

Teen Machine #2 Scene 3, McKenzee Miles
Teen Machine #2 Screenshots Teen Machine #2 Screenshots Teen Machine #2 Screenshots
McKenzee strips out of her turquoise top and blue jean skirt and rubs her hands across her body past the five minute mark waiting for Mr. Ashley to arrive. A little tighter editing would have been welcome here, but this is the first fault I find with the movie and we’re already into scene 3. To be fair, there were some hot shots from a floor level camera shooting up McKenzee’s physique as she peels off the skirt. Things do pick up when McKenzee grabs Mark at the base of his cock and starts slobbering all over his dickhead. No hands head. Mark face fucking McKenzee, now slapping his cock against her tongue. McKenzee spitting on the cock, licking it up and down. Simultaneous stroking and sucking. Brief POV footage. Mark sucking McKenzee’s nipples, making them hard and pointy. Mark rimming McKenzee.
McKenzee: “Dirty son of a bitch.”
McKenzee lays back on the couch spreading her pussy wide as Mark dives in head first. Mark briefly eating McKenzee, now fucking her in missionary. Mark getting in some deep strokes, catching McKenzee by surprise.
McKenzee: “You want me to taste it.”
MacKenzee P2M. McKenzee cowgirl. Mark holding McKenzee steady by the hips as he powers his cock in and out of her pussy.
McKenzee: “Fuck that pussy, fuck that tight little pussy.”
McKenzee leaning forward, sliding back and forth on Mark’s cock with the action nicely captured from just behind. Mark lifts McKenzee off his cock revealing a pussy gape. McKenzee P2M, getting the big cock deep in her mouth. McKenzee reverse cowgirl.
McKenzee: “Oh yeah, bounce me on that fat cock.”
McKenzee gyrating her hips in a circular motion as she rides Mark’s dick. Now remaining stationary, allowing Mark to plunder her pussy at high speed. McKenzee P2M. Reverse cowgirl resumption with McKenzee adopting the now familiar tactic of anchoring her feet upon Mark’s thighs. With Mark on the tall side and the girls on the petite side, I guess this is an effective strategy. It definitely yields some very hot footage. Doggie with Mark leaning into it as he hovers above McKenzee. McKenzee down on her knees as Mark delivers a nice open mouth facial with some of the cum collecting on her face and chest. McKenzee does appear to swallow the cum that landed in her mouth.

Not quite up to the high standards set by the first two scenes but a better than average scene nonetheless. Mckenzee is a good performer but I would have cut the tease footage in half. Additionally, as much as I like Mark, seeing him in three consecutive scenes becomes a bit repetitive. Of course, it’s unlikely you’ll be viewing all these scenes one after the other as I needed to do for this article.

Scene 3 Rating: 3.75

Teen Machine #2 Scene 4, Naomi Cruise
Screenshots from Teen Machine #2 Screenshots from Teen Machine #2 Screenshots from Teen Machine #2
Naomi quickly disposes of her blue jean skirt, leaving her clad in a cute bluish green polka dot bra and panty set. Removing the bra reveals a beautiful pair of breasts which she lightly shakes and bounces for our viewing pleasure. They’re not huge but they’re just right for me. Slowly peeling down the panties. Shaking and flexing the booty. Rocking up and down, back and forth, side to side, making the titties bounce. Naomi signals Mark Ashley to … no wait, Mark’s sitting this one out. She signals Anthony Rosano to join her. Naomi sucking Anthony’s cock, licking his balls with her pierced tongue. Naomi squeezing her breasts together, allowing Anthony to titty fuck her. Naomi stroking and sucking the dick, now being face fucked by Anthony. Naomi rubbing his cock against her breasts and nipples. Anthony fucking Naomi missionary, pausing to grab a quick taste of her pussy. Resuming in mish, Naomi’s titties bouncing about. Doggie with Naomi reaching back and grabbing her right butt cheek. Naomi P2M. Reverse cowgirl. Naomi motionless as Anthony strokes upwards into her pussy. Naomi lifts off the cock, Anthony drawing her backward. Face sitting. Anthony briefly eating Naomi’s pussy from below. Back to reverse cowgirl, quickly transitioning into cowgirl. Naomi takes the initiative, slamming herself up and down on Anthony’s dick. Now Anthony takes control, forcefully driving his cock up into Naomi’s pussy. Naomi P2M. Spoon fucking. Naomi’s upper chest and neck have turned pink. Return to doggie, Anthony pounding away at Naomi. Naomi to her knees, taking a small to medium facial from Anthony. Some cum in her mouth, some on her face. Naomi blowing cum bubbles, swallows just as the scene concludes.

Very good scene. I was actually surprised at how much I enjoyed this scene. Naomi looks better to me here than my previous viewings of her. I think her hair is a bit shorter and styled slightly different. The tease footage of this scene was my favorite of the movie. Naomi is confident and the bouncing and swaying of her titties can’t help but bring a smile to your face. Anthony is not as good a performer as Mark, but after three straight scenes with Mark, the change was appreciated.

Scene 4 Rating: 4.25

Teen Machine #2 Scene 5, Aubrey Addams
Screenshots from Teen Machine #2 Screenshots from Teen Machine #2 Screenshots from Teen Machine #2
Camera panning up Aubrey’s body. She’s dressed in matching pink top and shorts. Aubrey on her knees with rear facing the camera, pulls aside the shorts. Booty shake. Mark Ashley joins, spreading Aubrey’s ass cheeks and pussy lips as he tongues her from behind. Fucking Aubrey doggie with measured strokes initially, now picking up the pace. Aubrey is on a large leather ottoman, head down low, ass up high. Mark steps up onto the edge of the ottoman (both legs), leaning over Aubrey as he continues banging her from behind. They’re still in doggie, but with the large height advantage and downward thrusting, it’s tantamount to a modified reverse piledriver. (If Aubrey’s upper body were curled underneath her, it would in fact, be a reverse piledriver). Aubrey P2M, Mark face fucking her. Aubrey two handed stroking and sucking of Mark’s cock. Mark lays down on the ottoman, Aubrey climbing aboard in cowgirl. Aubrey riding the cock, her cute butt on prominent display. Mark swings Aubrey around, placing her on her back. Inserts three fingers into her pussy, ramming them in and out. Looks like he’s trying to make her squirt, which Aubrey is capable of, but no dice today. Fucking Aubrey missionary. Aubrey still on her back, now has her legs clamped together and held up high. She reaches down to spread her pussy, allowing Mark entry. Fucking on her side. Back to standard missionary, Aubrey is gyrating her pussy with a corkscrew motion, up, down, and around Mark’s cock. Reverse cowgirl with Aubrey again rotating her pussy around Mark’s dick, now letting Mark take charge as he fucks Aubrey hard and fast. Brief side saddle fucking, Mark slapping Aubrey’s butt. Aubrey down on her knees, takes a massive facial from Mark. I guess remaining on the sidelines for the previous scene, refilled Mark’s tank. Post cum head. Aubrey collecting cum from her face and chest, licking her hands clean. Her smiling face still glazed with cum as the scene fades out.

Another very good scene to wrap things up. Aubrey brought high energy to the scene and is vocal throughout the action. She works well with Mark and handled the big cock better than anyone in the movie not named Lorena. She takes (by far) the best facial in the film.

Scene 5 Rating: 4.25

Every scene is a keeper for me. Keep in mind that I’m a big fan of the teen genre, so your mileage may vary. A strict average of the five scene ratings comes out at 4.30 but scenes 3, 4, and 5 could easily deserve an extra .25 above my conservative rating. I am thus rating Teen Machine #2 …

Overall DVD Rating: 4.5

Other Thoughts: I’m now anxious to see Teen Machine #1. I won’t reveal the complete cast list but here are a few of the performers appearing in volume #1 of the series. Adriana Faust, Celina Cross, Evelyn Lin, Lexi Belle, Ryaan Reynolds, Veronique Vega. Hold on a second, that is the complete cast list. Oops. Truth be told, if the movie starred five unknowns and Veronique Vega, I’d still be anxious to view it.

Hope you enjoy Teen Machine #2, it should appear on the site Sunday (or even earlier, lol). Thank you for reading the article.

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9 Responses to “Elegant Angel Preview: Teen Machine #2”

  1. xposh Says:

    Hey Rope! Swell review, dvd looks mucho excellent.

    Fav. way to watch a porno is just seeing a pic of the girl and downloading a scene so you don’t know what’s ahead.

  2. BB Says:

    Thanks for the in-depth review Rope.
    Scene 1 was my favourite 🙂

  3. jus Says:

    Relating this video to previous blog postings of “Enhanced” vs “Natural”, I think that Naomi Cruise’s fun bags quite epitomizes the term ‘natural looking fake tits’. The best of which I personally think is Sunny day. In a related note, McKenzee’s small is wonderful mammary glands puts her in the esteemed category of Sasha Grey, Jassie and Taylor Rain.

  4. Nats? Sure, man! Says:

    Jus, Naomi is all natural, one of my faves.

  5. ropeadope Says:

    @ xposh – Thank you much. Downloading solely based on a single pic? I wish I had the courage to do that. “Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead!” Do you exhibit similar risky behavior in other activities? Driving without a seatbelt? Riding a motorcycle without a safety helmet? Reading comments from luntunbaby without a large bottle of aspirin close at hand?

    @ BB – Very welcome. I agree with you regarding scene 1. Four performers in the same scene is usually too many for my liking but I thought it was handled perfectly here. More like viewing two one-on-one scenes simultaneously.

    @ jus – This is my favorite Naomi Cruise scene thus far. As Nats? Sure, man! states, Naomi is all natural.

    @ Nats? Sure, man! – Absolutely correct.

  6. Nathaniel Says:

    I want to see Teen Machine #1 just for Ryaan Reynolds!

  7. ropeadope Says:

    @ Nathaniel – Good choice. After viewing the recently posted Cock Craving Cuties, I’m also looking forward to seeing Adriana Faust. Really can’t go wrong with any member in the cast of Teen Machine #1:

    Scene 1. Adrianna Faust & Celina Cross w/Marco Banderas
    Scene 2. Evelyn Lin w/Mark Ashley
    Scene 3. Lexi Belle w/Mark Ashley
    Scene 4. Ryaan Reynolds w/Mark Ashley
    Scene 5. Veronique Vega w/Ben English

  8. shaggy369uk Says:

    Best video I have seen for a long time. I have owned the DVD for a few months and I can tell you it is one hell of a porn flick 10/10

  9. ropeadope Says:

    @ shaggy369uk – I can’t decide whether you’re referring to Teen Machine #1 or #2. Really looking forward to the posting of volume #1. The Content Dude likes to keep me waiting when he knows I’m anticipating a particular upload, lol.