Top Scenes: June 2008

Top Scenes June 2008

Last month’s numbers are in and:

  • Brunettes outnumbered blondes 7 to 2
  • Straight sex beat anal, 6 scenes to 3
  • Four girls had tattoos
  • Two and a half girls had pubes*
  • Eight out of nine girls had real boobs**
  • Micah Moore made the list twice

Top 10 Scenes of June 2008
1. Fresh Newcummers #1, Scene 3 starring Micah Moore
2. P.O.V. Perv, Scene 1 starring Sandy Diamond
3. Fresh Newcummers #1, Scene 1 starring Faye Runaway
4. Daddy’s Little Princess #3, Scene 3 starring Missy Stone
5. Cock Craving Cuties, Scene 2 starring Adrianna Faust
6. More Cushion For The Pushin’ #2, Scene 1 starring Cassandra Calogera
7. Teen Machine #2, Scene 2 starring Micah Moore
8. Auto Bang Sluts #2, Scene 1 starring Ginger Lee
9. Creampie Cuties #7, Scene 1 starring Janet
10. The Girl Next Door #5, Scene 2 starring Liliana Moreno

* I count Micah Moore as half because they’re barely there
** Liliana Moreno continues to have a very nice, convincing pair of fakes

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14 Responses to “Top Scenes: June 2008”

  1. Nova1972 Says:

    Is it possible to have a list of the most dl scenes ever from VB?

  2. jfro Says:

    I don’t know what formula they use but on the home page when you log in, on the right, just click on “View by Popularity” under 27811 Scenes. The first ones that come up will be ones that have been downloaded a lot and given a lot of 5 stars. I think that that might be more interesting to you than most downloaded. Downloading is about expectations and advertising while ratings, we hope are about how hot the scenes actually were.

    It’s interesting to look for themes in the top scenes on the site. Number one (by a long shot?) is that scene with Peaches who didn’t do many scenes but has an amazing long beautiful body and is way cute. I didn’t think that the action in that scene was as great as the visual she presented. Scene #2 on the other hand, is Taylor Rain’s POV scene where she is just amazing…she is also superhot looking but adds some really fine heat into the scene. Both girls here have just perfect bodies…slim with really nice natural tits. Maybe there’s a pattern here. Porn directors…are you listening?

    Of the top 20, 5 of the scenes have women with fake tits, which is 5 too many, in my book but when you think about it, it shows that an overwhelming majority of VB users like their women natural 3 to 1 maybe. Porn directors…taking notes?

  3. xposh Says:

    Nova1972, go to Top Scenes This Week link on the VB homepage and then where it says Date Posted choose Any Time. That’s where to find the the most downloaded/seen scenes on VB. (Looks like jfro be me) Back to the blog post: Haven’t seen any of the scenes on this most viewed list. Watched maybe five scenes max this week.

  4. deathdealer Says:

    I am surprised about #10 being up there. That dvd was posted back in feb and it is still making the top ten list. And the fact that it was also there last month. Plus 5 of the ten scenes were from Combat Zone, abet scenes 1 and 3 were from the same dvd. Does anyone know if Liliana Moreno has done or going to do anymore porn? Rope?

  5. oldvert Says:

    This top ten list reminds me that as a consumer who prizes older women and large breasts, that I must be far from the mainstream here. Not complaining, however.

  6. ropeadope2 Says:

    deathdealer – I believe it was one and done for Liliana, although I never saw any specific information as to that fact. She graced the cover of The Girl Next Door #5 and stated in the behind the scenes segment* that she has a boyfriend. Maybe this was something she wanted to do just once before settling into a more conventional lifestyle.

    BTW deathdealer, Combat Zone has three, not five of the scenes on the list. Fresh Newcummers #1 is from Elegant Angel, not Combat Zone.

    *Really miss the behind the scenes segments. Hope the site will consider reinstating them.

  7. halin Says:

    Am I really that cleshay? When checking the list I’ve already downloaded about 7 out of the 10.
    Great scenes imo though.
    However some more Sasha Grey or new Eva Angelina “backdoor vids” would be great.

  8. Soupy Says:

    Of 10 scenes, 6 were straight sex and 3 were anal. What happen to the 10th? Looking at the list I don’t see any lesbian titles. This stat might also need one of those helpful asterix’s.

  9. jfro Says:

    I’m disappointed that Liliana Moreno has been enhanced. Or maybe her appearance is a testament to the difference between the artistry of good plastic surgeons and the average.

  10. fedor Says:

    No that there isn’t any blackmarket. Just sayen.

  11. fedor Says:


  12. boeber Says:

    I would love to have a kind of stars favorite so that i receive an email whenever a scene/dvd with a particular star was added.
    is this possible somehow ?

  13. ilovetetas Says:

    Nice selection!

    How about a top 10 eye curling (is that how you call it? when the pupil goes up and all you see is like the white part of the eye?). I dont know, but I find that crazy sexy when the girls in the video seem to be in Ecstasy just by looking at their eyes, they are all the way up…kind of looks like they are really having a good time!

  14. flavorsplash Says:

    i personally am not pleased with this months top ten. overall it was good but i would have liked to see a scene from one of the 2 teen fuck holes, posted last month. #10 although a feb. update was a good scene for any month and #4 wasn’t as good as many other scenes.