Lucky Number 5,000

Jana Cova in a Party Hat
As some of you have probably noticed, the site is quickly approaching its 5,000th update. The big post goes up Thursday at 2:36pm PST. We’ve been planning this for a while and you’re in for a surprise. Can you feel the excitement?!

25 Responses to “Lucky Number 5,000”

  1. Strangepork Says:

    Congratulations on this great milestone for the site. Quantity AND quality! I can’t wait to see what you guys have planned for us.

  2. xposh Says:

    Not really. Hopefully it’s not a tranny vid.

  3. Dingo Says:

    Mini Me’s sex tape!

    An episode of HBO’s Dream On!

    Tranny: The Musical

    Just kidding. This site changed my life. I love it. I’ll never unsubscribe. I’m excited to see what the update is.

  4. Garp123 Says:

    How about a premium video with beautiful black women with great asses!!!! Let’s go dark for 5k!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. hotknicks1 Says:

    Congrats! I will always be a member of this site! It’s the best! I agree with Garp123… let’s get some cherokee d’ass or some nice tail feather on here!

  6. apefj3to2 Says:

    I’ve got about 400 scenes saved as favorites to sort & splice .With all kidding and bitching aside tis is an amazing site and much appreciated.

  7. Itz420 Says:

    3 words………..Brazilian Fart Porn

  8. shaggy369uk Says:

    Come covered teens in schoolgirl outfits. I will never get tired of that. Oh, and I also agree with the majority. No tranny porn for 5000th

  9. alison Says:

    I’ll say this…it’s not tranny porn.

  10. Papayaman Says:

    I just hope its not senior citizens porn! Seriously, congratulations on maintaining a high quality, excellent value site for so long.

  11. alison Says:

    Thanks, guys. It’s all of you who make this possible.

  12. PeterMc Says:

    Can’t believe you built up excitement for this and then gave us a cartoon, what a let down. Still, that being said, this is the greatest site I have seen on the net so congrats on the 5,000th vid even if it is not a great one!

  13. redchile Says:

    The 5000th release is a cartoon. Oh my! Perhaps, #5001 will be a documentary on the Dewey Decimal System.

  14. Lumas Says:

    Major letdown. For number 10,000 will be be getting tranny anime?

  15. Ben Says:

    Congrats to you guys! Now to get someone on the opening page to change it from 4,000 vids to 5,000! Keep up the good work!

  16. alison Says:

    The 5,000th DVD was kind of a joke. But the 4 that follow it are much more in line, I think, with what everyone was expecting. Don’t get up yet!

  17. Strangepork Says:

    *crosses fingers for some pendulous natural boobies and nice round butts*

  18. Spazz Says:

    I’m not opposed to more cartoon stuff, some of it’s pretty good. Just don’t start uploading the rape stuff and pleas no more scat.

  19. Dingo Says:

    1 cartoon vid out of 5000 and people complain? You can only jerk off (manually) so many times in one day.

  20. Itz420 Says:

    Yhea, I agree with Dingo. What did you guys expect some sort of super porno.

  21. Antonio Says:

    Hey, wtf is up with this ->

    It’s either a complete theme ripoff of videobox or a sister company. Pretty creepy stuff.

  22. Cnote Says:

    I wasnt expecting some kind of SUPER PORN, but when they say they have something special planned for the 5000th movie, I expected something better than a cartoon. Not a huge deal to me, but still a letdown.

    That being said, congrats to VideoBox. You are unmatched in the internet porn world.

  23. walken Says:

    This is an awesome site representing the best value porn around. Congrats to Videobox, Alison, the tech guy and so on, Great work!!!
    On a side note, I was thinking an interesting blog posting may be how VB members categorize their downloaded vids. I’ve been a member for a while now and my hard drive is bursting with great porn. I currenty sort my vids by porn star. What does everybody else do???

  24. Papayaman Says:

    I reiterate the suggestion I made in my review of Maid in Heaven scene 1, that it would be rather nice to see one of our favourite Asian porn stars perform this scenario. There is a lot of erotic material in there that I would like to see a real live girl act out. I have suggested Evelyn Lin as one potential candidate. She seems to me to have the right mix of sweet-faced innocence combined with sexual deviltry to fit the role. Equally, I could imagine Kara Tai (who just made her debut on the site), or Tia Tanaka (though I think some of the material might be too strong for her – ie peeing and a banana up the bum), or the delectable Maria Ozawa doing a good job. Maybe we could vote on the actress we would most like to see in the role and VB could arrange for it to be filmed for posting as the 10,000th video on the site!!

  25. Luke Wilson Says:

    allison and rope home video – yew!!!!