Friday Poll: Finding Stuff to Watch

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I was wondering the other day about how people deal with the massive amount of porn on VideoBox. Having 29,000 scenes to choose from is great, but it presents its own challenges. I tend to put anything that catches my eye on my favorites list so I have a queue of things to check out. But I spend a lot more time on the site than I hope any of you do. So, how do you go about finding movies that appeal to you?

Since there are probably a few ways of finding videos, you can choose up to three answers.


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48 Responses to “Friday Poll: Finding Stuff to Watch”

  1. stoked01 Says:

    Great idea for a poll, Alison! With so much content on the site, it’s easy to become preoccupied with the latest updates, but I’ve found that the site has much more to offer than what’s “fresh” off the boat. The Archives are where it’s at!

  2. wcfields Says:

    I certainly check out the updates, and I certainly take stars that I like and find other stuff they have done. I almost never do a category search, because the majority of scenes are miscategorized (still say we need used tagging on this site, and the tags need to be a lot more plentiful and a lot more specific).

    Usually, though, I find scenes I like through recommendations written in the reviews. Things of the form: “If you like this, check out…” That’s why I want a forum on VB, nothing complicated, just a place where people who like finishers can post all the finishing videos, people who hate lee stone or dicks rubbing can list what videos to avoid, etc. Come on VB!

  3. Matt H. Says:

    Given the sheer amount of movies and scenes on this site now, I find it easy to miss out on great scenes that quickly get buried into the categories.

    Maybe this would be a good area to suggest making a “random” button that would randomly play a scene, either throughout the entire database or even randomly within a given category. That way users might stumble upon some great scenes they didn’t even reaize were available.

  4. Stroker friend Says:

    Though I have over 1,000 favorites, I barely ever use them. Usually it’s just come to the site, think of a star or see a movie I like, see more dvds/scenes listed on the side, click one of those and string along from there until I find something that does it. Usually it’ll be an unknown. After awhile 10 or 20 minutes on the site it gets a bit boring and I usually just get off to whatever over finding some perfection. Don’t want to be sitting in front of the screen for 2+ hours! Rather waste/use that time in other ways.

  5. chad Says:


    since i joined vb i have dl as much as i can. i started dl girls that i liked and new from other paysites. as time went on i just dl the new released scenes. i have dl so much porn that i have not watched half of what i have dl. plus im a member too a few other sites. it’s really tough trying to manage the whole thing. what i should be doing is out trying to meet a girl and stop wasting all my time dl porn. anyways thanks for a sweet site and lets see some gloria gucci added sometime soon.


  6. HotScooter2 Says:


    what’s up doc? 29,000 scenes hmmm,who ya kiddin.not nearly enough.need about 500,000 and increase daily updates from 5 to 50. besides you are a public servant of VB and don’t need any spare time. just pick 50 DVD’s a day and let all of us pornies do nothing but try to keep up with all the newbie updates.
    Hon you gotta know i am teasin ya. i think everyone that writes into the blogs loves you as a human being,and respects the job you are doing with the blog. it has to be a tough job for a woman to do what you are doing with this site and to manage to keep all of us horny members at bay.
    I been in the south for the last 22 years,or all of my married life and we tease the folks we like. and southerners love to tease.
    seriously i go mostly by the newest DVD’s and then the porn star ,and finally the category

  7. Strangepork Says:

    Whenever I find a scene I like, I’ll usually watch the rest of the scenes in the same movie. If I like most of the scenes in the movie, I might even watch all of the movies in the series. [Whale Tail 1-3, Intensitivity 1-6. 100% Natural Wonders 1-6, Teens Cumming Of Age 1-4, etc…] Then, when I’m watching, if there is a performer who I really like, I might add all of her scenes to a favorite list. When I’m looking for a new movie or series to watch, I’ll go to that favorite list and browse until I make up my mind. I also use the “view by popularity” link to see what has been highly rated. [If you view the full DVD collection, sorted by most popular, I have seen every scene from most of the top 50 movies. It would be more, but the list changes faster than I can keep up.] When new movies come out, I check to see if it is part of a series I’ve already started watching, or if it has performers I know I like, if so, it goes into a favorite list for easier browsing later. If I don’t recognize the title or the performers, I’ll look at the screens.

  8. Luke Wilson Says:

    THIS IS IMPORTANT… Here is a thought. When the updates are added there should be a really good blurb (description of the dvd) added aswell. Also, each scene should have a descriptive blurb written about it aswell, much like a lot of the earlier dvds added to this site have. eg. Red Light Districts Straight To The A. Here is the link…
    You will notice that each scene has its own description.
    NOW – WHY IS THIS RELEVANT??? It’s relevant because when you search for a word/phrase and type it in inverted commas ie “double anal” the search function will search for and find all of the dvds that have the words ‘double anal’ in the title, the title description and the scene descriptions.
    Try it – type in “loose pussy” (with quotation marks)and see how it narrows it down.
    You will notice that it has located four scenes that have the words ‘loose pussy’ in the descriptions. I have been wanting to say this for a while but have never had the right place to mention it. THIS IS THAT TIME YEEEEEEEW!!!!
    I hope this helps many of you with your searches.

  9. Luke Wilson Says:

    Please delete my double post. Back to on topic a little more. When i first joined this site a year ago i searched through all the big tits and anal categories. Then i searched all stars i like. Searched some companies ie Red Light District. Seached top to bottom through some larger titles ie Screw My Wife Please (about 30 title) just to see if there were any big tits anal scenes. But now i usually just check the updates. If i ever find something old now it is a big score for me as i have trolled this site so bad for the scenes i like. Oh and i have used my method abouve for downloading very specific things like double anal scenes.

  10. PeterMc Says:

    Started by searching for scenes with favourite stars, I have then tried trawling through all the anal scenes going from oldest first but nowhere near getting through them all yet. This way you also find some new stars you like along the way and then search all of their scenes as sometimes the scenes aren’t tagged correctly. It takes ages but that’s why the flash player is so good, you can just skip along the screen caps at the bottom and see instantly if the scene has what you’re looking for and if not move on. You don’t have to sit and watch them all. At the same time you keep an eye on the new stuff. It’s a really great site for such a cheap price so keep it up.

  11. irhamsrevenge Says:

    As a ‘collector’ of awesome scenes, I check out the new updates, and if there isn’t anything DL-worthy, I work my way back through the archive…currently at 5/12/07. If I find a scene that I like, I’ll either DL it or save it on a list in My Videobox for future DL-ing (though, my list is getting a little out-of-hand as there are currently 700+ scenes queued…I see a new external harddrive purchase in the near future!).

  12. Luke Wilson Says:

    I have 104 scenes saved. I’m waiting to move out again when i will have unlimited high speed download (i live in Australia). I currently have a 1 terabyte hard drive (since joining this site i have gone from 80gb to 200gb to 500gb to 1tb HDD). I currently have 593gb used up on it.

  13. M0N5T3R Says:

    stars i like – actually cums in second place behind the top scenes browsing.

  14. illini Says:

    this is a bit off topic but i wish there was a way to save the names of your favorit stars then it would let you know when a new video with her in it comes up, it would seem very efficiant… yes no?

  15. zarafan Says:

    At this point I’m enough of a regular that I know much of what’s on the site–though every once in a while I come across something I’ve never seen before…. So there are really two methods left to me: (1) checking the new updates (which you can figure I do fairly regularly, maybe even “religiously”!); (2) searching according by stars, especially when I come across a new star I’ve never noticed before…. I have about 150 scenes on my favorites list, and several hundred more downloaded: and it’s always a pleasure adding to both!!!!!

    Thanks and best wishes,


  16. MFH0 Says:

    I’ve recommended / requested it before, but a Random scene / video feature would be great – especially if it allowed you to narrow it down (ok, technically, make it a little less random). πŸ™‚

  17. Luke Wilson Says:

    If you want to search for puffy nipples just type in “puffy nipples” with thw quotation marks and it will display all scenes with the words puffy nippples in the description.

    Or just download both of Trixie Kelly’s scenes.

  18. BB Says:

    Luke Wilsons idea about bringing back the scene descriptions is great. I used to love reading them and was useful for knowing if it was download worthy. Im sure someone would be willing to write them in return for free membership!
    The comments people leave on this site are funny and informative but rarely describe the scene completely. And the additional bonus of searching keywords would be useful to find things which dont come under the main scene tags.
    The random scene is also a good idea.

  19. BB Says:

    In responce to the actual question, usually I just check the most recent updates.

    Then if Im in the mood I’ll check my recommendations, or browse the scenes in my favourite catorgies. Once I come across a scene I like I usually check out all the actresses other scenes, and download her most popular scenes as well.

    I usually add the scenes to my download manager (‘DownThemAll’ for Firefox) to download later. However, I notice after a while the links become dead. Then if I try and download I just get a files called “join-js.seam.html”. Anyone know how to fix this?
    Maybe I shall utilise the “favourites” section more now until Im actually ready to download in the future.

  20. fedor Says:

    I have a 500 gig hd that is nearly full. I have only watched about 10% if it and I will likely never see more than 20% of it. hah

  21. Strangepork Says:

    With regards to the scene descriptions, although the feature was neat, I can see why it was stopped. It would’ve had to have been a full time job to watch every scene, or even skim through it enough to write an accurate description. I’ve tried, on a few occasions, to write reviews for every scene on a particular movie, and it takes me twice as long as it would just to watch the movie when you factor in the time to consider something good to write and… *ahem* recovery time, if the scenes are particularly good. πŸ˜‰ Also, if I watch too much at once, I get bored and jaded. Another thing is it would absolutely suck to have to write descriptions of scenes that you have no personal interest in even watching. I’d say it’d take 2 or 3 people to do the job right, and you’d have to pay them for their time.

  22. Strangepork Says:

    (And yes, I would apply for the job. But only if I could telecommute, or if my moving expenses were paid for. I just moved across the country, and I’m not eager to go through that again.)

  23. Boots Says:

    For me it’s mostly chronological. I visit probably less than once a week on average, and then I scan all the updates until I have half a dozen or so. Then I stop and download them and watch offline. (Actually I watch a previous batch while the new batch is downloading.)

    I usually have a backlog – my most recent visit got me up to 20th Aug and I rarely get fully up to date. I don’t bother much commenting on the videos because by the time I get to them it’s all been said. I did look through the archive when I first joined. I don’t feel I have time to look at stuff twice now when there’s so much new stuff.

    I’d like to see better keyword tagging to make finding stuff easier. I’d also like to see a forum area that’s not so connected to specific videos. It could be used for personal recommendations from the archive, among other things.

  24. BB Says:

    @ Strangepork: As I mentioned earlier Im sure VB could find say 5 volunteer members willing to write scene description for 1 DVD a day in return for free membership to this site. It would be win-win.

  25. alison Says:

    When you guys are referring to scene descriptions, do you mean stuff like this? (below the screencaps)

  26. BB Says:

    Yep thats what we mean alison! Just a few sentences really help to learn about the scene. Esspecially useful for people with download limits/slow connections.

    For example heres what I learn about the scene above from the description, which couldnt otherwise easily be obtained from just the comments or caps:
    1. She has fake tits (in my case an important quality to avoid!)
    2. She fucks three men and at once. The caps dont really show how many men there are in the scene. Again an important aspect to many viewers.
    3. She has a pierced clit. This might be a particular turn-on for some members.
    4. She has a V-shaped muff. Useful for fans like me who like a bit of public hair!
    5. She takes a cock in every available hole. Again not 100% clear from the caps or tags.

    Finally, you get an overall feel of how good the scene is. The girl-next-door comment also made me chuckle heh.
    Please bring back scene descriptions!

  27. Strangepork Says:

    @ BB: Maybe, but I think you are underestimating the work involved. 1 full DVD a day would mean watching about 35 scenes a week, some of which might not appeal to you… 17.5 hours a week looking at porn, not counting the time to write about it. And you’ve got to write something better and more detailed than the reviews everybody else is writing.

    @ alison: Yep.

  28. BB Says:

    @ Strangepork: Yeah perhaps I was underestimating the time required. Probably more people would be needed. However, its definitely possible.
    Besides, you dont have to watch every minute of a scene to get the basics (theres no narrative to follow at least!). Whenever I watch porn I usually skip through sections, but could still describe it.
    Maybe VB could employ people to write them. Its a lot of porn to watch I admit, but as jobs go its not bad!

  29. bronty Says:

    A) Always keep up with the latest updates
    B) Scenes you like –> right-click in Firfox, open in new tab
    C) Evaluate all the tabs you opened
    D) Open new tab based on name link if you like the performer
    E) Open additional new tabs based on scenes of that performer
    F) Browse through all tabs over a cup of tea
    G) Download the ones you like as “paused” in DownThemAll
    H) Watch the scenes in an external player
    I) Put the scenes you love in a playlist
    J) Astroglide + edging for hours
    K) Sex with girlfriend; ciggie
    L) Repeat J) and K) until sore or satisfied or both
    M) Clear hard drive after a while to make room for new vids
    N) Tell everyone that VideoBox is greatest porn site ever

  30. Luke Wilson Says:

    Allison – from the link u gave click the DVD to go back to all scenes ie

    There you can see the five scenes with the descriptions underneath. You dont neccessarily need to click the individual scenes to get to see the description.

    For those of you who said its too much work – it probably is. That could be why the fisrt 100 dvds added had detailed scene descriptions and then someone gave up (check all the RED LIGHT DISTRCT dvds). Maybe Allison, you could investigate who detailed the scenes in the very beginning and see what the problems were. I THINK IT IS IMPORTANT THO CAUSE YOU COULD SEARCH FOR eg “anal virgin” and all the descriptions with the words ‘anal virgin’ will show up.

    Is anyone catchin on yet??

  31. alison Says:

    BB – Okay, just making sure. We actually just started a project to get scene descriptions written. Only a couple are finished, but I’m hoping it’ll ramp up soon. To answer the fake/real question, we’re also beginning to re-categorize the site and there will be a Natural Breasts category once it’s done.

    bronty – I like that a cup of tea is an integral part of your process πŸ˜‰

    Luke Wilson – I getcha. I also adjusted your URLs so they’re not so long. I’ll keep you updated on the description process. It literally started last week, so it might take a little while.

  32. BB Says:

    Thats great news about having a natural breasts category alison! I would love that. Will real/fake be marked on every scene? Would save me alot of googling!

    With regards the descriptions thats cool! They do not have to be great literary pieces – they could be shorter and more factual (what the girl(s) looks like – piercings, hair, body type, tattoos, real/fake, pubic hair, her attitude, clothing, sex positions, no. of men, location, cumshot, overall quality etc) than the ones in the past if necessary to save time.

    Its really great VB is still thinking of ways to improve even though its undoubtedly already the best porn site ever!

  33. DRUGZ Says:

    I am really really into milf porn I’am 22 years old and to me there is nothing hotter then some old hore fucking the shit out of some young male teen. I feel videobox is lacking in milf porn anybody have any recomendations in great mature milf porn at a low low price still in college straped for cash.

  34. Luke Wilson Says:

    Speaking of MILF porn last night i had a wicked idea for a video. Its called WoW MoMs. Basically you draw a ‘W’ on either side of a milfs asshole. Once you gape that ass it reads ‘WOW’ flip her over and it reads ‘MOM’. Line up two milfs being gaped and it reads ‘WOW MOM’.


  35. nrgee Says:

    What is Alison’s favorites queue method?

  36. Ned Ryerson Says:

    I listed “other” as one of my choices and by that I meant there should be a forum. The existing category and recommendation functionality is impressive, but the forum would utilize the user base for pointing people in the right direction (very Web 2.0.)

    Sometimes people like very specific things in their porn. Threads would pop up about something that nobody at VB (or anywhere else) ever considered important and suddenly everyone who only gets off on 7 foot tall girls with nipple rings and green hair would have a direct conduit to what they’re looking for.

    Other than that omission this is a damn well designed website . It’s obscenely feature rich but still accessible/discoverable. Kudos to your web developers and database people.

  37. HotScooter2 Says:

    Off Topic:

    Alison and all i have unsubscribed but not because i am unhappy in any way with the site. it is mostly because i cannot keep up with the updates and the blogs,as well as personal health issues.
    this is a well maintained site and both Alison and content dude are doing a great job.
    My decision to unsubscribe i expect is only temporary,as i hope my wife and i can resolve our health problems.
    At least Alison i am not giving you the i found religion excuse,because i thought porn was a religion. And Rope keep up the good work.
    Alison if this was an inappropriate place to explain my unsubscribing then accept my apologies ok

  38. jakpot Says:

    Hi Allison… not sure if someone has suggested this, but since you said you are in the process of re-categorizing videos, I think I really helpful feature would be a “doesn’t have” search feature. That way, for people like me who aren’t crazy about anal or outdoor scenes (for example), I could rule those out when I am browsing for videos. That small feature would really help with finding the exact video that someone is looking for.

    Thanks, and keep up the great work.

  39. lumpkin Says:

    of all the choice I do a little of each one method doesn’t catch all aspects of this site. I see what is new, look at the side bar, look a is recommended. May I see a Star I would like to see more of I put her in tab. Then look at the categories she is in.

    The reviews are only slightly helpful on looking for new stuff. Too many people who’s world view is limited to contemporary views of preferences. Come on the Uni brow was a sign of beauty at one time, women over 130 pounds were it and ankles were the hot items to get an eye full of at one time. If you don’t get I don’t want to hear about it.

  40. wcfields Says:

    I just wanted to point out that it’s not necessary for VB to hire anyone to write scene descriptions. Again, just use the already existing resource of your loyal viewers to do the work for you. Here’s how it works: There are already a lot of reviews that would make fine scene descriptions. In spite of the chumps who use comments/reviews to post their racist shit, some people actually post great and helpful reviews. So:

    1) Add a feature next to the ‘pos/neg bang’ feature that allows users to ‘nominate this review as a scene description’. Once two or three people have nominated a scene, it should pop up on Alison’s/someone’s radar. Then that person will look at the review, and, if it’s indeed of quality, will add that review as a scene description.

    2) To get more people to write quality reviews, there should be an ongoing contest. Keep track of who gets the most reviews nominated, and whoever contributes the most at the end of each month gets their next month free. That way you’re simply encouraging viewers to write reviews/descriptions for porn they’re already watching.

    3) If you implement this system, you’ll have all your scenes covered (or at least all the mainstream ones) in a matter of months, and all it costs is $20 a month in free memberships and the upfront cost of a little computer programming. Think about it.

  41. BB Says:

    Brilliant idea wcfields! You should email VB with this incase no one reads it here now alison is on holiday.

  42. evilp Says:

    I don’t know if anyone suggested this already, but it would be great if you could make your own playlist of videos. You could pick a bunch of videos all at once and sit back and watch them. Or you could select different categories and have it play randomly. It would help people find new stars or scenes they might not ordinarily watch.

  43. Rael Says:

    What is Allison’s queue method?

  44. enigmamonkey Says:

    Definitely go for the Top Scenes for the week, then widdle away at them via category. That’s the best way to find the best stuff you’re looking for, IMHO.

  45. jfro21 Says:

    @Alison: great news re: “natural breasts” category! Can we have a “finishers” category as well? There are so many that request this category. Or you could make it a “real sex” category with creampies and hand, mouth or breast finishers…
    @Alison: another request: maybe could you cross index stars using IAFD/RAME so we don’t miss scenes by our favorites? Maybe too much of a programming hassle but it would be really “professional”. πŸ˜‰
    Re: the question
    I have a huge favorites list (over 2000) which I may weed down a little. What I do is go through a new DVD and see if I may have a remote interest in it by looking at the caps, actresses and early comments. Then, on my favorites list, I see how well it does in the ratings. If it looks like it is rising fast, I DL it. Also I have favorite actresses and some scenes are automatic DLs no matter what others think.
    Sometimes I sort my favorites by popularity and DL some that fit my fancy or have gotten interesting comments. I know that down at the bottom or in the middle there may very well be scenes that I like more than popular ones but right now I use popularity as a way to focus in on scenes.
    And if you think I don’t already spend too much time on V-box I also am going through the scenes by total popularity or popularity within a category and see if the top or next to top scenes are worthwhile.

  46. jfro21 Says:

    In case anybody is interested, when I have a chance to actually watch scenes I use a categorization on my hard drive of 3 4 and 5 stars and if a scene doesn’t make it to those levels I delete it immediately. I’m thinking that generally only scenes of 4 stars or higher are going to be worth keeping.

  47. sikampret Says:

    i just go to lesbian and trans category. Plz more lesbian strap-on and shemale fucking female.

  48. sitonmyface253 Says:

    I know I’m late in posting to this thread so no one will actually read it but I just had to concur about the forum idea, first of all. As a frequent user of as well as videobox, I can tell you, I run into a lot of preview galleries for movies I’ve already seen on videobox while searching for niche impulses on freeones. This is proof positive to me that such a feature would be awesome.
    Also, I’m not sure what kind of web design trickery it would take , but I think Videobox could serve to improve itself vastly by adopting a netflix style float-over pop-up system. This way, you wouldn’t have to click on a DVD to find out who the stars are. You could also free up screen real estate by incorporating the categories list in this pop-up as well. Also as a part of Netflix-ing, perhaps a system of top reviewers could be set up. Those reviewers with consistent, frequent, high Pos. bang counts could have they’re reviews of DVDs included in the float over pop-up as well, along with their star rating. This would be like how Netflix has the reviews by Roger Ebert and AO Scott featured prominently on they’re site. Of course, you could just display the reviews with the most pos. bangs as well. It would still be cool though if reviews would display star ratings too, though. That way, perhaps, one could actually follow the recommendations of a reviewer they like.
    All these things would be awesome and are probably too hard, expensive, not worth it, but the site is still the best on the web.