RoboHookers, RealDoll Girlfriends & Other Fake Vaginas

From what I’m hearing, sex with robots is on the horizon. That doesn’t surprise me much since RealDoll girlfriends are a current reality for some folks. Over at, they’ve posed the question: Is having sex with a robot hooker cheating? I don’t really know the answer to that (only if you’re cheating on your RealDoll?), but it does take me back to my days selling sex toys.

If you’ve ever been to an adult store or sex toy website, you’ve probably seen a life-size fake vagina. Most of them are cast directly from the bits of famous pornstars like Jenna Jameson or Briana Banks and if you get a good (read: expensive) one, they’re about the size of the pelvic area of a real woman.

I’ve always been a little bit fascinated with the fake vaginas. More so than other sex toys, I think, because they’re so big. I figure that most men who can afford a $300 rubber pussy are probably married ( over 50% of adult men in the US are married and the majority have been at one point or another), and while it’s possible that the consumers of faux vajayjays are all single guys, I doubt it.

So I’m curious: Have any of you tried out one of these toys (a life-size pussy, RealDoll, Fleshlight, etc)? What was it like? Do they complement your VideoBox membership? Feel free to make recommendations for your fellow readers.

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39 Responses to “RoboHookers, RealDoll Girlfriends & Other Fake Vaginas”

  1. whackitgood Says:

    I have a fleshlight, and it’s great! You can put your hand over one end and make a suction (feels like a blowjob).

    It’s a pain to clean up and dry out though.

    Also, I have a regular old pocket pussy made of some sort of pink latex…it’s basically a sleeve that you jack off with… If I’m ever super horny (i.e. keyed up and can’t cum otherwise)…that does the trick!

    If I could get my hands on one of those love dolls without anyone noticing, and fuck it anytime…I would use it daily!

  2. along Says:

    I bought a cheapo pocket pussy near the end of my wife’s pregnancy. It was similair to what whackitgood described above, however, it didn’t work for me at all. I tried to use it two or three times and threw it away.

  3. zarafan Says:

    I’ve never tried one of these sex toys before, so keep in mind at the outset that I have no idea what I’m talking about. But I did read an article on-line several years ago by a former employee at Hustler about his years in the porn world and he described being asked to use a new sex toy that featured breasts, ass, and vag, all lifesize/built to scale. He was supposed to try it out and write a review for one of the magazines. He said it was like trying to fuck a decapitated corpse. That was enough to keep me away from sex toys of all kinds.
    Similarly, there’s a great line from “The Big Lebowski” (a wonderful movie!!) where Jeff Bridges is talking with a porn entrepreneur (the movie is set in 1991) about the bourgeoning electronic media and its implications for porn. Bridges’ magnificent reply: “I usually find that jacking off manually works for me….”

  4. Sandy Says:

    I won’t lie. I own some. Sue Johanson Head Honcho, Tera Patrick Tight Pussy, Deep Throat Stroker, Devinn Lane’s Succulent Blossom and like 4 Fleshlights ’cause they’re all different textures. Is that too many? Mainly bought them to see what’s on the market. Fleshlights are pretty damn great. Latex/UR3 is good too. Gotta put a rubberband on the end of the cheap ones with a hole in them for suction effect. Very rarely do I ever use any sex toys mostly because clean-up is a bitch. Any guys here wanting a sex toy should definitely go with a Fleshlight. You won’t be sorry, the thing feels amazing, all of them.

  5. Herman Hesse Says:

    Holy cow, that film you link to about the Real Dolls is absolutely fascinating. A very interesting subject.

  6. Nova1972 Says:

    Don’t have one (but I would like to try at least ones with a RealDoll) but I have acouple of stories about them:
    3-4 years back I read a story about a guy in Germany that neighbors called the police because they saw him carrying around the house female corpses. Police went to check on him, only to find out he was carrying around sex dolls (brand wasn’t specified in the article) four of them to be precise.
    A part from the embarrassment, nothing else happened to the proud owner of the sex dolls and the story ended there, as far as I know.
    Also there is a guy who is uploading in YouTube videos with his RealDolls. No porno, just explaining why he has three of them, how you repair them, clean them, how long has them etc.
    Don’t have the address but I believe it’s easy to find through YouTube search.
    Last thing I want to say was something I read in a Forum about the ads selling used RealDolls:
    “I can’t believe there is a market for new RealDolls, but it’s even worse that there is a market for used ones!”
    Then it occurred to me it shouldn’t have been such a strange thing. After all when we have sex most of the times it’s with
    ‘used'(i.e. not virgins) partners.

  7. Nova1972 Says:

    Oh, something else.
    Is there any RealDoll porno you could upload to VB?
    Could be interesting…

  8. The Hater Says:

    The Guys and Dolls video was a trip. The repair dude fucks the dolls he fixes? Who would have thought the DOLLS would be the ones cheating!?!?!

  9. Strangepork Says:

    I own a Fleshlight and another toy, which is a cast vagina and anus. I don’t really use either of them too often. I find them to be awkward to use while watching a video, and as mentioned above, the cleanup is a pain in the ass. Plain, old-fashioned masturbation is just hard to improve upon.
    For the cheating question, I think it needs to be re-phrased. Sex with a toy is still masturbation, no matter how realistic that toy is. I’ve never had a girlfriend who didn’t own at least one toy. So, is masturbation cheating? I don’t think so.

  10. BB Says:

    “I figure that most men who can afford a $300 rubber pussy are probably married” – howd you work that out? Single men are probably the demographic with most disposable income! No family to look after, smaller house etc.
    Anyway, I have experimented with many sex toys in my time:
    I find Fleshlights too tight and too much hassle to clean etc, and too awkward to use. I also have life size breasts, cast from Danni Ashe. They look and feel great, but trying to use them is virtually impossible! The best thing is a high quality blow up sex doll (I have a Jessica Drake one). Feels pretty good and is more like being with a woman.
    I would love to try a Real Doll – but they are sooo expensive – nearly $8,000 inc. shipping to my country.
    Watching some of the videos on YouTube is saddening, those men are so lonely they treat the dolls like real women.
    P.S. For anyone looking for a good male sex toy do a google search for “Nexus Excel”… 😉

  11. alison Says:

    whackitgood – Clean up always seemed like the downside of those “realistic” feeling toys. I presume it’s easier with the sleeve? Those usually have a hole in the end.

    along – Was it just a bad product? Or do you think those things just wouldn’t work for you?

    zarafan – re: decapitated corpse…whoa….

    Sandy – The head honcho has the beads in it, right? I thought that seemed like a cool idea, but not having the proper anatomy myself, I never confirmed it. Sounds like it doesn’t compare to the Fleshlight…

    Herman Hesse – Thanks. I found that movie a while ago and thought it was really fascinating. I’m also curious about that movie “Lars and the Real Girl” since it’s about a similar thing (albeit a fictional story).

    Nova1972 – Good point. Most people aren’t having sex with virgins. As for RealDoll porno, I don’t think so, but I’ll ask the Content Dude to keep an eye out.

    The Hater – I thought it was odd he did that too. I think I’d be a little pissed if I was one of those guys in a relationship with my Real Doll and the “doctor” had sex with it…

    Strangepork – It seems like for these things to really work, they have to be compatible with watching movies. As for the cheating question…they make a male Real Doll these days. I think if you’re cool with your girlfriends having one of those, she should be cool with a robot hooker.

  12. alison Says:

    BB – Marriage is all about building wealth…right? Those Danni Ashe breasts do look really realistic…and they’re heavy! I’ve heard great things about those Nexus toys. Also the Aneros.

  13. DP Says:

    What exactly prevents the titfucking of Danni Ashe replica boobs? Is it not really as advertised in terms of the texture?

    I own some fleshlights and really only use them once a month. The clean-up is a real pain in the ass, often it is just too much of a hassle to get them out. They do feel great though, especially when you heat them up using a space heater or hot water. Also the tighter sleeves just use so much lube to stay slippery, you have to keep reloading every couple minutes.

    I used to own the tera patrick vagina/anus combo, the damned thing split into one large canal after I used it the second time. No ability to return a used product, $300 down the drain. Never again will I use a cast model like that. I think they are way overpriced.

    In terms of real dolls and other similar products, as a married guy there would be no way I could hide it. I think most sexually inhibited women would feel threatened by it (it always seems they become sexually inhibited as soon as the ring goes on, doesn’t it?).

    Also at $5000 + per doll, with constant reports of repair jobs as a regular thing, it doesn’t seem worth the price.

    In the future, I could definitely justify paying much more for a cybernetic sex doll that is lifelike and engages in it’s own fluid physical motions. I saw the initial videos of “Andy the Android” (female sex android), it looks like someone took a realdoll head and put it on a piston.

    Technology will have to come much farther to replace my hand.

  14. zarafan Says:

    Keep in mind, Alison, that the comment about the decapitated corpse was something I read on-line: I’m just the messenger here!

    Best wishes, Zarafan

  15. MonkeySpanker Says:

    Fleshlight and the knockoffs are the best to create suction effect. My problem with almost all of the fake-vaginas is the material feels great the first 2-4 times. After that, they all feel about the the same as a plastic bag. If any toy manufacturers are reading this, get to work on something that doesn’t lose its feeling. Also, I dont’ care about how it looks. IT coudl look like a bowling ball or Mr. Potato Head. I get off watching Video Box not staring at Tera Patrick’s rubber Clit.

  16. Strangepork Says:

    alison: Giving more thought to the cheating question, I think it comes down to whether or not the toy is a replacement for a real partner. If someone is turning down or avoiding sex with a partner in favor of a toy, there are problems in that relationship. I wouldn’t mind my lady having a male real doll, if she really wanted one, as long as he doesn’t get more action than me.

  17. Strangepork Says:

    (But if I was going to buy her an expensive toy, I’d probably go for the Sybian, rather than a male real doll – just seems like more bang for the buck. Have you seen the way women cum when riding those things?)

  18. alison Says:

    DP – If I had to guess, I’d think it is because they’re kind of hard. You’d have to put a significant amount of pressure on them to keep them squeezed together and there might just be too big of a gap for it to feel good. That’s 100% conjecture, though.

    zarafan – Oh, I know…it just takes me back to unpleasant memories of this:

    MonkeySpanker – I hear banana peels heated up in the microwave is an inexpensive alternative to pocket pussies 🙂

    Strangepork – I agree with you completely there. Any time something is taking focus away from the sexual relationship and putting it elsewhere, it’s bad news. And for the record, I’ve only seen the Sybian in action in videos. But it seems to be very popular 🙂

  19. BB Says:

    “…banana peels heated up in the microwave is an inexpensive alternative to pocket pussies” Alison how do you know all this?! I think rope was right when he said you are a girl with the brain of a guy! I guess you have to be dealing with porn all day!
    Anyway, better go, I just heard the ping of the microwave… 😉

  20. HotScooter2 Says:

    I think you been out in sun too long and gone loco. if i get 2nd degree burns on my cock from the freakin banana peels,i know who to blame.No offense my friend but that gotta be the funniest thing i ever heard. And there ain’t no way banana peels gonna feel or look like a pussy not even the ones that scratch you and grow a long tail.
    Actually this thing make me laugh so hard,it made my night.
    So anyway you have good 4th

  21. zarafan Says:

    Alison, just to join once again the rising chorus of affirmation: you are a FONT of knowledge!!

    All the best,


  22. Lappy69 Says:

    Nova: Used ‘live’ partners are, for the most part, self cleaning with self interest. Most inanimate objects aren’t. 🙂

  23. c2000 Says:

    i have 3 fleshlight inserts, one is a vagina, one a mouth and one an ass. each in diffrent inner textures.
    they are excellent.
    not very good to rub one out quickly. you gotta warm it, insert it, lube it then go at it. i have placed it between my mattress andd boxspring and gone to town on it with much joy.
    i also have a little nubbed sleve, cheap but effective

  24. alison Says:

    BB – I could’ve sworn I read that on a website a few years ago, but I can’t seem to find it now. I just chalk it all up to really loving my job 🙂

    HotScooter2 – Don’t heat it too long! Burns are not the desired effect. 🙂 I hope you have a good 4th too!

    zarafan – Hehe, thanks. It’s kinda nice having this blog because otherwise all of this strange info would go to waste 🙂

    Lappy69 – You do have a point there.

    c2000 – How much warming do you have to do? I assume you *don’t* use a microwave, but it might apply to the banana trick.

  25. Strangepork Says:

    A relevant link about the banana peels thing: – From the Showtime series Weeds. I’ve never tried it, and this is the only other place I’ve heard it mentioned. The kid was flushing his socks down the toilet, so the mom asked Uncle Andy to have a talk with him…

  26. nurtles Says:

    From an construction engineers point of view I’m really suprised that the ‘experts’ expect robotsex to be still 40 years ahead.
    Though I’m not into the articificial intelligence thingy but very most of the basics you have to have to build humanoid robot that’s able to move on his two legs and has the same degreess of freedom a human body has are already available. It’s still impossible to overcome those maybe 25% of dissimilarities that would be caused by awkward style of movement, wrong textures and such plus energy supply would be a problem but generally it would be already possible ( though far from desirable. Given the exponentially growth of knowledge in all necessary fields of science I’d expect this more likely to happen in well, maybe 15 years. In 40 years I’d more expect something like a from human tissue examples grown biobot with a chipset instead of a brain…but that thought again is freaking me out again…with all those moral and ethical implications. And yes, I too do have a fleshlight and it’s a pain in the a*s to clean up. sincerely yours…

  27. Strangepork Says:

    I don’t know man. I don’t think I’d trust a robot to give a realistic, pleasurable, and injury-free blowjob anytime in the next 15 years…. and if she can’t suck my dick, what good is she? 😛 A human prostitute will probably remain less expensive and more enjoyable for many years to come.

  28. BB Says:

    Hey alison – have you ever thought about creating a VideoBox Forum so we could discuss things like this constantly.
    Would also be a good place to talk about favourite scenes, upcoming DVDs, site improvements and just generally get to know people with similar interests etc…

  29. Nova1972 Says:

    Lappy69: Well you are right on that, but on the other hand objects don’t get HIV, Hepatitis or other STDs.
    Dirt from someone else can be cleaned, AIDS can’t.
    My point I guess is that a used object even for sex isn’t that a big deal after all.

  30. Luke Wilson Says:

    I typed this entire thing into the comment box on a dvd and it didnt work. I typed it twice. ANNOYED!

    [TO THE VIDEOBOX STAFF] “Get ready to be seduced!” —- Who is responsible for typing out the descriptions to the newly added DVDs??? That is hardly a description of the action. When i look back at older titles the descriptions actually told a great deal about the title. SOME DVDS EVEN HAD DESCRIPTIONS FOR EACH SCENE (check out the detail in Red Light’s 7 the Hardway). I’d really like to see better descriptions in future. This not only makes it easier to understand what a title is about, it also HELPS TO FIND THINGS WHEN YOU TYPE SOMETHING IN THE SEARCH BOX – AS IT SEARCHES THE DESCRIPTIONS ASWELL. Type something in the search box in inverted commas eg. type in “double anal” in inverted commas and it will find all the dvds that have the words “double anal” in the description. PLEASE TAKE THE TIME TO WRITE UP A DECENT DESCRIPTION!!! – pos bang if u think this will help so staff will write up a description during the 4 hours we wait for the next update.

  31. Curious Says:

    This is completed unrelated to the topic, but I’ve been wondering this for a while… there is a player by the name of VIDEOBOX.COM on the online poker site Pokerstars. Is that a member of the staff, a big fan, or maybe even ropeadope? Just wondering if anyone knew. Last time I saw him, he was playing 2/4 NL.

  32. DirtyBirdy Says:

    I saw a toy on Amazon which had a fake vagina and that other hole too. 😉 Two for the price of one! With that toy I could invite a friend over and do double penetration. Woot!

  33. c2000 Says:

    you have to let it soak in hot water for 5 – 10 minutes, i use either the sink filled up, or i have an insulated 64oz pop mug, it goes in, i fill it with hot water. feels great cause when i go at it its nice and warm.

  34. Grendel Says:

    just a piece of advice about cleaning your fleshlight: get some warm water running from a tap – shower, faucet, whatever – take the fleshlight out of its plastic case, and just hook the fleshlight (either end of it) over the water source (insert the spigot into the end so the water can run through it). just hold the top end (the end over the spigot) closed, and the thing will clean itself. rinse out the plastic case, throw it back in there, and dust it with whatever you use for a preservative to keep the flesh soft – i hear cornstarch works. easy peasy.

  35. Cromin Says:

    I heard once that fleshing a cucumber turning it inside out then sowing it back together was a cheap alternative. Although this was in a certain UK ‘jazz mag’ in the mid ’80s

  36. ropeadope Says:

    @ Curious – No, that’s not me. I never got into poker, don’t even know the rules. Blackjack was my game, but I never played online.

    @ Luke Wilson – I believe the magic word which obliterated your attempted posting was “VideoBox”. Next time, try substituting “site” for “VideoBox” and you should be good to go. As far as I know, the description comes right off the DVD box. It’s true that many of the older updates had comprehensive scene-by-scene summaries. Not sure how that was accomplished.

  37. putalvr Says:

    I’ve tried various devices offered for men(the best ones are designed for women) and the two that I still hold onto,(pun intended) are the Fukuoku massage glove and Doc Johnsons Incredible Jack-off Device.Most others are over-stimulating leaving you with a feeling of a forced orgasm,not as satisfying as a natural one.P.S. I also use a self-designed one made from bubble-wrap and duct tape,it’s more flexible and with a lot of lube,easily manipulated with your preference of speed and pressure.Nothing replaces a real woman but these come in handy during romantic dry spells.

  38. nobody30 Says:

    hey zarafan, he says “oh I still jerk off manually” jerking off to porn is embarassing enough to me, sex toys are a whole new bag of crazy

  39. Steve Awesome Says:

    I know it’s been a while since you blogged about this, but I run the site and have frequently had intercourse with a RealDoll and the newer model BoyToyDoll. It’s pretty much just as much as you’d expect. My interest in the doll is purely for entertainment purposes (hence my videotaping the encounters and publishing them on the site). What’s with people being interested in that kind of niche? No idea, but it’s fun nevertheless.