Give Me Your Interview Questions for Gianna Michaels

Gianna Michaels
The lovely and amazing Gianna Michaels has offered Dave, our man in the field, an interview for the VideoBox Blog. So let’s try this again!

Leave your interview questions in the comments and I’ll choose the best 20 or so to have Dave ask Ms. Michaels. Be creative!

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41 Responses to “Give Me Your Interview Questions for Gianna Michaels”

  1. G man Says:

    Not being creative. But the question we all want answered is when she is going to do anal. Pure and simple. Enjoy the interview!

  2. anonymous Says:

    I would like to ask Gianna if she were a male porn star who wuld she like to fuck and why?

    Oh and can she send me a signed photo!!

  3. markbart Says:

    Yup, all I want to know is why she won’t do anal.

  4. Jukes Says:

    You should ask her: “What time is, Gianna?”

  5. illini Says:

    you could ask her how she got into porn, why, and how does she feel about her decision now

  6. mr . trio Says:

    question for gianna :when will you finally open your own website? qustion 2 :where and when will you be doing personal appearances?

  7. HotScooter2 Says:

    Could you ask her if she has any plans on becoming a director or producer as so many of her predecessors have?

  8. xposh Says:

    mr . trio, she says in this AVN 2008 interview that she’s “working on a site, giannaxxx right now”.

  9. wcfields Says:

    Number one question, when will she do anal? It’s pretty clearly the most interesting possible fact about Gianna Michaels.

    Creative Questions: (As per request)

    1) When does she think she’ll call it quits? Is there an age she thinks is ‘too old’ to do porn?

    2) What is her favorite scene that she has ever done?

    3) What to her is the difference between shooting porn and feature dancing? Which does she prefer?

    4) Does she find it difficult to carry on a relationship outside of porn? Does she have monogamous relationships at all, with her job as an exception?

    Looking forward to reading the interview…

  10. wcfields Says:

    One more – What is her biggest turn on? Is there a move guys do that she just loves?

  11. Master Kweef Says:

    1) What is the most annoying thing male porn actors do on the set/in bed?
    2) If you could change one thing in the porn industry today, what would it be and why?
    3) Favorite flavor ice cream? 8)

  12. Tominsav Says:

    What is the freakiest thing she will do on camera

  13. Mike Says:

    1) Does she have any funny experiences to share for when she was performing on porn sets? (bloopers)
    2) What OS does she use and what kind of hardware she use? (totally geek question)
    3) Where does she see herself in 10 years?
    4) Does size really matter for you?

    I dunno, that’s all I can think for now, I gotta find her movies and figure out if she is any good. 😛

  14. M0N5T3R Says:

    1 — does she want to do features?
    (id love to frickin see that! or maybe there are some out there and not on the site..? if so, scratch that)
    2 — is there more pressure with a feature?
    3 — how generous is the pay for exclusive online content?
    (not counting her own website)
    4 — best location filmed at?
    (maybe the same colorful mansion ive seen a billion times?)
    5 — how bout those gas prices?
    (they suck)
    6 — creep fan stories?
    (..or just the most creepy)
    7 — did you develop awesome tits early on?
    (maybe thats too personal, sorry)
    8 — will your new website feature cosplay?
    (do it for the lulz?)
    9 — do ya yoga?
    (sounds hawt !!)

  15. along Says:

    Since I’ve only seen Gianna do gonzo type scenes, I was wondering if she has done, or sees herself ever doing feature type movies?
    This isn’t a question, but I’d like to tell her how great it is to see someone who looks like a real woman in porn for a change, and not some kind of beanpole or plastic surgery addict.
    Oh yeah, I just thought of one more.I love her tattoo, does it have some meaning to her, or did she just think it loooked cool?

  16. extremejay Says:

    Well two major questions.
    How does it feel to be compared to the legendary Christy Canyon in terms of energy, chemistry, and overall willingness to have fun no matter what? I know i always make that comparison on how much you remind me of her.
    And two, You are one of the few big natural tit stars that when you is on top lets your tits bounce around HARD. You never holds them or keep them form bouncing. why is that? do you actually like how it feels or or do you realise that men love to watch big tits bounce around like crazy?

  17. apefj3to2 Says:

    describe first sexual experience

  18. dirtybirdy Says:

    A passenger train leave the train depot 2 hours after a freight train leaves the same depot. The freight train is traveling 20 mph slower than the passenger train. Find the rate of each train, if the passenger train overtakes the freight train in three hours.

  19. Rael Says:

    Ask her what the meaning of life is. Ask her if she believes times lies in the form of a straight line, or if it is a circular progression of history repeating itself. Ask her if the universe is infinite, and if something can be infinitely small, and if not where does it start and where does it end? Ask her how there could be a time before time began. How could there be anything if there was nothingness to begin? How can time have begun if no time existed?

    Oh, and ask her where she likes to take a cumshot the best.

  20. zarafan Says:

    If I might elaborate on Rael’s final question and connect it to a discussion that has been fairly constant over the last 3 blog entries, I would ask her what her opinion is of the facial; it occurs to me just now that this is directly connected to the problem of how the guy has to finish himself off. (This, and the fact that he’s so jaded from life in the porn industry that he has to use pills or injections [yeech, I know, but in the olden days it was cocaine, which in the long run is hardly better…].) Personally, I think the facial is a great bore, especially if the movie isn’t oral-themed in the first place. But worse, it constitutes a break in the action and a move away from the site of penetration, so not only does it break the “cinematic” rhythm of the scene, it also breaks the physiological rhythm of the sex. Would porno sex be better for her if it didn’t always end in a facial? Does she think it might be better for her partners?
    And, of course, when will she do anal?
    Thanks, Alison: discuss!!!
    Best wishes,

  21. TF232 Says:

    How does she have so much enthusiasm and energy in her scenes?

    One scene comes to mind she did with Brandy Talore (Meet the Twins #10, Scene 1, Credited as Gianna Lynn?). Brandy is great, but a lot of Brandy’s scenes are lacking real enthusiasm, you could say. In said scene, Gianna leaves her in the dust. And honestly, I’ve never noticed or cared that Gianna didn’t do anal. If a guy can’t get it done with Gianna, he’s probably dead. A feature would be great, she’s a real pornstar.

  22. Jerbear Says:

    This question may seem lame, but honestly I would love to know what she likes to do in her free time (non-sexual). She is obviously very gorgeous and talented on screen, but I think it would really interest a lot of readers to hear about her hobbies. I wouldn’t be surprised to hear she plays the oboe, or likes mysteries… something crazy like that!

  23. walken Says:

    For the record, I would like to second all of wcfields questions…

  24. Luke Wilson Says:

    Would she rather fuck Lexington Steele in the ass with a strap on or be fucked in the ass by Lexington Steele?

    Its dying to be asked.

  25. lickmylovepump Says:

    1) Whose boobs does SHE like besides her own?
    2) Is there a co-star (male or female) that she has felt particularly intense energy/chemistry with?
    3) Tell her not to do anal if she doesn’t want to.

  26. Kong Says:

    Will she marry me?

  27. DP Says:

    I’d like to know when or if she will ever do anal, and why or why not?

    Also, will she do features?

  28. zarafan Says:

    Dear LickMyLovePump,

    I think it should be understood by everyone participating in this blog that if Gianna Michaels or anyone else doesn’t want to do anal, no one should or could force her; we’re talking about porn here, not prison….



  29. DP Says:

    Does she have a favorite type of lube that she uses on-set?

  30. dp lover Says:

    Would she ever consider having her first anal scene include DP?

  31. G man Says:

    But if she chooses to do a prison themed anal feature scene we’re cool whit that, right?

  32. zarafan Says:

    Dear Gman,

    Now THAT’S what I call ACTING!!!


  33. alison Says:

    Wow! This is great. I’ll be turning these comments into a list tonight, so if anyone’s got any last minute additions, get ’em in!

  34. ropeadope2 Says:

    I would like to see Dave initiate the interview with the following question:

    Hello Gianna, my name is Dave. Pleasure to meet you. As you’re well aware, in November 2007, Alison placed you at the very top of her favorite pornstar list. She cited your enormous natural breasts, your filthy mouth, and your great enthusiasm to earn her #1 ranking. Alison said you were the perfect pornstar. How do you stay grounded when receiving such high praise from one of the true acknowledged authorities of the porn industry?

    However, I think Dave may actually commence the interview with the following question:

    Hello Gianna, my name is Dave. Pleasure to meet you. My last assignment was to interview Eva Angelina but I impregnated her instead, and never did get a chance to conduct the interview. I’m offering you the same opportunity. Which will it be?

  35. walken Says:

    … that’s some funny shit rope…haha

  36. M0N5T3R Says:

    one more, maybe in place of the ‘how bout them gas prices?’..
    — Would she ever be interested in a Laverne and Shirley-esq sitcom featuring herself and Carmella Bing? follow up : who should play Lenny and Squiggy?

  37. alison Says:

    Rope, you actually made me laugh out loud! 🙂

  38. lickmylovepump Says:

    zarafan – I know that. I just want her to know that SOME of the pervs around here think anal is kind of gross and would applaud her decision to not shove a strange man’s cock up her ass.

  39. funnyfuck Says:

    will she do tranny porn?

  40. Soupy Says:

    I think this may be too late a submission, but I’d like to know why the vast majority of her scenes are interacial. Is that a preference for her? Is that what casting directors give her?

  41. Menace Says:

    Does Gianna like black men more than the other race (cause I’m black)? Does she dates regular or would even go out with your average regular working guy that brings home a $60,000 salary or is that beneathe her, she’s too good for that? Does she prefer well known stars or the unknown citizen?
    What’s a normal day for her? Does she have to be a Paris Hilton type alwways in the spotlight clubbing rather than just staying home relaxing with her man and friends watching her seattle seahawks take on my new york giants