Think You’d Want to be Married to a Pornstar?

Pornstar HusbandsA coworker forwarded me this really interesting blog post from the Details blog about guys who are married to porn stars.

Needless to say, being married to a woman who has sex with other men for a living is no picnic:

This is what it’s like to be married to a porn star. While you toil away at a conventional job during the week, your wife spends eight hours a day getting plowed by guys with nicknames like Thug of Porn. There are the indelible mental images.

The article is pretty interesting overall. It presents a realistic look at the human side of being involved in the porn industry that you don’t often see. Definitely worth a look.

Source: The Provocateur

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13 Responses to “Think You’d Want to be Married to a Pornstar?”

  1. HotScooter2 Says:

    wow what a tough question? As much as there would be certain ups to the arrangement,in general i don’t really like the idea. there is a lot of tragedy amongst porn stars and i would not want my wife exposed to it. And there is always the danger of HIV and AIDs which no matter how much precaution on the part of the industry. i would not want my wife exposed to either virus. i say either virus as i am not sure the HIV always leads to AIDS. Case in point is the great basketball player Magic Johnson,as far as i know his HIV has not spread to AIDS and he has had it quite a long time now. Next time my friend ask an easier question like do i like popcorn or ice cream?

  2. dirtybirdy Says:

    Some great quotes in there…

    “Brown and Skyline met a few years ago. She was a student at the high school where Brown was the pole-vaulting coach for the track team.”

    Uh huh. He taught her well. He was the pole-vaulting coach and today she has master skills with the pole. Same dude gets to fuck his wifes coworkers. Nice.

  3. dirtybirdy Says:

    Also, it is interesting how one couple views it as not cheating because there it is work and no emotion is involved. He also mentions that his wife never has an orgasm and that it would be weird if she did. I guess women married to male porn stars can’t use this same rationalization because the men always have orgasms. 😉 Another couple has an “open relationship” so they are more like swingers. But this couple had an open relationship even before the wife went into porn.

  4. zarafan Says:

    A very wise man once said that when turkeys are alone they dream of swans; I think it’s one thing to be married to a swan, another to be a turkey married to a swan who spends her days getting fucked by ducks…. Far be it for me to impugn other people’s happiness, but arguably my proudest achievement in college was winning over a girl who PREVIOUSLY had dated the quarterback of the school football team. Analogously, I’d guess that it’s far, far cooler to be involved with an EX-pornstar than someone who’s still in the business.

    OK, enough obliquity for one posting; see y’all in the morning!


  5. G man Says:

    If you like a fair amount of intelligent conversation in your married life I don’t think the sex thing would quite make it to the top of the list of reasons not to marry a pornstar 🙂

  6. Anthony Says:

    I don’t think the porn aspect would be such a big deal (apart from the fact that she’d probably be tired of sex much of the time), rather the fact that she’s in the acting industry, which means many intimate relationships… regardless of whether they do porn or ballet…

  7. borat Says:

    There is no way I could ever deal with being married to a pornstar. I just know that jealousy would get the best of me in the long run. Even if I didn’t consider acting in porn cheating. Just being in that environment would make it very easy for her to cheat on you, as you never know it’s going on.

  8. zarafan Says:

    Dear Borat,

    I think you are right about the negative influence the porn environment would have on a serious relationship; just as living with a woman who makes her living having sex with other men would re-define what the term “cheating” means, wouldn’t it also of necessity re-define the definition of what a marriage is? It’s not a direction I for one would be that interested in taking my semantic creativity…

    By the way, I love your journalism!! 🙂


  9. wcfields Says:

    Man, what an article and what a world we live in. Look, I’m all for pornstars not being demeaned or judged morally for what they do. I consider it progress that we’ve (some of us) moved beyond that sort of thing, as compared to more religious times.

    That said, who are these guys and how many strong sedatives must they take on a nightly basis? Your girl is getting routinely railed by men with huge cocks, so my question is, what are you in the relationship for? If it’s good conversation or companionship, just be her friend. For me what’s so special about a relationship is the bond I share with the woman, the place we make for ourselves that no one else is allowed into. I guess some of these guys still think that they have that (because their wife only orgasms at home, etc.) but they are deluding themselves.

    The only one who has it figured out is the guy in the open relationship. Okay, if you want to fuck around all the time too, then it seems like fair game, and if she lets you fuck her hot friends so much the better. The other ones are getting knowingly cuckolded and waiting at home to pick up the inevitable emotional baggage. That’s really, really low in my opinion. I know they’d say they aren’t getting cuckolded, but I’m here to tell them that they are. Another guys cock goes inside your wife, and you are a cuckold, whether she’s getting paid for it or not.

    BTW, this was a great post. Thanks for the great article, these things are really interesting and I love getting some other people’s take on them.

  10. M0N5T3R Says:

    glad those guys are man enough – id be tempted to try and force the managerial role ive about here and there. being too guarded about the emotional ties could strain the professional goals though, and defaulting the personal investments to career paths push each other towards different ends of the sexual spectrum. hearing about the ‘other side’ though, leaves me pretty confident that i could still find love if i were a top tier corporate asshole. thats maybe a strange comparison to make.. but as lifestyles go, each can become encompassing if youre not grounded personally. corporations thrive on that – something id be proud to claim the industry doesnt(couldnt speak from experience) ..but just count up the performers having children and starting families.

  11. Miths Says:

    “borat Says:
    August 15th, 2008 at 7:34 am

    There is no way I could ever deal with being married to a pornstar. I just know that jealousy would get the best of me in the long run…”

    In the long run? That’s rather admirable – I personally wouldn’t last a day before I had backed out of the relationship :). Not that I would enter it in the first place if I knew of her profession of course.

  12. Indy7 Says:

    I would Hate to be married to a current pornstar.
    But I would Love to be married to an EX pornstar.
    Can you imagine being married to Sasha Grey or
    Angel Dark AFTER they’ve decided to quit
    the adult film business? You’d be married to a hot
    looking famous chick who you don’t have to trick into
    having anal with you. Every night would be ecstasy.

  13. shroomy Says:

    Indy7… except for the stds. It was my understanding Sasha Grey has anal warts now.

    I think I would be able to maintain a long term serious relationship with a porn star if it was in the context of a open relationship, as was hit on by a few commenters. I mean… there must be a reason she married me if she 1) gets all the horse sized cock she could take at work and 2) makes six figures, since I’m not bringing either of those things to the relationship 🙂 Hell I’d gladly play Mr Mom if she’s bringing in some bank and some lovely coworkers. It doesn’t seem healthy to have a relationship where you have to wall off a whole aspect of your partners life like the fact she is a porn star.