Announcing the Warning Page Girls Contest Winner

VideoBox Warning Page Girls
Congratulations to VideoBox member miketheman2008 for correctly naming 18 of the 25 girls on our new warning page! He’s won a free month of VideoBox service for his effort.

For those of you who are still wondering who’s who on the warning page, here’s the complete list:

1. Christina Aguchi
2. Charlotte Stokely
3. Jeneveve Jolie
4. Sarah Jane Ceylon
5. Lana Croft
6. Mia Smiles
7. Mika Tan
8. Agatha Cristine
9. Eva Angelina
10. Mysti May
11. Felony
12. Hillary Scott
13. Emma Red
14. Victoria
15. Sophie Dee
16. Hillary Scott
17. Jenna Brooks
18. Lyla Lei
19. Tia Tanaka
20. Tia Tanaka
21. Aaralyn Barra
22. Gwen Diamond
23. Jeaveve Jolie
24. Rebecca Love
25. Lexxi Tyler

For reference, the numbers correspond to the ones on this graphic.

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10 Responses to “Announcing the Warning Page Girls Contest Winner”

  1. ropeadope Says:

    Let me add my congratulations to miketheman2008. Eighteen of twenty five correct answers is an extraordinary effort for this contest. Wonder what brain teaser Alison is cooking up for us next?

  2. xposh Says:

    Congrats to Mike!
    Wouldn’t have ever known some of these women: Sarah Jane Ceylon, Agatha Cristine, Rebecca Love, Lexxi Tyler, Lyla Lei, Vicoria, Felony, Lana Croft. Guess you’d have to spend a lot of time searching or watch more porn to figure out who they were. BTW, Tia Tanaka being listed twice.. didn’t notice that originally!

  3. irhamsrevenge Says:

    Congrats to miketheman…numbers 4, 8, & 25 pretty obscure.

  4. ropeadope Says:

    I notice both Sarah Jane Ceylon (4) and Victoria (14) appear in the movie Fucking Hostile #4 from DVSX. I would expect this DVD to be posted to the site in the near future. I believe this will be the first appearance at VideoBox for each of them. Fucking Hostile #3 has been previously posted. Mia Smiles (6) also stars in #4, but of course, she has many other scenes already uploaded.

    @ xposh – You were very helpful in pinpointing several performers in the recently posted Dirty Pop #2. Did you enter this contest? What was your score?

    @ irhamsrevenge – Same question. You likewise did an impressive job of identifying several performers from Dirty Pop #2. Did you enter? How’d you do?

  5. irhamsrevenge Says:

    rope – Nope, didn’t enter. Oh well, maybe on the next ‘warning’ page. Though, if David Duchovny wasn’t busy rehabbing, I’ll bet he would’ve not only identified all 25 actresses, but named the DVD covers from which the images originated. 🙂

  6. Luke Wilson Says:

    Why? Are you Dave’s therapist?

  7. DP Says:


    Hey Alison, is there a way that I can get you to email me? I have a suggestion for a future blog topic.

  8. alison Says:

    rope – I wouldn’t be surprised to see Fucking Hostile #4 hit the site very soon 😉

    DP – Check your email

  9. HotScooter2 Says:


    any way we can make the contest a little easier. last one i could not name 1 and on previous one i knew 2 based on photos you provided. it just make me feel better if you did not have me stomped. i know you don’t want to make them too easy,but last 2 been so hard i hardly tried at all. don’t be taking any of it personally,you can still be a honorary Georgia Peach.
    We are still friends.

  10. coco crisp Says:

    from which scene/movie is that eva angelina shot from?