Eva Angelina’s Having a Girl

Eva Angelina
Genesis Magazine is reporting that Eva Angelina will be taking a hiatus from porn because she’s expecting a baby in December. My congratulations to Eva.

I’ll admit that the second thing I thought when I read the news was “will she be able to breast feed with her implants?” The answer appears to be maybe. Some doctors think that as long as the implants are in tact, there’s no possibility of harm to the mother or the baby. Others disagree. According to S. Lori Brown, Ph.D., an epidemiologist in FDA’s Center for Devices and Radiological Health, “many women with implants are unable to breast-feed successfully.” The reasons for this are unclear.

Seems like yet another reason not to get fakes. Hopefully, Eva won’t have any problems. I wish her the very best.

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30 Responses to “Eva Angelina’s Having a Girl”

  1. Strangepork Says:

    I guess then she’ll officially qualify as a MILF. (Unless this isn’t her first, in which case she’s already qualified.) It might also explain why she flaked on that interview back in April….

  2. Strangepork Says:

    Okay, I just had a thought. Has any performer ever starred in a teen creampie video, followed a few months later with a pregnant fetish video, and then a MILF video a few months after that? Because that would be, like, totally fucking awesome. And by awesome, I mean creepy.

  3. alison Says:

    Strangepork – She’d qualify for the International MILF Registry. 🙂 As for the flaking, far as I’m concerned that’s water under the bridge. I don’t hold grudges.

  4. alison Says:


  5. Consequently Says:

    does anyone know who the father is?

  6. HotScooter2 Says:


    you gonna be a mama great.Congrats hon,wish you the best

  7. Drewy Says:

    that poor child. the playground is gonna be rough for her.

  8. markbart Says:

    Good Lord, a dumb whore like that with a baby is like giving a little kid a gun on his birthday. There’s gonna be some trouble.

  9. zarafan Says:

    I agree completely with Strangepork; best of luck to mother and child–it’s a hard world for little things.

  10. junkco Says:

    Hey Rope; I’ve got a challenge for you. Can you tell us in which scene did Eva get knocked up?

  11. Richard Says:

    who says she got pregnant while on the set?

  12. OGWiseman Says:

    Man, I don’t know about this shit…Taking a hiatus so you can pop that kid out? How about you just get out of the eating cock business and focus on your kid? It’s not great to get fucked for money while you’re pregnant, but it’s not that much better to get railed at work then go home to your five-year-old daughter and try to explain to her how important it is that she have self-respect. I’m sure I’ll get hated on for saying this, but pornstars and strippers should not have children while in the sex industry. In fact, there should be a waiting period after you get out of the business, like there is for handguns.

  13. whackitgood Says:

    I wanna see her get fucked and creampied while pregnant!

  14. firesnype Says:

    Well… I hope she also gives birth to some common sense save the kid some problems later and just stay on that hiatus. I like Eva but she has to think of the child.

  15. bengalguy Says:


    So what if she returned. It would not be differ than going back to work if you are a lawyer or PR’s person for a oil company telling us we are not getting screwed over. LOL

    But I do agree it would be wise to fine a new line of work. But she may not have any other job skills but laiding on her back or down on her kness. LOL

    Well with skills like that she sure run for a congress or the senate, at least when she screwed us it wouldn’t hurt as bad.


  16. dphunkt Says:

    it cant hurt that Eva’s gonna be a MILF, and on the topic of her staying within the industry : its insulting to think she wouldnt be welcome among my wank fodder. glad i dont have any insights into what best for baby though – doesnt quite seem like my territory. im happy for her and dont anticipate her struggling between work and motherhood.. im sorta sure its transformative(sp?).

  17. davros Says:

    I agree with Zarafan. I wish her the very best.

  18. along Says:

    The only problem I see with a woman in the sex industry having kids is the social stigmata attached to her work.
    OGWiseman- Just because a person dosen’t fit into the morality bubble that churches and politicians have crammed down our throats, doesn’t mean they have no self-respect. I’m not trying to pick on you, just using your statement as an example.
    Kids give each other a hard time no matter what, and the kind of narrow minded assholes who will make a child’s life hard because of its mother, won’t care if she’s a current or ex porn star.
    And what do we have here so far? Porn fans, Eva’s fans, fueling the fires of those narrow minded assholes. All of you saying she should quit porn now, or not have kids at all, might as well be saying “Well I hope she’s married to the dad and they’re the same race, because its sad how many half-bred bastard kids there are today.”

  19. HotScooter2 Says:

    Give me an A,give me an L,give me an I,give me an S,Give me an O,Give me an N. what”s that spell.Alison.
    2,4,6,8 who we appreciate our very own VB girl.
    color me corny and hey that rhymes with horny.
    this one has nothing to do with anything but sometimes it is fun to be totally irrelevant.
    But your diligence and hardwork is appreciated

  20. Budley Dickman Says:

    The labor should be easy, congrats!

  21. cornholio Says:

    Only 18 more years to wait…

  22. WebcamReports Says:

    I don’t see folks can pay to watch porn on one hand, and then climb some moral molehill. If it’s ok to enjoy watching girls and guys fucking, then it’s gotta be cool to fuck, no? If so, what’s the big deal of her having a baby?

  23. Bill K Says:

    who cares.

  24. fedor Says:

    Fleshlight is easy to clean, run the tub faucet and stick it under. There is plenty of room.

    30 seconds on hot water from each end, done.

    So obviously I occasionally use one. I love it.

  25. biglucifer Says:

    You should interview the agreeable Eva about her upcoming bundle of joy. Cue laugh track. I believe Eva is the same dummy that caused a minor uproar amongst our family of dysfunctional pervs, by flaking on numerous interview attempts by the well inked Alison. If Eva is willing to be filmed lactating on camera give me an update. If not, who gives a fuck about this phony (long live Holden Caufield).

  26. nurtles Says:

    Well even without climbing that moral molehill WebcamReports was referring ( and coming up with that slightly aggressive undertone that tells more about the writer than the subject ehrm..what did I want to say…) I think it is indeed pretty obvious that having a mom that is into the porn business is clearly less desirable as..for example..well anything else except for a prostitute this one thinks. That’s not an expression of my opinion about the porn business. It’s more like a conclusion summing up the general bias of society angainst pornpeople plus the not unsubstantial health risk the job is coming with.

    Well at least in germany where I’m living parenting is no fun for people in the business. One of the minor things is that your kids going to be marked as a freak as no parents are going to let their offsprings play with your child. For the ones who will say “stfu idiot…you have no idea”: Well happen to know that this is really a problem though it sounds far fetched.
    Okay, enough jabbering. Time for my goodnight tea.

  27. pgwodehouse Says:

    Along wrote: “All of you saying she should quit porn now, or not have kids at all, might as well be saying “Well I hope she’s married to the dad and they’re the same race, because its sad how many half-bred bastard kids there are today.””

    Is that a fucking joke? I didn’t make any kind of moral judgment about her behavior as such, and I think it’s fine to be a pornstar. That doesn’t mean it’s a good idea to be active in the sex industry during your child’s formative years. I’ live in Hollywood, and I see porn girls hanging around sometimes, and there is ALWAYS at least one sketchy and controlling dude hanging with them. So don’t tell me about keeping things separate compartmentalized, and how it’s no different than any other job. There’s a good reason porno is illegal for people under 18, and it has nothing to do with morality. I resent being called racist and a moralizer because I’m for the protection of children.

  28. pgwodehouse Says:

    Oh and to WebCam Reports, it’s fine to fuck on film just like it’s fine to watch people fuck on film. But it’s not okay to film children fucking or show videos of people fucking to children. So don’t come off like porno is some monolithic thing that has to be all okay or all not okay.

  29. along Says:

    How did we go from “porn star having baby” to “child pornography”?

  30. along Says:

    Skip that last post, I just got it. I knew I heard that “protect the children” line before. You must work in politics. You find the most horrible, disgusting thing you can, and throw it in to this discussion.
    I doubt that Eva will be bringing her stroller to work when/if she comes back, nor do I think Cum Craving Teens will be on here home DVD rack between Sesame Street and Dora The Explorer.
    I’m in no way saying the child should be exposed to porn, suitcase pimps(aka pornstar agents), or sleazy directors. Futhermore, anyone who would make child porn should be shot dead on the spot.
    Parents have to protect their kids from lots of things. I’ll admit, Eva will have a tougher job than the average parent, but I think it can be done.
    The whole “save the childern” line has been used to justify everything from prohibition to the atomic bomb, by “moral” people all through history.
    If you truly want to save children from the evils of this world then I applaud you, but if that really is your goal, maybe you should spend more time working to make childerns’ lives better, and less arguing on a porn site blog.