John Stagliano Interview

Below is a video of an interview with John Stagliano regarding his obscenity prosecution. I’m not sure how old it is (the interview was done in April), but If you’re seriously interested in this case or obscenity law in general, this is a pretty in-depth discussion of the topic. If you’re more interested in John Stagliano’s life and the history of porn, start the video about halfway through.


For more information: Defend Our Porn

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10 Responses to “John Stagliano Interview”

  1. Sweetbuns Says:

    Stagliano says he’s having some issues with his lawyers because he wants a word in the opening and closing arguments in his defense. Seriously, I love his movies, but he should remember he’s paying his lawyers a ton of money to represent him because they have *doctorates in legal procedure* It may really be best for him to STFU and let his attorneys do the litigating so he can win this case. With the Max Hardcore conviction a few months back, there have been some draconian precedents set in the American judiciary recently, so I think it’s pretty imperative he wins one for free speech.

  2. ropeadope Says:

    Alison – Not sure if it’s just me, but each time the interview reaches the 3:42 mark, it stops and goes back to the beginning. Have tried many times but haven’t been able to advance past 3:42. The opening minutes were quite interesting. Hoping I’ll be able to hear the complete interview.

  3. alison Says:

    Sweetbuns – I laughed a little when he said that. Let’s hope he lets his lawyers do what he pays them for.

    Rope – I’m not having the same problem, but you might try clicking on the link to The video is there and if you still have problems, they have it available for download as a quicktime or podcast file.

  4. ropeadope Says:

    Thank you Alison. I downloaded the podcast (mp3 file) and it’s working fine. Edit: I found the interview very informative and recommend that all watch the video or listen to the podcast. This could be a landmark case when it goes to trial.

  5. Tinaka Says:

    Usually people are convicted of obscenity for things like bestiality porn or rape porn etc – things that are pretty hard to defend in front of a jury of ordinary joes.
    However what Stagliano is up for is pretty young girls squirting milk out their ass? Come on! there are much bigger things to worry about today! The other other thing is squirting. While you may argue that pissing is degrading to those involved, squirting is all about female pleasure (even though it may technically be pissing, it’s portrayed as female ejaculation.) Again, much bigger things for people to worry about.
    A reasonable jury in Washington DC *should* find him not guilty. Max’s conviction in Florida was quite close and his stuff is far worse.
    Basically, is it right in a free country to sentence a family man (with HIV) to a life sentence because you don’t like these movies. Remember you can only know you’ve committed this crime after your convicted.

  6. xposh Says:

    Solid interview. The interview didn’t say anything about milk. I’m personally not into girls shooting milk out their ass but that’s more personal than anything, I see how a lot of guys would be though. The regular squirting thing is great though as long as it’s real. Happy to see that Cytherea doesn’t show up on this website hardly anymore. Hopefully the jury has a lot of porn watchers on it.

  7. illini Says:

    do we have those 2 vids on here? if not we should get them

  8. wcfields Says:

    The girl credited as “Lorena” in “Look At That Big Ass #3, Scene 4″ – Does anyone know where I can find more of her? Is she listed on the site under any other names? iafd has her listed as ‘Lorena Blond’, but that’s clearly not her. The girl whose pic comes up as Larena Blond is clearly not in the same league. Any direction is appreciated. Rope?

  9. M0N5T3R Says:

    does he sound like Dustin Hoffman to anyone else..not to take a stab at him/id probably shift gears into a schizophrenic mess if the gov came knocking on my door. John’s obviously a mart guy too, and deserves better than to be targeted. whats the score if the government starts dissenting against its people??! ive always assumed rights encouraged folks to live freely, not instruct policy. and if the policy protects the rights of a jury against the pursuits of Stagliano ..its only a matter of judicial consent that the outward expression and representation of intimacy (in jest/spoof/hardcore fashion) becomes criminal..not in origin, but in fulfillment. i hate the idea of promise as being hierarchically motivated, or divided in higher/lower totems..that an obscenity charge could prescribe moral reform. this really sounds like the backend of net neutrality issue. then, in the melee John’s being quartered as Gotti-esq kingpin. it all seems trumped up too, that in the name of reform … he should be made to suffer for his art. i dont know that he even contends it to be art. but it seems thats where they may try to paint him. meanwhile the oil market has made barons of many of the residing admins friends and allies.

  10. nurtles Says:

    Those obscenity charges are a farce. I’m really glad that I’m living in germany 🙂