Guess the Warning Page Girls Contest

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VideoBox Warning Page Girls
Many of you have noticed that VideoBox launched a new warning page last week. Most of the folks who’ve mentioned it were wondering about the identities of a few of the girls. I could just tell you who they are, but what’s the fun in that?

Instead, I’m offering a free month of VideoBox membership to the first person to name each girl numbered below.

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New VideoBox Warning Page Girls

Submit your entries to with the subject line “Warning Page Contest” by 5pm PST on September 2nd. The winner will be announced on September 3rd. If no one accurately identifies all of the girls, the entry with the most correct answers will win. Good luck!

Hint: three girls appear more than once.

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27 Responses to “Guess the Warning Page Girls Contest”

  1. wcfields Says:

    No no VB, you’re not tricking me into another wasted day at the office. I’d love to give this contest a go, but I just can’t do it. Good Luck everyone else.

  2. wcfields Says:

    Also, The girl credited as “Lorena” in “Look At That Big Ass #3, Scene 4″ – Does anyone know where I can find more of her? Is she listed on the site under any other names? iafd has her listed as ‘Lorena Blond’, but that’s clearly not her. The girl whose pic comes up as Lorena Blond is clearly not in the same league. Any direction is appreciated. Rope?

  3. alison Says:

    wcfields – Are you suuuuure? You get a whole free month 🙂

  4. borat Says:

    can we only submit 1 entry?

  5. exploder Says:

    Rope ftw

  6. Mike Says:

    girl number 1 is one of my wives, her name is wife #1
    girl number 2 is wife #2

    So therefore, me FTW.

  7. ropeadope Says:

    Alison – What a wonderful idea for a contest. This will be the toughest challenge yet (not to mention a whole lot of fun) for the VideoBox membership. Great prize is icing on the cake.

    wcfields – Lol, I think you’re trying to lull us to sleep by stating you don’t have time for the contest. Probably going to call in sick each day until you’ve identified the entire group. As to Lorena in Look At That Big Ass #2 scene 4, I agree it’s not Lorena Blond because “our” Lorena doesn’t have the tattoos to match. But my knowledge of the Brazilian girls begins and ends with Veronica Brazil. So I’m afraid I can’t be of help. But if I come across any info, I’ll let you know.

    exploder – I’ve recused myself from the competition. Seriously, I would only get a few correct identifications. Everyone be sure to submit your answers to the link that Alison provided. No rope to contend with.

  8. alison Says:

    borat – Feel free to submit as many as you need to. But I’ll probably stop reading them after a few emails 🙂

    Mike – lol

    Rope – Thanks. It’s too bad you aren’t participating, but I suppose it does even the playing field a bit. C’mon everyone else. You can do this!

  9. HotScooter2 Says:

    You can get anything you want at Alison’s restaurant,oops i mean Alice’s. you remember that anti war classic of Arlo Guthrie’s.probably before your time.right now i would not be able to figure any of them out,so i think it would be only fair if you being the sweet lady you are,as a booby prize provide my wife and i with an all expense paid trip to Hawaii. notice the smooth way i butter you up . All of us that are totally stumped deserve recognition too. and i will pass if you send a life size photo of John McCain.

  10. ECL928 Says:

    haha I tried but i gave up haha but i say the main hottie is definitely felony

  11. borat Says:

    alison OT but I just wanted to mention 2 features I would really love to see implemented.

    1. some sort of wiki ability. That would allow us to add additional tags to scenes(ie: “Girl Finishes him Off”, swallows). I realize this could be done in the comments but the ability to click a tag and view all the scenes would be cool. also if we could consolidate multiple names/spellings of stars so they are all under one tag that would rock!

    2. if possible the ability for us to create compilations and share them with each other. Or if that is tricky, at least the ability to share our recommendations and favorites lists.

  12. xposh Says:

    They all look so familiar. I think I could name about 8 or 9 of them. Really like to know who #1 is. #12 looks like #16’s sister.

  13. xposh Says:

    Nevermind. I figured out who #1 is. These girls’ names get stuck in your mind after awhile.

  14. alison Says:

    HotScooter2 – You kinda just blew my mind.

    ECL928 – A very very photoshopped Felony, yes. Ooh, gave it away…

    borat – We’re actually looking into doing the favorites list sharing relatively soon (within a few months). The compilations are something we’ve talked about a lot but haven’t had the time to create yet (it’s relatively complex). Tagging has come up, but I’m not too sure whether it’s something we’ll do any time soon.

    xposh – In all seriousness, if you know 8 or 9, send them in. No one has even given it a try yet and you might actually win with that many right…

  15. razor55555 Says:

    dying to know who number one is

  16. M0N5T3R Says:

    i recognize about 5 of the girls, and have some sorta inclination about another 8 or so – but this is waaay outta my league. in no patricular order (but #’d)


  17. alison Says:

    Hey M0N5T3R, I had to take your guesses out of your post to make sure the contest is fair. Please do send them to though so they can be counted. 8-10 right answers would win this thing at the moment!

  18. wcfields Says:

    Rope – Something about porn that you don’t know? My world has been shaken to the very foundations. Where do I go from here?

  19. M0N5T3R Says:

    sorry, i shoulda followed the rules..

  20. ECL928 Says:

    Definitely photoshopped to the highest photoshopping ability….she’s not as cute as she used to be… bah.

  21. markbart Says:

    Jesus Christ! You’d have to be the loneliest person in the world to name each one of those pornstars.

  22. HotScooter2 Says:


    porn should be fun or recreational. it sounds like you have an addiction to it,if it is interfering with your ability to function. i think you should seek help to find out the cause of your getting to this point. i would ask around for addiction clinics,and especially someone that could help with a porn addiction. you asked this blog especially rope what to do . i am not putting you down but saying what i am out of concern. in my opinion there is nothing wrong with seeking help.
    good luck with it

  23. fibo7 Says:

    One girl is even there three times, I think. And she is cute too, but I think you should have taken Lucy Thai once instead.

  24. ropeadope2 Says:

    HotScooter2 – Nah, I don’t read it that way. wcfields was just joking he was so stunned I didn’t know the answer to his Lorena query, he doesn’t know if he can carry on. Reread his last entry, making sure to take account of the question mark after the first sentence. I don’t believe wcfields has any more of an addiction than anyone else here.

  25. wcfields Says:

    Rope – Thanks for defending me. That post was certainly meant as a joke.

    HotScooter – I’m ambivalent about your concern. One the one hand, it’s kind of touching, and you seem like a caring person. On the other, you don’t know the first thing about me, and telling me I have a problem is something you probably should not do, even if it were true (which it absolutely is not).

  26. HotScooter2 Says:

    apparenyly you interpreted wcfields correctly.


    i called things the way i saw them based on what you said. it is now obvious i misinterpreted your remarks. my apologies if i said anything offensive to you. from my perspective we al have problems sometime in our lives and need help,so that would not make you unique. since you and rope say your comments were a joke,i just didn’t get it that’s all. lets just leave it all behind. i made an honest error. no hard feelings ok

  27. wcfields Says:

    HotScooter – None at all. As I said, on the one hand I appreciate your concern. As far as I’m concerned, that’s the end of it. Thanks for apologizing. Cheers.