New Content Dilemma

H2 Video
I have been considering adding H2 Video to our catalog. Surprisingly, this has led to a little debate in-house about it’s likely reception by our members.

So I wanted you to play my role for a minute. You need to remove yourself from your own personal interest and look at these previews from my perspective. The question I ask myself is, “on the whole will the community of users on VideoBox enjoy these titles?”

The production is generally the first thing I look at. This stuff is pretty well-lit and the camera work is good. There are some different girls than the normal Valley talent and the action doesn’t look so canned that it’s predictable. An extra plus is the light fetish for some of the users on the site that like that. What do you guys think?


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49 Responses to “New Content Dilemma”

  1. Itz420 Says:

    The Girls+Girls and Golden Girls series looked very promising. Legs affair,Sport Babes and Hot letters Looked a little average. The Inside My Panties series preview is just weird, the scene starts with 2 guys sitting on a couch sniffing panties together, what a bunch of losers. Me and buddies have better things to pass around then panties.

  2. apefj3to2 Says:

    Fast forwarded the previews.Beautiful women not enough action

  3. ape120 Says:

    leg affairs stuff is hot. I can identify some of the european stars. Hot! Hot! Hot!

  4. ape120 Says:

    forgot mention one thing, where is the hardcore? That’s gonna takes away a lot of hotness from H2.

  5. the dude Says:

    if you don’t add this, does that mean you can add something else? or at least more of the popular stuff? i’m sorry, but production value doesn’t do much for me if the talent isn’t there. and by talent i mean hot broads.

  6. jack_mehoff Says:

    dooooood, i think your viewership is also interested in additional scenes with the hottest women who appear sparesly in your current line-up. stars like carli banks, jenni (y) lee, cassie courtland, gina austin, mia stone, gina b, liz honey, nella (jackie); madison monroe, this girl allison, omfg (legal skin 6.4), simony diamond, lindsay meadows i could name probably 30 more. of course addtional scenes w/ haley scott, dani woodward and monica sweetheart are always welcome. what we would really like to see is any combination of two or three of these stars working with the best male talent, where the women are really into eating pussy, balls and ass. why don’t more producers see the potential of true sensuality that these mega stars generate working in 3-somes. i recommend you have a write in poll, where viewers list their top twenty female stars and top five male stars (you gotta have a cock in the movie), except for some scenes like Madame (where some of those bitches just rule with sensual pussy juice filled kisses); thats another thing that really lacks is true, meaningful pussy lapping followed by long passionate kisses where the chick is commenting on how good her pussy tastes while she licks the other girls chin and mouth…just a few comments

  7. abe120 Says:

    please get the leg affairs series!

  8. Vidfreaky Says:

    Hmmm, lemme think.

    Hot girls with accents that aren’t recycled in 98 scenes on the site?


  9. Garp123 Says:

    Allison. I Love you, but I think you’re wrong. H2 video, the legs, piss and panty sniff is garbage. The video with the “teen” looked liked a 13 year old and I was not comfortable watching it. I suggest you invest in ONE quality black or interracial site with quality beautiful women. Just one. Or maybe go for a brazil or South American catalog. Or an big ass…not BBW…Big ass catalog.

  10. zarafan Says:

    Well, I voted yes on this–clearly in the majority so far: let’s hope this bodes well for the November elections? Although I’m not confident of my interest long-term either in seeing women peeing on camera or getting fucked by clowns, nonetheless I agree that the production values are well above average (the director featured in the clips is Frank Thring, yes? He’s kind of a weird guy on-screen, but certainly capable of filming very, very good work with hot actresses) and nearly all the women were actresses I would like to see in non-peeing/non-clown fucking roles. It’s important to inject variety into the website not only to satisfy the wildly divergent tastes of your clientele, but also to give all of us something new to look forward to! All in all, I say go for it; this year is supposed to be all about change! Thanks for including us in this process: please let us know what you decide; please give us a chance to play again; please include “A Good Source of Iron #4” in the near future; please sign a contract with Marc Dorcel!!!
    Please please please and thanks thanks thanks.
    Best wishes,

  11. TStar Says:

    Not impressed with the girls – and there are way too many extreme close ups – which I despise. I’d much rather you saved the money for something else that’s worth it.

  12. whackitgood Says:

    Pissing is always great!

  13. dingo Says:

    I agree with Zarafan.

    Also, dammit, I want more pee vids. I know there are other people out there that agree and they should speak up. We’re all anonymous here.

  14. jfro Says:

    I remember they had a few other lines of videos other than these like Superfuckers, not just fetish lines. Are we going to get those as well?

    To me it’s a no brainer.. These are well-shot movies with beautiful women in them. It diversifies the line up of videos and strengthens the Euro contingent. We don’t always want to see the same American porn-starlets over and over again. And there are certainly some sub-standard offerings that could be pushed out of the line up…am I right?

  15. PeterMc Says:

    I think they looked pretty decent, certainly seen much worse on here so I’d say yes. The girl in the horse riding gear did look about 12 though so maybe we could lose that movie. Not really into the whole pissing thing but the beauty of videobox is that you can edit that stuff out when you download it or just skip past it when you’re using the flash player.

  16. Datejust Says:

    Why not? I don’t watch stuff i don’t like. So you don’t want to see it -> don’t klick it.

    The wide choice is the reason i and many others are customers.

  17. xposh Says:

    I’ve seen some of their dvd’s and they’re not that great. Not really any different than any other Euro stuff on here. I vote no.

  18. jondavisx Says:

    I think It would be more interesting if we there were two contenders and we the porn people of the democratic republic of videobox were able to vote for the content provider we like the most.

    On another note, if we don’t get H2 what would we get other wise?

  19. Jerry Says:

    The content was ok, I really liked the piss videos but I’d like a little more hardcore. Allison have you previewed any videos from SWEET PICTURES. They have much better hardcore content with pissing and fisting OHHHH YEAHHHHH!!!!!! I’d take those over these any day.

  20. ropeadope Says:

    Hi Content Dude. In the spirit of putting myself “in your shoes,” I voted yes, as I believe the membership as a whole will enjoy these videos. However, I’ll use this comment box to state that personally, I am not a fan of the European releases. Some weeks back, you mentioned you were considering adding Evasive Angles studio. If it were a tossup between Evasive Angles and H2, I would vote for Evasive Angles in a heartbeat.

  21. content dude Says:

    Thanks everyone for all of your comments. It looks fairly one sided so I would expect that you should be seeing this very soon. BTW video 5000 is coming up on 8/1 so keep your eyes peeled for something we have never released on the site.

    Itz420 – I agree it’s an odd premise for guys to be sitting around sniffing panties.. Like who thought that was hot. Reminds of that Sean Michaels movie we released a while back were he was getting his ass licked. Who the fuck wants to watch that?

    apefj3to – There is allot more sex than the previews would convey however, I think the line is a little arty

    the dude – Dude, we are always going to keep improving the product offering. You say production value doesn’t do much for you but I am sure you would be singing a different tune if I released a month’s worth of poorly lit, fuggly girls with no energy.

    jack_mehoff – Good suggestions. Believe me when I say I am trying to get this stuff for you. The fact is allot of these girls work for studios that don’t or won’t put their stuff for sale. I will give your poll idea over to Alison

    Garp123 – ‘You need to remove yourself from your own personal interest and look at these previews from my perspective.’ Btw – I am looking at getting some more Third World Brazilians they seemed to be popular

    Zarafan – I will talk to PlatX about that title on our next buy. Marc and I were close but it didn’t happen. But fear not, ‘No’ to me only means ‘not now’

    Jfro – I think the ‘supersuckers’ line is Private. Which btw inspired a pretty good band. How many great bands have taken there name from porn or sex? I can think of Supersuckers, Steely Dan, Joy Division, Lovin’ Spoonful, indirectly Sex Pistols..… I digress

    PeterMc – Xactly!

    Xposh – What exactly do you like?

    Jerry – I will check out sweet pictures. Thanks for the tip. Looks a little like GGG. For those of you wondering here are some box covers

    Rope – Thank you for the neutral assessment. It was relayed to me sometime back that you were not a fan of Euro porn. Sorry to say, the Evasive Angles deal fell apart…. Fear not my friend I have some really cool stuff coming up. In fact if you are into the black girls that Evasive Angles has I just did a deal with the guy who books TT’s Talent. The first title will be released next month.

  22. alison Says:

    Just FYI, the Content Dude posted this poll, not me. I appreciate the love though 😉

  23. zarafan Says:

    Wow, Content Dude: first of all, I can hardly wait until August 1 now!!!

    I agree that the H2 videos are similar in approach to Private (Frank Thring, if that’s his name, started out with Private, and most memorably filmed “the Academy” [2000], one of their best releases, I think, as well as a lot of the best–and hardest–work featuring Silvia Saint); I prefer Private’s stuff generally, and I think they are the biggest purchasing coup you’ve pulled off to date.

    Please keep trying with Marc Dorcel and if you need incentive just remind yourself that all those trips to Paris are a business expense!!!

    Please keep in touch with all of us; speaking presumptuously for the group, we love hearing from you and Alison both about what’s happening “behind the scenes” (which often is more interesting than the “behind the scenes” footage on the videos y’all post!!).

    Best wishes,


    P.S. For the record, no, I’m not really interested in seeing Sean Michaels or any other guy’s ass getting licked…!

  24. Brinkman Says:


  25. jfro Says:

    Content Dude,
    I’m surprised you don’t know about H2’s other lines. For some reason I haven’t been able to post a link in my comments but go to one of the big dvd sites like adult dvd empire and look up H2. They have lines like “anal attack” “Euro Sluts” “Hardcore Fantasies” and the Superfuckers series from numbers 21 to 25. I count 109 videos altogether.

    So my question remains: does VB get content from lines other than the ones on that website? i.e. non-specialty porno?

  26. friedrich Says:

    Looks good to me. I recognized the girl in the horse riding gear. She has a scene with Steve Holmes where her massive bush is prominently displayed. I recall it being a big hit.

  27. ropeadope Says:

    Thank you Content Dude, I never have any fears knowing you’re at the helm. I love women of all colors and am looking forward to both video #5000 and the titles you allude to in your above reply to me.

  28. Boots Says:

    I voted yes. It all seemed pretty well-lit with good production values and I liked the arty look.

    I’m not very interested in the specific fetishes sampled. I filled my curiosity about seeing girls pee a long time ago (although I do like to see them being peed-upon – that strikes me as being very rude). However, I would like there to be more variety on this site and this seems like a step in the right direction.

  29. the content dude Says:

    jfro – thanks for the clarification. This deal is only for the titles featured on the site. After we get this deal done I will try and figure out how to acquire the rights for the other titles. The problem is H2 was originally developed by Hustler. LFP currently has no interest in licensing with us. This group of H2 titles was shoot for LFP but the director maintained his IP rights which has enabled him to sell to us.

  30. jfro Says:

    Thanks content Dude,
    That makes sense. These titles look decent and a positive addition to the site, even if LFP doesn’t want to license the other ones.

  31. rubmeright Says:

    The more the merrier, though the image of the poor girl taking it up the dirtpipe from a clown is one I’d just as soon not have added to my memory. Yikes!

  32. the dude Says:

    content dude- i agree, the production value has to be there. but a well lit, well produced scene with bus station skanks doesn’t do much for me. i just think you could spend your money somehwere else and get better value. you’re the expert, im happy with my membership so i’ll go with whatever you decide. i dont particularly like the previews, but thats just my opinion. a well polished turd is still a turd at the end of the day.

  33. extremejay Says:

    here is my opinion for all future polls like this one………..If you can get it, ADD it. I personally download about 80% of the content that is uploaded…..thats right downlaod…I have big hardrives and lots of blank dvd,s that stuff is getting to cheap for people to not be filling them up with porn. I like a little bit of everything and there look like a lot of great stuff in those H2 vids…i especially want to see the sport one…that chick at the beggining is too cute plush she has a nice bush(we need more hairy vids)…dont judge what you should uplaod from the opinions of the same 20 whiners that always comment about crap uploads…they dont represent the silent majority. So keep it coming keep it ALL coming.

  34. CraigN Says:

    Its a shame you couldn’t sort out a contract with Marc Dorcel the films are superb hopefully in the future though eh? I think that h2 will be a good idea lol i think you can never have enough kinky shite xD keep up the good work!

  35. trlfmdr Says:

    That Leg Affair teaser was awesome. I love beautiful legs, feet, and (especially) shoes.

  36. gel Says:

    i agree with extremejay, don’t listen to the same whiners. i very rarely leave these messages.but i do take the polls. i believe that h2 will could be some good vids. with the samples provided, i believe they’re alot like privates old style movies-they have some sensual aspects. those type movies can bring out much more beauty in the women then just straight, get to it, its done and over porn thats out today.

  37. Produce Pete Says:

    For those interested, the scene that has the woman with the riding gear under sports babes is Bell Bottoms 1, Scene 5 (the scene friedrich was thinking of). Looks like she has only done a handful of scenes, she is credited as Alice in Bell Bottoms, but other films (not on this site) have her down as Timea.

  38. camera Says:

    not bad

    I say yeah

    but what I ‘d really love to see is more classics (70’s and early 80s stuff)
    you posted some , then completely stopped.,
    Please give us more vintage porn!

  39. harstad Says:

    Sure, why not? It cant be any worse than some of the stuff thats been posted.

  40. Papayaman Says:

    I agree with the majority that at least some of the H2 material looks as though it would be a worthwhile addition to the site. I would just like to second Zarafan’s pleas for you not to give up on Marc Dorcel’s material. A slight disappointment to hear that the Evasive Angles deal fell through. I would have loved to get access to some of their lines, notably the Asian Street Hookers. But we’ve had some nice Asian updates anyhow. Overall, I think you are doing a great job and these new films are yet another fine addition.

  41. along Says:

    I voted no on the H2 stuff. It just didn’t do anything for me.
    However, since alot of people here seem to be discussing what they want to see on VB, I’d like to ask for a couple of things to.
    First off, could we get at least one or two Jessie Jane scenes on here. Secondly, I agree with what camera said above, more vintage porn please. 70s, 80s, and early to mid 90’s had some great stuff.

  42. wcfields Says:

    Haha, after reading these comments I cannot in good conscience reject the H2 releases on the basis that nobody could possibly think that stuff is hot. I’ll never understand why people like feet or pissing or clowns so much, but it’s obvious that they do. I like watching girls eat ass, so whatever.

    That said, I voted no because these updates don’t do anything for me. Yes, a certain level of production value is important, but that’s a baseline, not a reason to get content. I agree with jack_mehoff that what we need are a more comprehensive selection of scenes from the hottest women. We could use another ten Michelle Wild scenes, ten more from another two dozen girls with beautiful faces and beautiful, natural bodies. I’m not going to go into my list here, (although we ought to have a forum to do that), but there are clearly some girls whose performances and looks are superior to the rest. Focus on those, get some variety for the wierdos, and don’t worry so much about creating variety within the girls. Most guys think the same looks are hot, even if they don’t think the same kind of sex is hot.

  43. zarafan Says:


    We’re all looking for hot content, of course, and what constitutes hot content is going to differ from one subscriber to the next, as you acknowledge. Buying a new line is a means of getting hot content; it may be noted, for example, that Michelle Wild–whom I agree is one of the all-time hottest ever–did one film for H2 (it’s called “Decadence,” and was made in 2003–please add that to the short list, Content Dude!!!!), so this along with Private should/might be a means of featuring more of her work. Which would be a good deal for all of us, if you ask me.

    Best wishes,


  44. content dude Says:

    extremejay – Generally, if you can get it buy it is a principle i follow. There are a bunch of factors to consider in any purchase , quality, repeat factor, etc. I may do a blog post on the whole process in the near future

    Papayaman – Thanks for the props. they are much appreciated

    Along – Jesse is a contract girl for Digital Playground. I don’t think I need to tell you that they are not interested in licensing at this moment otherwise we would have their titles. I am a bit conflicted with the classics right now. Much like contemporary porn now, there is allot of garbage out there that are considered ‘classics’ which have lost allot of quality over the years due to poor maintainence of the masters and other factors. I may bring a couple titles like the ‘Deep Inside’ series.they are well lit and have good casts. The really great stuff like Taboo and Debbie Does, Green Door (which I personally think is a really bad movie)are off market.

    Zarafan – Thanks for the tip. I will ask about that title

  45. zarafan Says:

    Dear Content Dude,

    Thank YOU for working so hard and keeping our requests and proclivities in mind! “Decadence” looks like a good film… More “classics” wouldn’t be such a bad thing, either–though I appreciate and agree with the problems inherit in that generation of porn. By the way, was anything ever done with the upload of the “Candy Stripers #1” video? Would love to see the corrected version, if possible!

    Thanks again,


  46. wcfields Says:

    Zarafan – I bow in honor and acknowledgement of your porno prowess. I’m glad you’re red-blooded enough to agree Michelle Wild is the best, which was really my only legitimate point, was that I’ll bet 90%+ of the people on this site agree with you and me. Since it’s (clearly) impossible to please everyone based on the type of sex, my opinion is that it’s the looks and performance (in terms of being into it, etc) that separate the good from the bad. It sounds like that’s being addressed, so great. Even if we get double the pissing and clown videos that we do now, it’s well worth my ten bucks a month.

  47. zarafan Says:

    Dear WCFields: agreed; in porn, content follows form–to get the chicks, you have to go to the studios, and any studio that has filmed Michelle Wild is worth the investment…. Here’s hoping we get “Decadence” on VB: it also has Jennifer Dark, another current favorite of mine–along with Sandra Romain virtually the only East European from Michelle Wild’s “generation” still in the business!!

  48. tyler Says:

    dont see why not

  49. along Says:

    Content Dude- Yeah, I figured the Jesse Jane question was a longshot, but no harm in asking.