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I’m Back. Where Do We Go From Here?

I had a great vacation and it’s nice to be home. Since I had a little time to think on my 14 hour plane rides, I started trying to come up with new ideas for the blog. Things that you guys will find interesting. I had a few notions (more lists, interviews with members, more in-depth pornstar posts, guest writers, podcasts, etc.), but it occurred to me that the best way to find out what you want to read is to ask you.

So I want to hear from you about this blog. How it’s going, what you like, what you don’t and what you want to see next. You don’t necessarily have to give me ideas for posts (though I’m always open and appreciative of them). I just want to open the forum to your thoughts about where the blog should go next.

Fisting Fiasco

Yesterday saw the posting of Chloe’s I Came, Did You? from Elegant Angel. Scene 3 is an all girl threesome featuring Chloe, Shelby Myne, and Tina Tyler. Some fifteen minutes into the scene (15:13), Chloe lays back into the arms of Shelby. Tina approaches and the pink glove covering her hand, wrist, and forearm is a not so subtle hint that Tina’s intentions go way beyond lightly stroking Chloe’s outer labia. Just as Tina is about to plunge her entire hand into Chloe’s pussy, a black box appears on the screen, obliterating the action.


Alison’s Top 10 Asses in Porn

It’s been a while since I’ve done a list, so I figured I’d take a request and compile my top 10 favorite pornstar butts. This was a tough list to create because there are so many great asses in porn. In order to make my list, the butts had to be:

  • Big
  • Round
  • Free of blemishes*
  • Free of cellulite*

To demonstrate their superiority for all of you, I’ve included a link to a video of each star showing off what she’s got. It took a little work to find the perfect scene for each girl, but I think it was well worth it.

So without further ado, I present my top 10 best asses in porn!

1. Naomi
Naomi has the best ass in porn

The Gianna Michaels Interview

Gianna Michaels
You asked, Gianna answered. An all-around cool chick, Gianna Michaels was excited to answer questions from her fans. If she’s going to do anal, what she does in her free time, who she likes to fuck, what turns her on and more…

How and why did you get into porn?

I was approached by an agent walking home from work in the steaming hot San Fernando valley. I was wearing a skin tight tank top and sweat glistened in between my cleavage like glitter. lol…. yeah and I didnt really take it seriously so I blew it off.

I ran into the same agent a year later in the same spot walking in the same smoldering heat and he asked me one question………….

Still walking huh? lol……. and I said SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!! (in my head of course) decided to give it a shot


I’d Love To See More Of ….

We’ve all noticed the following situation. A scene is uploaded featuring a popular performer, especially one that the membership considers under utilized by the site. Quite often, the review comments will include a request for more scenes of the particular actress. These remarks are scattered throughout the archives. In this article, I’d like to compile a list of performers you wish to see more of. I’ll throw out a few names to get the ball rolling. I invite everyone to respond to the post with their own choices.


I’m Going on Vacation!

I’ll be heading off for a 2-1/2 week vacation tomorrow, but I wanted everyone to know that I have a couple of posts lined up for you while I’m gone. I don’t want to give anything away, but I think you’re going to like them.

Additionally, I’ve given our friend Ropeadope the keys to the castle, so to speak, so keep an eye out for any posts he might decide to write while I’m gone.

Friday Poll: Finding Stuff to Watch

New Release
I was wondering the other day about how people deal with the massive amount of porn on VideoBox. Having 29,000 scenes to choose from is great, but it presents its own challenges. I tend to put anything that catches my eye on my favorites list so I have a queue of things to check out. But I spend a lot more time on the site than I hope any of you do. So, how do you go about finding movies that appeal to you?

Since there are probably a few ways of finding videos, you can choose up to three answers.


The New Flash Player Lives!

I’m sure many of you have already noticed that the new Flash player went live this week. I just wanted to open the comments for any feedback you guys have on it. It’s really important to us that 1) you like it and 2) it works correctly. So post your thoughts, positive, negative or mixed in the comments.

Announcing the Warning Page Girls Contest Winner

VideoBox Warning Page Girls
Congratulations to VideoBox member miketheman2008 for correctly naming 18 of the 25 girls on our new warning page! He’s won a free month of VideoBox service for his effort.

For those of you who are still wondering who’s who on the warning page, here’s the complete list:

1. Christina Aguchi
2. Charlotte Stokely
3. Jeneveve Jolie
4. Sarah Jane Ceylon
5. Lana Croft
6. Mia Smiles
7. Mika Tan
8. Agatha Cristine
9. Eva Angelina
10. Mysti May
11. Felony
12. Hillary Scott
13. Emma Red
14. Victoria
15. Sophie Dee
16. Hillary Scott
17. Jenna Brooks
18. Lyla Lei
19. Tia Tanaka
20. Tia Tanaka
21. Aaralyn Barra
22. Gwen Diamond
23. Jeaveve Jolie
24. Rebecca Love
25. Lexxi Tyler

For reference, the numbers correspond to the ones on this graphic.