Chasey Lain Has Lost Her Mind

I think we can all agree that Chasey Lain ain’t what she used to be. In a lot of ways. But that fact did not prepare me for these two videos, released by a website producer who’d hired her for a shoot.

Chasey shows up to the shoot completely cracked out and proceeds to slur, stumble and curse her way through a nonsensical argument with the director that lasts for hours. Luckily, they condensed it down into 12 minutes of absolute trainwreck for easy consumption.

Part of me feels bad for Chasey and part of me finds it hard to pity someone who is so disagreeable and crazy, but all of me wonders why people are hiring her in this condition.

Source: Porn Star Babylon

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49 Responses to “Chasey Lain Has Lost Her Mind”

  1. sharpshooter Says:

    Now that’s a classy porn star, one you could bring home to mom

  2. Itz420 Says:

    2 words…………..Crack Whore

  3. Quack Ho Says:

    I checked out her bio on wikipedia, apparently she has a 7 year old son which is pretty rough. That’s just pure nasty, the phrase ‘do a scene with the tampon in’ is just horrifying. I suppose that’s the other side of porn we don’t get to see quite often. Just thinking about it, it must be a fucking nightmare to deal with cases like this and try to get a scene filmed.

  4. junker Says:

    A couple of my opinions:

    1.I think Donny Long is just as disgusting as Chasey Lain. To spread a video on the internet with the sole purpose of embarrassing and defaming them is despicable no matter the beef.

    2. If I were male talent, I would be wary of having sex with Chasey without a condom.

  5. harstad Says:

    wow. To think she used to be hot.

  6. xposh Says:

    This is dumb. The chick is obviously fucked up. Someone should get her some help. Posting stupid videos isn’t going to help her situation. She needs a friend who’ll be there when she needs them most. I wish her well but can’t see her changing her ways anytime soon.

  7. fedor Says:

    xposh…you can’t help someone if they don’t want it. At some point you have to get out of the way and let people hit rock bottom and destroy themselves. Interventions are BS.

  8. Strangepork Says:

    I don’t know about you guys, but if I showed up to work like that, I’d be fired on the spot. If they couldn’t tell something was up at first, I still don’t see how they made it through the make up, where she couldn’t stay still and could barely talk. I realize these guys had a day planned, but couldn’t they call up an agency and see if another girl was available before wasting several hours of their day on this train wreck? (And what would be the ethical implications if they actually filmed a scene with a girl in that mental state?)

  9. Luke Wilson Says:

    I think they did the right thing posting the video. Hopefully she will get less work for her selfish actions,

  10. elatch3 Says:

    I don’t think this kind of stuff should be posted here. For her part, she obviously has substance problems. But posting the video here is just vicious.

  11. illini Says:

    she deserves every bit of it, she brought it on herself

  12. Saxmonkey Says:

    The phrase, trainwreck is thrown around a lot. However, that is what I thought of every second of that video. I could not turn away even as every second of this video got more horrid.

    Also, I think he should have called the police because she was clearly about to drive while on drugs. She could hurt someone.

  13. DirtyBirdy Says:

    This video should be shown to all those kids out there who want to grow up to be porn stars.

  14. DirtyBirdy Says:

    However… we have all had train wrecks. I have had plenty of drunken moments which would likely be quite bad to watch while sober and certainly worse to have posted on the internet (good thing all my friends were in the same state at that time.)

    I can easily draw a line between work and play though. The line is probably harder for porn stars because I would bet the studios often work with people fucked up on some sort of drug and are fine with it as long as the person is able to perform. This is not your typical job.

  15. MojoPorno Says:

    Not really any more entertaining than watching a non-pornstar be f’d up on drugs…

  16. nurtles Says:

    What a pity. I hope someones going to step in soon and stop her.
    Posting such videos is certainly bad taste. But well, that’s internet. Brute exploiting conditions such as hers always pays and be it only as a plus in publicity for the producer.
    She’s certainly one hell of a train wreck and from what you hear not only on this occasion.
    Poor Chasey.

  17. alison Says:

    Something that no one mentioned is that Chasey Lain left porn years ago (2002). The reason she returned 2 years later, according to folks inside the industry, was to support her drug habit . So I ask again: why are people hiring her like this? It’s no secret that she shows up to sets completely wasted. What she did on this set was ridiculous and unprofessional, but I have to question the people who don’t have a problem filming her in that condition.

  18. Z Says:

    I think people are hiring her still, because websites are still showing her on their headers, video clips, etc.

    Not putting her on the site, may be the most humane thing to do, all things considered.

  19. Papayaman Says:

    I got all of 2 minutes into the first clip before the sense of embarassment became too much to deal with. I cant help but feel that maybe the people who posted this on the net should have turned her in instead. I know that may sound pretty drastic, but it might be a first step in getting her launched on a badly needed detox. If she carries on this way how long before she overdoses?

  20. dirtybirdy Says:

    There is a porn site for everyone. On IncrediblePass there is Theamputee and Humantoiletbowls. Perhaps Chasey would have been better suited for Crackwhoreconfessions where being cracked out is all part of the show. All these and others such as Themidnightprowl cater to the nasty factor. It is like a far worse version of reality T.V. which thrives on dysfunction because that is what sells.

    Just as with any industry, there are the individuals who set a high bar and then there are those who are bottom feeders. You can only really challenge those who set that high bar. If we were talking about Lethal Hardcore then we could have a discussion about why they did this but we are talking about a studio which obviously does not hold itself to the same standards.

  21. content dude Says:

    My 2 cents – Chasey is known through out the industry for having a substance abuse problem. Events like this are not uncommon over the last few years. If you hire her for a shoot you are taking the risk of having something like this occur on your set. This guy thought he could make some extra money by using her and it back fired. Drugs and alcohol are very common on the set. Perhaps not openly but it’s pretty much don’t ask don’t tell. To that point, it’s no different than any other entertainment industry. Music, Movies, Sports. The substance abuse issues for retired athletes in the NFL is significant. The difference here is that there is no support infra structure. No actors guild, Union, health plan, counselor, Manager, friend that likes you for who you are. Everyone is trying to make money and care about you as long as you are around to put money in their bank account. Its the ugly dark side of the business that this blog has been subtly exposing you guys to. Chasey is an extreme case, she is deep into her addiction to the point where it has damaged her body and mind. But for every Chasey Lane you have a Sasha Grey, who doesn’t do drugs, is very career oriented and understands this as a business and nothing more.

  22. Itz420 Says:

    Dirtybirdy, I don’t think working on 2 sites specializing in crack whores is going to pay off that rolls Royce she is driving. Also I never heard of being on drugs as being the standard in the porn biz. I mean correct me if I’m wrong but from past experiences certain drugs make it had for me to cum or if to much no boner at all. I can’t imagine that this would be ok for something that needs to be done in a certain amount of time.

    Xposh, if you work on a job when you know there will be videotaping and your fucked up beyond comprehension, that your fault not the studio for showing the video. How much did the studio waste on payroll having all those people and equipment for the day. It’s the least they are going to get for god know how many thousands they wasted.

    Why is everyone so sympathetic towards people with hardcore drug problems. I, speaking from experience have had my share of drug problems like doing coke, xtc, and so on, but I never let it interfere with my job. Also a majority of hardcore drug users know there are ways out but enjoy what they are doing and don’t care. I know 2 people in this sort of situation and they don’t want help. So I guess the better question is how do you help someone that doesn’t want it.

  23. Jrocka Says:

    Seriously – why would somebody spend 3 hours putting up with that. That dude filming is almost as much a freak as Chasey – why didn’t he say go home come back when you are semi-sober.

    I wonder what percent of chicks on shoots are stone cold sober not having had even 1 beer before the shoot?

  24. cancelHoo Says:

    This is what happens when girls don’t know when to leave the biz. It’s kinda like the military, if you don’t move up in position (to director for instance) the work will take its toll. I feel for her, but she has become what most porn stars dread, a prostitute.

  25. HotScooter2 Says:

    to express a different perspective. Let’s get away from saying things like she is fucked up and a crack whore. Let’s look at the underlying causes of it all. In recent years psychiatry has found a strong link between addiction disorders and bipolar disorder ..this covers a wide spectrum of addictions from substance abuse to gambling to overspending. Obviously not every addict has bipolar disorder which used to be called manic depresssion. chasey in my opinion is the victim and is deserving of help if she will only accept it.
    So in my opinion none of us has the right to holld her in scorn,since any of us could be in the same shoes she is in

  26. nurtles Says:

    Itz420 well stuff like cocaine, magic mushrooms, xtc are quite enhancing the sex to my opinion, each in a different way though. To much is of course always bad but a little now and then…
    Oh and of course there’s always the difference between drug use and drug abuse.

    And to the question why people are still hiring chasey. For some customers it’s a turn on I think. Look, even for most illegal needs there’s usually someone ready to jump in and play the dealer. So is for this legal need of seeing fucked up people getting fucked. It’s like misery-tourismus, feasting on the powerlessness and helplessness of people.
    Perversion, that is.

    For why this special incident happened and is being posted on the net…
    I’m getting the feeling that this producer from the last row is having a crude fun contributing to the dissassembly of chasey lanes monument that is about her achievments as a star in her early years. Maybe because he wouldn’t have had a chance working with her then, but that’s pure speculation. As is everything stated above ๐Ÿ™‚

    I hope my english aint to bad to understand

  27. biglucifer Says:

    The underbelly of porn. Sure Ms. Lain is a train wreck with a bad attitude, but the dudes behind the camera realized the first second Lain was a drug induced wreck. Instead of not filming, they engaged in some Jerry Springer esque antics. Hey everyone, lets exploit this crack/meth head for shits and giggles. We will post it on YouTube and the laugh will be on Cracky. I’m guessing the peepzs behind the cameras were blasted to some extent, they put up with this shit for close to 4 hours, they had to be high. These guys knew better, as soon as Lain walked threw the door the, camera should have stopped filming, Drug use is rampant in the Valley, Videobox only gave us a small glimpse with this post. Allison fess up and tell how drug induced the Valley is currently.

  28. Luke Wilson Says:

    I wouldnt fuk sumone with a tampon in. I just wouldnt.

  29. whackitgood Says:

    way hotter chicks in porn nowadays. I’d rather jack off than fuck her now

  30. alison Says:

    biglucifer – Like the Content Dude said (, drug and alcohol use is pretty common. On sets, at parties, at trade shows, whatever. But as long as they can pull it together enough to get the scene done, people usually look the other way. I’ve personally seen porn stars get completely wasted on set (Jagermeister, not crack), but the shoot was kinda treated like a big party, so no one really cared. The line is very fuzzy.

  31. Vader taps it from behind Says:

    Wow. Big news! A pornstar does dope? As if we didnt know that people in any aspect of showbiz do drugs. Heath ledger ass is being worshiped right now even though he was the same as her a dope fiend who couldn’t handle there shit. Chasey is just another in the long line of folks that run in those circles who get strung out and over the edge. She will either get popped for dope and do some time, die from the shit or get clean. Oh yea and if you hit that without a rubber your ass is crazy cause more then likely the bitch is turning tricks too!

  32. HotScooter2 Says:

    The whole point is tolerance levels and addictiveness tendencies. some people can do enough drugs at parties to get high and still function enough to do shoots. Others like Chasey turn into full scale addicts and can no longer function. What she needs is a whole lot of patience and understanding. it should be pretty obvious that mocking her and insulting her is not working.
    The ones to blame are those that profit from her addiction,she is merely the victim of her own low tolerance for drugs and a very high addiction level. and for those that insist on putting her down,at one time she was very big in the porn business.
    but you know people are like pigeons we always gotta find something to shit on. mankind always gotta find his scapegoats whether it be monsters like the fucking nazis or the Ku Klux Klan.
    All i can say is there is too much hatred in the world.
    i think the videos on this blog are despicable,because they are making fun of someone that desperately needs help.comeon lets get real anyone could wind up like chasey.we are all human man.and for those that think they are any kind of better than she is,they are very ignorant.
    if i have pissed off Alison for my strong stand sorry,but i wonder why the whole subject was brought up anyhow. Alison was your goal to have all of us lash out at Chasey. if so i refuse to do so. personally i hope i misread your purpose.because you have always struck me as someone more tolerant than that. the true tragedy is that i feel that although i feel chasey is close to hitting bottom ,i think she will probably die before she seeks out or recieves the proper health. there is nothing funny about any of this.
    Druugs took Janis and Jimmi in the late 60’s and early 70’s,when is this shit ever gonna end.
    end of speech and if i get kicked out from the blogs for what i stand for,then that’s fine but i am not putting down other blog members,just expressing radical views

  33. koolxl Says:

    Wow…damn shame.She was such a great looking gal.
    Crack Pipe-1…..Chasey-0

  34. alison Says:

    HotScooter2 – You do seem to have misread my purpose. I’m not here to tell you how to feel about these videos. I’ve presented my feelings about them and everyone else is entitled to theirs. That includes you.

  35. HotScooter2 Says:

    Thankyou for replying and clarifying your position. i guess both of us are opinionated people and sometimes represent the opposite point of view. all we can do is respect the others point of view. i will try to be more careful and try not to assume your intent again. you have a good weekend ok.
    you just got me on a very touchy subject,cause i have seen too damned many really good people destroyed by drugs. And Alison did you know Chasey before her drug addiction destroyed her.What was she like in the earlier part of her career?
    Was she a whole lot different person?
    Not trying to argue with you just asking a question

  36. Soupy Says:

    She really drives a Rolls Royce?! I was always told that while porn was a good living, it was only real wealth producing for the rare few like Jenna Jameson. She’s just and actress, as opposed to a website millionaire like Danni Ashe or a producer like Jill Kelly. How does she drive a Rolls Royce? Her drug habit can’t be good for money management skills. How much is a only partly working, used up porn star making these days?

  37. nurtles Says:

    Soupy, even I can drive a Rolls Royce if I really want to.
    But of course not buy it with cash though.

  38. hellboy Says:

    dude, i would flat out REUSE TO HAVE ANYTHING TO DO WITH HER. What in the world will she do for her drugd? ANYTHING!You fuck her, and christ, you get whatever she has, and, the stds and anything else that any of the other crack whores, and johns that have drilled her have.

    What a shame…..she was absolutely stunning years ago….

  39. Cromin Says:

    I’m surprised she even made it to the set the state she was in. Kids, just say No!!

  40. maegorfromow1 Says:

    video 2 is no longer working. help please!

  41. This Is it Says:

    Notce the producer’s original post wqs at 520am,
    He is a teaking loser too.

  42. DP Says:

    I’ve never been a fan of Chasey Lain. I always saw her scenes as relatively robotic and even in her ‘prime’ she didn’t seem to genuinely be into it. Her acting skill was non-existent.

    That said, she looks completely different and much thinner, in a sickly way.

    Having been delivering treatments in the mental health field for several years, I hope some people close to her take action and encourage her to get help.

  43. PHX Says:

    Vid’s been removed. . .

  44. Bozwell Says:

  45. Raven Says:

    Xposh, “if you work on a job when you know there will be videotaping and your fucked up beyond comprehension, that your fault not the studio for showing the video.”


    I have modeled for over 10 yrs and now work at a adult production company and trust me -most girls are sober belive it or not- i mean some may smoke weed after the shoot and i am sure some do pound a shot or 2 on the sly but its rare but when it does happen IT SUCKS!

    Try doing some tweaker bitch’s make up who wont shut the fuck up -then goes to the bathroom and fucks it up anyway !!

    or shoot with some chick who locks herself in the bathroom forever only to leave her used needle on the floor and almost step on it !

    I think people who make money being on camera need to see how ugly they look –
    i know i did (drunk off my ass 8 yrs ago) and it was the LAST time i was out of control.

    and this is nothing new -She has been on coke and meth for many years now.


    I hear that Chasey Lain is addicted to crystal methamphetamine. She weighs about 70 pounds, her bones are poking out through her skin, her eyes are bugging out of her head, her face is sunken in and her skin is hanging off of her. She looks like she has been in a concentration camp.

    Her boyfriend husband Anthony makes crystal and sells it. They have a toddler at home. Chasey burned down her bedroom a few weeks ago, probably when her crack pipe caught fire.

    I hear Chasey is turning tricks. A friend met her and said it is like looking at a dying person. Two industry friends saw her recently and said she will be dead within the month. She is cracked out of her mind. She was offered help but she is beyond that, she claims that she does not have a problem.


    Lain’s been smoking speed than snorting heroin to come down from the speed.

    Apparently, a week ago, Chasey took her kid out on the street and told him that he was worthless, that she hated him and that he was the Devil’s child. And left him on the street.

    And in his daycare, he was so high from the fumes of her smoking the speed that they called Child Protective Services when he started coming down from his high. A director in the adult business now looks after the boy.

    The police came and arrested Chasey. She’s in jail and they’re trying to get her into a rehab clinic.

    Chasey was so high that she was telling Taylor that she would kill her. Lain took a hammer and started beating herself with the hammer.

    Chasey’s been turning tricks for $100 a pop or in exchange for drugs.


    I’ve heard a report from Las Vegas from a man who partied with a strung out Chasey Lain. She’s evidently out of jail and is still avoiding treatment for her drug addiction.


    Chasey Lain Says She’s Not Addicted To Drugs

    Vivid contract performer Chasey Lain told โ€œI know everyone has said that I like to have a good time and everything and itโ€™s true that I do but the rumors that I am a drug addict are one-hundred percent unfounded and not true.
    Shocked Shocked Shocked

  46. Luke Says:

    The car is not a Rolls Royce. It’s a Chrysler 300 with a body kit. The rear doors on the Rolls open suicide style. Just because someone who doesn’t know what he’s filming says it’s a Rolls doesn’t make it so.

    This video was heart-braking. I used to have a huge crush on Chasey Lain when I was a teen. Meth… it does a body good.

  47. ben Says:

    So I heard about six months after Chasey’s imfanous Donny Long video that Chasey was embarking on a new comeback…that was in mid 2009.

    Anyone know of her whereabouts and whether her comeback is still on?

  48. ben Says:

    correction, the latest chasey comeback news may have been early 2010…i just know it was several months folling the infamous video..

  49. Alan Netherwood Says:

    After reading these horrific descriptions I wonder just what sort of a comeback is she planning to make? I have been a fan of her `work’for years – she’d probably be the first to admit that she is no actress – but what does that matter in porn anyway? most people in it are wooden at best – it’s about lust not wit or intellect! Her big baby blues and perfect ass were the features that launched a thousand (ship)loads to misquote Christopher Marlowe. I know going to seed never worried the likes of Ron Jeremy – but we expect better standards from our ladies. No, if she IS going to make a comeback in the jizz biz maybe it should be behind the camera as a director – or perhaps she could run a dance troup of some sort? I wish her well, whatever she chooses.