A Few Words From Melissa Lauren & Who Is Alison Wonderhand?

Last month I had the good fortune to participate, along with several other adult film fans, in a brief online conversation with Melissa Lauren. Melissa was kind enough to answer the two questions I directed toward her, and her answers were fascinating. Here’s a brief tidbit:

“I guess anyone can fuck me, but I’m picky about who can dominate me. It’s something you gotta deserve.”

More from Melissa inside and then we’ll turn our attention to the mysterious Ms. Wonderhand.

This was the exchange between Melissa and myself.


Hey Melissa,

Wonderful to see you. Loved the two movies you directed for Combat Zone (Plucked Then Fucked & Cumaholics). I reviewed both releases on the VideoBox blog (here and here). What an amazing cast you assembled for Cumaholics. That DVD ranks among my all time favorites. Are you directing exclusively for Diabolic now? Nothing further in the works for Combat Zone?



Nothing in the works for Combat Zone. I only shot 2 titles there because the owner of the company wanted his product to be all about new girls (except for Cumaholics) and I do not like shooting new girls only, so I decided to move on.

I am now exclusive with Diabolic at the moment. I also stopped shooting Hellfire Sex (nominated twice as “best all-sex release” and “best continuing series” by avn) a year ago when I moved back to Europe. I had a blast shooting in the first 2 years, as I created the series. But after a while it gets old… same stuff over and over. I need variety.


Thank you for the reply Melissa. I look forward to checking out the Hellfire Sex films you directed for JM Productions. I’ve always enjoyed your work both in front of, and behind the camera.

May I ask you an “off the wall” question? Do you recall shooting a scene with Lee Stone for the movie Legal Tender #3 from Madness (2004)? That scene got quite rough. Was the rough nature of this scene discussed and agreed upon prior to filming? Or did the proceedings just get a bit out of control?


Yeah, I remember that scene… and many others, crazier than this one 😉
When I started in the business I explored a lot of different things, and I was really into rough sex / S&M, both on camera and in my personal life.
I was really submissive and thought being shocked by a cattle prod, being hogtied, and flogged til my ass was black and blue, were the coolest things ever (thanks Kink for many great memories…hehe).

When I started shooting Hellfire Sex (named after the famous S&M club in NY) is when I started making a transition to being dominant. I guess I really liked it, and now it’s very hard for me to sub to anyone.. has to be to a special person. If you haven’t watched my scene with Nacho Vidal from Fashionistas Safado: Berlin, you’ve got to see it. Most intense scene I have ever done, but it was all real. We both wanted what was happening, and John [Stagliano – rope] shot it perfectly.

So yeah I do like being choked (to the point I lose consciousness), getting my hair pulled, slapped, etc… but not just anyone can do that to me. I guess anyone can fuck me – but I’m picky about who can dominate me. It’s something you gotta deserve.

I’ll get real pissy if male talent tries to do something like that in a scene if I didn’t say “go for it”. But then it turns into a grudge fuck, which are always great scenes, so it’s all good.

Now I’m off to the gym.. laterz. xoxo

Melissa answered questions from other individuals as well. Here are some of the highlights.

– On how she entered the adult industry:

Well, it’s pretty simple. I graduated from culinary school when I was 17, moved to Paris to work, where I got hired by the Four Seasons hotel as a pastry chef.

Worked there for about a year. Very hard, stressful, misogynist job (especially when you work in a restaurant that is amongst the top 12 in the country)… for very little pay (needless to say the cost of living in Paris is quite high).

So I looked into a newspaper for casting ads (regular modeling). Went to a couple of agencies, who all told me I was too short (5’4″). So I looked further down the casting page and read this: “looking for women, 18-25 for softcore and hardcore productions”.

I visited the website, called the person in charge, met with the producer of the site, and after 5 days did my first scene and gave notice to the Four Seasons I was leaving.

I had already watched a couple of movies and decided “why not? doesn’t look that hard”. I was never the kind of girl to expect a guy to take care of me. I knew from an early age I wanted to be independent and make my own money, just didn’t know how yet. So no, it wasn’t a dream to be a pornstar, and I wasn’t “so horny, I could never get satisfied so I decided to do porn”… lol I laugh so much everytime I hear a girl say that.

So yeah it was purely a financial decision. Then I started really liking it. Today, I love it. I mean I have sex, get paid for it, travel, meet all kinds of people… and more important, I don’t have to sit in an office from 9-5 and deal with a dickhead boss.

Also I got to experiment things that I had never done before in my personal life (girls, dp’s, bondage, etc..), so it’s been a lot of fun!

Actually, I’d say porn is the best thing that’s happened to me… cause I’m so shy when I like a guy, if it wasn’t for doing scenes I’d never get laid! lol.

– On her breasts:

I love them!!!!! I wish I would have gotten them done sooner. I love having a dick between them and then get all the cum over my face (or preferably down my throat.. hehe). It’s so sexy!

– On gaming:

I play World of Warcraft. Like.. a lot. lol. I love that game!

I just bought Age of Conan but not sure if I should install it on my computer because then I will really have no life at all.. not good! And for the same reason, I do not own a console 😉 Did I mention I often play topless?

Pornstar Quiz

Which pornstar has a tattoo of the map of Texas on her stomach? Is it:

A – Alexis Texas
B – Tyler Houston
C – Jersey Jaxin
D – Texas Presley

Answer found at conclusion of article.

Rope Ramblings

Pornstar names intrigue me. The ones I like best are those that poke fun at a mainstream celebrity. The key appears to have the name close enough to easily pinpoint the “real” celebrity, but not overly similar to cause flak. The first time I saw the performer who would eventually be known as Britney Madison, she was being cast as Britney Speers. That was in the film “Young Ripe Mellons #3” from Red Light District. I remember thinking to myself, no way will this name stick. Sure enough, Britney Speers quickly transitioned into Britney Madison. Some pornstar names manage to survive, even when they exactly match the celebrity. Such as Cindy Crawford. Some names are a bit more creative. Allysin Chaynes was a clever take on the grunge group Alice in Chains.

My favorite pornstar name is Arnold Schwartzenpecker. Cracks me up every time I see the name. The target is easily identifiable but the name differs enough to slide by. Plus, it uses the word “pecker.”

I have a suggestion for a new porn name. In a previous blog article, our esteemed leader Alison, stated she had been given the nickname “Alison Wonderland” in her (recent) youth. Alison Wonderland would be a good porn name but I’m sure Disney Corp. would be all over that case even quicker than Britney Spears intervened in the Britney Speers – Britney Madison situation. So we need to be inventive. I say we sponsor a girl who specializes in handjobs. Create a website and upload a new handjob video every few days. Name of the website and performer? Alison Wonderhand.

Do you have favorite porn names or suggestions for new porn names? Leave a reply to the post and let me know. I’d also be interested to hear your thoughts on the words of Melissa Lauren.

Quiz Answer

C – Jersey Jaxin



17 Responses to “A Few Words From Melissa Lauren & Who Is Alison Wonderhand?”

  1. Matt H. Says:

    An intelligent, drop-dead sexy pornstar that also plays games like World of Warcraft religiously?

    *falls over*

  2. Strangepork Says:

    Somebody could probably get away with the name Alison Wonderland since Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland was first published back in 1865 and is now in the public domain. But Wonderhand is funnier anyway.

  3. xanthic Says:

    Hey rope, loved the blog entry, as usual. Keep up the great work!

    Strangepork, I was thinking the same thing, but then I started to wonder if Disney had some sort of claim to the title “Alice in Wonderland.” (any claim of copyright or brand dilution would be with the exact title)

    I think that argument is also moot, though, since titles are not protected by copyright . Also, Disney would have had to trademark Alice in Wonderland and kept up the trademark (which doesn’t seem likely, due to all of the Alice in Wonderland titles on imdb alone). Apparently a designer in Canada is already using Allison Wonderland at allisonwonderland.ca

    And that’s when my nerd train ends. I agree, Wonderhand is pretty great. Better register that domain name…

  4. xposh Says:

    Melissa was alright. Never really been into her. I’ve never participated in an online conversation really except maybe some AIM in the early 2000’s.

    Your question was easy because someone once pointed out in a comment “she has a tattoo of Texas and her name’s Jersey?” or something to like that.

    Have no names, sorry.

  5. lemonade Says:

    Holy crap she plays WoW too? Wonder if she plays Horde or Alliance.

  6. deathdealer Says:

    Thanks for the great interview rope. I love Melissa Lauren, both as an star and director. Reading about her past and how she got into porn was very insightful. Also I liked that you ask if she liked rough sex. Which helps people to understand that sometimes porn stars like to get choked and slapped around. Thanks for clearing up my last comment. I must have read the screen wrong.

  7. ropeadope Says:

    @ Matt H. – Melissa takes her gaming seriously. See my response to lemonade below for some more specific info. My gaming experience was restricted to the original Playstation so I’m completely in the dark on World of Warcraft. My favorites were Silent Hill (a truly creepy / scary game), Syphon Filter 1 & 2, Tomb Raider 1 & 2, and Resident Evil 1, 2, & 3.

    @ Strangepork – Does the copyright protection expire in only 143 years? I was thinking 150 years, minimum. Lol, I guess you’re correct. I believe Disney is very protective of anything they’re involved with, but it’s true that Lewis Carroll created and published the characters in 1865. I’m really not sure how the legalities play out.

    @ xanthic – Thank you very much. I visited the website you specified and they have a cute freckle face model displaying the new line of clothing. Excellent investigative work on your part.

    @ xposh – I also used AIM during that time period but grew weary of instant messaging and gave it the deep six. I’ll try to develop a more challenging question for my next post.

    @ lemonade – I’ll let Melissa answer you in her own words:

    I started out on the Alliance side (*blushing of shame*) and leveled a human lock to 60. Then I moved back to the US and decided to level a new toon here. Took me 7 weeks to get my blood elf mage to 70, I’m working on her gear and profs now. I think I wanna make a UD priest next. I love shadow priests!

    Horde rules… never going back to Alliance!

    @ deathdealer – Thank you my friend. I addressed that specific question regarding rough sex to Melissa because I was debating this topic with my good buddy and fellow member zarafan in a previous post. I also found her statements most illuminating; they helped clarify some issues I’d been struggling with. No problem at all with respect to your prior comment.

  8. Grendel Says:

    re – names: for women, i’m pretty fond of Silky Thumper, just because it’s funny, but even funnier is Bolivia Samsonite – she’s Hungarian and you have to wonder if someone tricked her into that, told her americans would think it was sexy. the funniest of all, though, was a woman – and i didn’t see the actual scene, but i saw her name on the box – was a black woman who called herself Stallion. that still cracks me up.

  9. zarafan Says:

    Dear Rope:

    This whole posting was fascinating and I have to say that Melissa is one of the most interesting performers in porn today, even if I don’t like the gothic turn or the body modification she’s undergone over the past few years: at least she had already performed in hundreds of scenes before then; as for now, I’d rather hear her talk and see her direct than watch her new scenes.

    But I digress–thanks, really, for asking about her scene in Legal Tender. Although I’m amazed she can even remember it, it does make me re-consider my previous condemnation of Lee Stone. I will revise my review accordingly.

    I hope we’ll hear from you again soon; you always make an outstanding contribution to this site. And tell Melissa “hi” from all of us the next time you’re on-line with her!

    Best wishes, as ever,


  10. ropeadope Says:

    @ Grendel – Good set of names. Bolivia was the only performer I was familiar with off the top of my head. I checked iafd and noticed that Silky filmed primarily girl/girl scenes along with a small group of straight scenes. There is both a Stallion and Chocolate Stallion listed. I think the two listings may actually be of the same girl. Chocolate Stallion can be found on the site in Cumswapping Headliners #1 scene 1.

    @ zarafan – Thank you so much, it’s always a pleasure to see you on the blog. Your submissions are consistently well written and thought provoking. Please let me meet you half way on Lee Stone. I’ve felt the criticism he’s received here has been overdone, but not completely without justification. As to Melissa, she strikes me as a very intelligent person and seems to have a good recollection of the scenes she participated in. I will pass along greetings from all her VideoBox fans.

  11. kallewille Says:

    Ropeadope: I know it’s not related but please help me. There’s a scene I’ve been looking for that I’m pretty sure is on this site. The girl looks an awful lot like Simi if my memory serves me correctly and she’s wearing a thin white shirt that gets cut off with scissors. They only get get cut half way as her tits literally burst out of the shirt at that point. I’ve searched and searched with no luck. Please help!

  12. ropeadope Says:

    @ kallewille – Unfortunately, this scene does not ring a bell to me. However, I’ll continue looking and post back here if I come across it. If anyone in the membership knows which scene kallewille is referring to, please post the answer. Thank you.

  13. hombre1 Says:

    What about Dru Barrymore?

  14. ropeadope Says:

    @ hombre1 – Good one. Dru Berrymore was definitely referencing Drew Barrymore. Along the same lines, Melissa Milano was a play on Alyssa Milano.

  15. Grendel Says:

    kallewille – the scenes aren’t on videobox, but there’s a series called “I’ve Got The Biggest Tits” from Evasive Angles that has all busty girls – mostly natural, as i recall, in T-shirts getting first wetted down, then ripped and cut off them. even if the scene you’re looking for wasn’t one of them, there might be others you’d like. there were ten of them, i think, with some very busty girls indeed.

  16. kallewille Says:

    Thanks rope and grendel, but I’m starting to think it wasn’t on this site. I can’t believe it wouldn’t be in the top one hundred in popularity under big boobs. I must’ve seen it elsewhere and lost it when I got new the new computer. Thanks though. I just wish I could find out the name of the series, or at least that scene.

  17. SynchPedro86 Says:

    She’s hot by the way. XD