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Porn Stars Behind Bars

Janine Lindemulder in Jail
After hearing the news that Janine Lindemulder could be headed to prison, the men’s magazine Complex compiled a list of Porn’s Greatest Jailbirds. The list includes an insider trader, an attempted murderer and a bank robber. They don’t mention Brian Surewood, the porn actor charged with murder, but who wants to hear about the guys anyway?

Update: Other pornstar jailbirds from Porn Stars: Where Are They Now?:
Seka – Went to jail in San Diego for 12 hours in the 80’s for lewd dancing and obscene conduct
Rebecca Steele – Jailed in Florida on a cocaine charge in the mid-1990s
Cara Lott – In 1990 Cara was charged with prostitution
Candy Barr – Arrested for marijuana possession in 1957 and 1968
Linda Wong – Jailed in the 80’s for trying to fill a phony prescription for codeine


Guess the Warning Page Girls Contest

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VideoBox Warning Page Girls
Many of you have noticed that VideoBox launched a new warning page last week. Most of the folks who’ve mentioned it were wondering about the identities of a few of the girls. I could just tell you who they are, but what’s the fun in that?

Instead, I’m offering a free month of VideoBox membership to the first person to name each girl numbered below.

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New VideoBox Warning Page Girls

Submit your entries to with the subject line “Warning Page Contest” by 5pm PST on September 2nd. The winner will be announced on September 3rd. If no one accurately identifies all of the girls, the entry with the most correct answers will win. Good luck!

Hint: three girls appear more than once.

John Stagliano Interview

Below is a video of an interview with John Stagliano regarding his obscenity prosecution. I’m not sure how old it is (the interview was done in April), but If you’re seriously interested in this case or obscenity law in general, this is a pretty in-depth discussion of the topic. If you’re more interested in John Stagliano’s life and the history of porn, start the video about halfway through.


For more information: Defend Our Porn

A Sad Anniversary

Haley PaigeTime is a funny concept. There are stretches where the minutes are dragging so slowly, it hardly seems possible to get through the day. Then you blink your eyes and an entire year has come and gone. It’s difficult to imagine, but today is the one year anniversary of the passing of Haley Paige.


Sneak Peek at the New VideoBox Flash Player

We’ll be debuting our redesigned Flash player within the next week or so on VideoBox and I’ve got a preview of the design and functionality exclusively for blog readers.

The Design
A little sleeker and easier on the eyes, the new design tightens up the player a bit while delivering all of the features you’ve come to expect from it.

Click for larger image
VideoBox Next Generation Flash Player

What’s New
The new player also comes with a few changes:

  • The playhead is now separate from the filmstrip, so you can look ahead in the movie without being flung back to where you were.
  • The controls no longer show up over top of the video.
  • The volume control is more intuitive and easy to use.

I’m interested to hear what you guys think about the new design. Now and after it launches.

Ropeadope’s Pornstar Quiz

Go inside this entry to find a set of 26 thumbnail images. Clicking the thumbnail will reveal the full size picture. All images are of girls who are represented by at least one scene at VideoBox. The first member who responds to this post with all 26 correct pornstar identifications will win a beautiful VideoBox t-shirt.

You may submit multiple responses but please include only one set of 26 answers per response. If you wish to submit a second, third, or tenth guess, they must each come in a separate reply to the post. I will score as follows: Each correct answer for images 1 thru 25 is worth four points. A correct reply to the bonus (26th) image is worth 10 points.

I will tabulate and report the scores on an ongoing basis but will not indicate which specific answers are correct or incorrect. Many thanks to Alison for laying out and linking up all the images. Good luck.


Think You’d Want to be Married to a Pornstar?

Pornstar HusbandsA coworker forwarded me this really interesting blog post from the Details blog about guys who are married to porn stars.

Needless to say, being married to a woman who has sex with other men for a living is no picnic:

This is what it’s like to be married to a porn star. While you toil away at a conventional job during the week, your wife spends eight hours a day getting plowed by guys with nicknames like Thug of Porn. There are the indelible mental images.

The article is pretty interesting overall. It presents a realistic look at the human side of being involved in the porn industry that you don’t often see. Definitely worth a look.

Source: The Provocateur

Give Me Your Interview Questions for Gianna Michaels

Gianna Michaels
The lovely and amazing Gianna Michaels has offered Dave, our man in the field, an interview for the VideoBox Blog. So let’s try this again!

Leave your interview questions in the comments and I’ll choose the best 20 or so to have Dave ask Ms. Michaels. Be creative!

My Conversation with John Stagliano

John StaglianoI spent the last 4 days in Florida at the Internext Miami trade show. One of the most interesting meetings I attended was with the legendary actor/director John Stagliano. As it turns out, in addition to being the father of gonzo porn, he’s a really nice guy. I was showing him the VideoBox site and I figured he might be interested in your suggestions for porn directors.

He didn’t have time to read all the comments, but I think he got the gist. Since one of the major gripes about porn is that the women never finish the guys off, I asked John why he thought that was. His answer was interesting.

One of his theories is that so many guys in the industry use pills or injections to get an erection. Because they have a hard dick, they can perform, but an erection doesn’t ensure an orgasm. John thinks that they’re hard, but not turned on, so it’s really difficult to ejaculate. Hence the furious jerking off that takes all day.

The other theory John had was that guys in porn are trained to fuck for a long time and that mentality makes it hard to finally come. Additionally, with all of the distractions on a porn set – people standing around, director telling you what to do, etc. – it can be hard to concentrate.

Before we changed subjects, he said that when he was performing, he always tried to have the girl finish him off. He thought it was not only more pleasurable, but makes for hotter, more realistic porn. So I may have been preaching to the converted, but he seemed even more resolute in his belief that it was what fans want by the end of the conversation.

It was kind of serendipitous that I got to show your list to John Stagliano and I have no idea whether I’ll ever have a chance like that again. But he was really impressed by the passion and enthusiasm of VideoBox members and I just wanted you guys to know.

One Suggestion for Porn Directors

Porn Director
I think we can all agree that the vast majority of porn directors could use a little guidance from actual porn fans. When devoted blog reader and commenter Fedor emailed me with the idea to do a post on the subject, I thought it was a great idea.

His personal suggestion was “Let the girls finish the shot and not have the guy jerk off.” I suspect that’s an answer most of us can agree with. I thought about it for a while and mine is “Tell the guys to shut the hell up.” Now, I want to hear from you. If you could give a porn director one piece of advice, what would it be? Let’s hear it in the comments.