Today in New Breasts: Teagan Presley

You guys know I’m not a fan of the fake breasts. That said, when Genesis posted pics of Teagan’s new boobs today, I had to admit they’re a step up from the old fakes.

Teagan\'s First Implants Teagan\'s Newest Implants

If you’re curious, you can check out her original boobs here.

Source: Genesis Magazine

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16 Responses to “Today in New Breasts: Teagan Presley”

  1. subtyrone Says:

    That first set of implants are scary they look rock hard. New ones at least look much more real.

  2. fedor Says:

    flat or big, built for speed or comfort, real boobs win every time.

  3. zarafan Says:

    Agreed with Fedor: the original model is so much better than the beta version; a waste of a good porn star….

  4. Panthers88 Says:

    Wow. Her upgrade is amazing. Although the originals are better then her first set of implants, this new set is top notch. Big, big fan.

  5. wcfields Says:

    Must say, I like it. Not a fan of fakes at all, but hers look great. And let’s all be real, before she did anything she looked like a prepubescent boy in the chest area.

  6. HotScooter2 Says:

    Alison and All:

    Y’all i wanted to update you, as to what is going on. If you ever saw the moovie rabbit tes then you know men can be pregnant. ii just gave birth twins and to celebrate my wife treated me to a new boob job. and ooh wheee i gotta tell you i look mighty

  7. dirtybirdy Says:

    Yeah, first pic looks pretty bad. At that angle they look like they could have been shoulder pads which slipped to her chest-ish area. The new are better looking, though the first image will always be burned into my mind.

  8. bengalguy Says:

    What I think helps to is she as gained a few pounds, and it helps her look more curvy. Also I think she look better wiht you hair now. But that is just my view. Everyone as their own taste.

  9. rubmeright Says:

    I’m looking forward to seeing Teagan 3.0 in action with those new whoppers. I found her too flat-chested for my taste to start with, the first set were horrifying, but the new ones look really good. I prefer a naturally big-breasted gal, but especially for video, a good boob job is a plus for some girls.

  10. extremejay Says:

    i dont know what to say…that doesnt even look like her anymore…not just the tits…everything. She looks like a cookie cutter pornstar contract girl now. I first found her in one of her first scenes on one of those reality sex sites…bookworm bitches i beleive, jesus she was so damn cute, and looked like a normal girl…now geez i dont know.

  11. firesnype Says:

    They do look better but real is always the best!

  12. Rael Says:

    They look good in the pic, but we’ll see when she’s in action. She shouldn’t have ever gotten implants in the first place.

  13. Strangepork Says:

    I heard she’s leaving the game now, and taking her new boobs with her?

  14. PornLover Says:

    Boobs are a lot better, but wtf with the tattoo?? She was so hot without all the nasty ink. Also, the Genesis website says she is available for girl-girl and solo? does that mean she is off anal and all the other nasty stuff??

  15. Marine Says:

    On a related note. I just download the newest Allie Sin scene posted on Videobox. Apparently she got new tits or just gained weight and sprouted new ones. She has always been my favorite star and one of the hardest to find scenes of. She used to be a super-fit, hard on-inducing sample of youthful jerk off material. I am completely disappointed. She has let herself go and if she did get implants, she ruined a great set of perky greatness.

  16. Papayaman Says:

    If you are not yet convinced that both those sets of fake boobs were a mistake, check out her scene on Jon Dough’s Butt Cream Pies 4 where she was filmed with a lovely pair of natural tits.