My Conversation with John Stagliano

John StaglianoI spent the last 4 days in Florida at the Internext Miami trade show. One of the most interesting meetings I attended was with the legendary actor/director John Stagliano. As it turns out, in addition to being the father of gonzo porn, he’s a really nice guy. I was showing him the VideoBox site and I figured he might be interested in your suggestions for porn directors.

He didn’t have time to read all the comments, but I think he got the gist. Since one of the major gripes about porn is that the women never finish the guys off, I asked John why he thought that was. His answer was interesting.

One of his theories is that so many guys in the industry use pills or injections to get an erection. Because they have a hard dick, they can perform, but an erection doesn’t ensure an orgasm. John thinks that they’re hard, but not turned on, so it’s really difficult to ejaculate. Hence the furious jerking off that takes all day.

The other theory John had was that guys in porn are trained to fuck for a long time and that mentality makes it hard to finally come. Additionally, with all of the distractions on a porn set – people standing around, director telling you what to do, etc. – it can be hard to concentrate.

Before we changed subjects, he said that when he was performing, he always tried to have the girl finish him off. He thought it was not only more pleasurable, but makes for hotter, more realistic porn. So I may have been preaching to the converted, but he seemed even more resolute in his belief that it was what fans want by the end of the conversation.

It was kind of serendipitous that I got to show your list to John Stagliano and I have no idea whether I’ll ever have a chance like that again. But he was really impressed by the passion and enthusiasm of VideoBox members and I just wanted you guys to know.

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17 Responses to “My Conversation with John Stagliano”

  1. zarafan Says:

    I NEVER would have guessed that it was John Stagliano!! He should be a hero to all of us: I remember renting “Buttman’s Ultimate Workout” and seeing for the first time the indelibly lovely Zara Whites; a life-changing moment…!

    Good to know, as I always suspected, that he’s basically a nice guy. To put it mildly, it would be terrific to have more of his work on the VB site and I hope that topic figured in your conversations as well!!

    Best wishes,

    (A better choice of pseudonym, I think, than “Buttman-fan,” but I figure now you can see the connection…!)

  2. HotScooter2 Says:


    that was really cool that you got to meet him. and your comment about him being suck a nice guy i think could also be applied to you.You also strike me as a lady with a good head attached to her shoulders.I best stop so your ego doesn”t swell too large,lol

  3. davros Says:

    Cool. Very cool.

  4. Itz420 Says:

    OMG they have to use injections to get hard!!!! I wonder what it is and do they have to take a needle to their cock. Allison do you know what going on there?

  5. Dingo Says:

    Maybe its Vitamin B12? I know that a B12 deficiency can cause ED, so I’d imagine the reverse is true as well. If that is it then I’m quite certain they’re not jamming into their johnson.

  6. G man Says:

    Your mention of Zara Whites brings back some very fond memories. Absolutely one of the hottest porn stars ever. Some of her scenes should be required inspirational viewing for anyone wanting to get into the business.

  7. alison Says:

    zarafan – I couldn’t agree with you more…who knows what the future holds.

    HotScooter2 – Thanks, hon. 😉 It was really cool to meet him…I’ll even admit to being a tiny bit starstruck.

    Itz420 – From what I’ve heard, some of them use a drug called “caverject” to get hard. I found this video of a guy using it if you’re really interested (WARNING: They show him injecting himself with it. It made me squirm and I don’t even have a dick).

  8. zarafan Says:

    Dear G man,

    Yes, yes: one of the all-time greats, agreed!!


  9. zarafan Says:

    By the way, although John Stagliano is rightly termed “the father of gonzo porn,” his work generally rises above the worst clichés of the genre: there’s always a set-up in his scenes; the lighting is good; and the joy of his work is the real interaction between the director and the performers–they aren’t just drones, and he’s not just turning out product. As G man points out, “Buttman’s Ultimate Workout” shows us how good gonzo can be, and how it should ideally be done….

  10. G man Says:

    I am not a squeamish man. I even took it pretty well when the local anesthetic started to wear off during my vasectomy. But I am not altogether convinced that my sleep might not suffer a tad from the imagery left on my retina from that dick-jabbing viddie. Time to assume fetal position…

  11. Itz420 Says:

    Ok now I don’t want to be a porn star, That was just wrong, I’m sorry I asked 🙁

  12. HotScooter2 Says:

    Alison hon. i am so relieved to know you don’t have a dick. i was really scared i might see you in a she male DVD lol. And my dear you set yourself up for this one

  13. alison Says:

    zarafan – You are 100% correct. I honestly played down his awesomeness because I didn’t want to come across as too much of a fangirl should he ever read the post 🙂

    G Man – I’m sorry. I did warn you though.

    Itz420 – It’s a tougher job than people think, I suppose.

    HotScooter2 – You’re right…gotta be more careful what I say around you people 🙂

  14. zarafan Says:

    Dear Alison,

    Well…I suppose I’m too far gone at this point to try to hide…!

    Best wishes,


  15. Fedor Says:

    My idea for a blog may have changed porn forever!!!!!!

    Just kidding…

  16. alison Says:

    Fedor – One person really can make a difference 🙂

  17. Tinaka Says:

    Some of you may or may not know that John is being prosecuted for obscenity by the US government. See this interview