The Gianna Michaels Interview

Gianna Michaels
You asked, Gianna answered. An all-around cool chick, Gianna Michaels was excited to answer questions from her fans. If she’s going to do anal, what she does in her free time, who she likes to fuck, what turns her on and more…

How and why did you get into porn?

I was approached by an agent walking home from work in the steaming hot San Fernando valley. I was wearing a skin tight tank top and sweat glistened in between my cleavage like glitter. lol…. yeah and I didnt really take it seriously so I blew it off.

I ran into the same agent a year later in the same spot walking in the same smoldering heat and he asked me one question………….

Still walking huh? lol……. and I said SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!! (in my head of course) decided to give it a shot

Are you happy with the decision to become a pornstar?

HELL YEAH! No regrets

Does your tattoo have a special meaning to you?

Eye of Rah….. protection from negativity negative people, and evil eye. It’s my hater blocker.

What do you like to do in your spare time? Do you have any cool hobbies?

Lately I’ve been working on my home! Its a fixer upper. Shop, travel. You know, all that girly shit.

You are one of the few big natural tit stars who, when you are on top, let your tits bounce around HARD. You never hold them or keep them from bouncing. Why is that? Do you actually like how it feels or do you realize that men love to watch big tits bounce around like crazy?

I love the look on a mans face when I do it like it drives him insane. It makes me smirk on the inside. lol…. Sometimes it hurts though thats a lot of meat lol… them times I’ll hold em as I bounce on the cock!

How do you have so much enthusiasm and energy in your scenes?
[Fan’s note: One scene comes to mind you did with Brandy Talore (Meet the Twins #10, Scene 1). Brandy is great, but in said scene you totally leave her in the dust.]

I give as much as I get…… and some times more lol…..
(in regards to that, Brandy is AWSOME and I really played off her chemistry in that scene.)

Is there a co-star (male or female) that you’ve felt particularly intense energy/chemistry with?

All of them that will truly give themselves to me. You can tell in the scenes.

When (if ever) are you planning to do anal?

Truly not planning on doing it anytime soon, But………..not saying I will never do it. 😉

What is your favorite scene that you have ever done?

Fashionistas: Rocco Siffredi, Jenna Haze and myself.

Whose boobs in porn do you like besides your own?

Alexis Texas

What is your biggest turn-on? Is there a move guys do that you just love?

An intense stare that screams at me “I am gonna fuck the shit out of you” with a smile at the end!

What’s your creepiest fan story?

Don’t have one. All my fans are the shit! 🙂

Do you have any funny experiences to share about performing on porn sets? (bloopers, et cetera)

I was going a strip tease on some stairs and started crawling down them and pretty much rolled down em….. HEY! They were steep lol….

What’s your opinion of the facial? Would porno sex be better for you if it didn’t always end in a facial? Do you think it might be better for your partners?

I have a question for that question……….for all the men out there do you really get off on facial pops???? I like em when I can get that the man just really wants to do it or it happens naturally. Not when its set up or….. done in a “I hate that bitch I’m gonna cum in her eye” manner

Does size really matter for you?

Nope. Chemistry does though.

Favorite flavor of ice cream?


Why are the vast majority of your scenes interracial? Is that a personal preference?

A man is a man is a man!

Do you have any plans to become a director or producer as so many of your predecessors have?

Sure why not…..

When do you think you’ll call it quits? Is there an age you think is ‘too old’ to do porn?

Not sure when I will call it quits. Too old is when you don’t enjoy it anymore.

Do you want to do features? Why/why not?

I haven’t! Feature companies haven’t hired me ever.

Do you find it difficult to carry on a relationship outside of porn?

Relationships in general are hard.

Do you have a favorite type of lube to use on-set?


If you were a male porn star, which girls would you like to fuck and why?

I am a female pornstar and I loved fucking Sara Jay, Belladonna, Alexis Texas

What is the most annoying thing male porn actors do on the set/in bed?

Ask me if I like it? If you can tell…….um! yeah. I don’t know it’s just always annoyed me.

Would you rather fuck Lexington Steele in the ass with a strap-on or be fucked in the ass by Lexington Steele?

Uh…. neither.

What operating system do you use?


What’s the meaning of life?

What ever you want it to be! Continuously seeking happiness. What makes you happy not others!

Thanks for listening, everyone
Hope all is well, and if its not…. get your shit right. 🙂
– Gianna Michaels

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25 Responses to “The Gianna Michaels Interview”

  1. zarafan Says:

    Her response to the (admittedly random) “operating system” question indicates that she knows roughly as much about computers as John McCain does…!

  2. DP Says:

    Yikes, she really seemed to take the interview seriously.. not! She dodged a bunch of the questions. Here’s one:

    “Do you want to do features? Why/why not?”

    “I haven’t! Feature companies haven’t hired me ever.”

    That wasn’t the question- the question was whether she wanted to do features. I guess that’s a no?

    However that isn’t VB’s fault, thanks VB for the interview!

  3. wcfields Says:

    Haha, methinks Gianna has had a little coaching from some professional PR people, or she’s just a naturally cagey interview. She says nothing negative about anyone, gives no answer to any difficult question, and, if anything, enhances the mystery and anticipation of when she’ll do anal. Gianna is almost as skilled at getting interviewed as she is at fucking. Bravo.

  4. Strangepork Says:

    Awesome interview. I think I like her even more as a performer after reading this. I’m not really into tattoos, but I particularly enjoyed the explanation of her tattoo’s meaning – I think it says a lot about her attitude towards life.

    zarafan: I may be mistaken, but the interview kind of reads like a chat log. My guess is that she knows enough about computers to do what she needs, but doesn’t care about the techie stuff. Unlike McCain, who relies on his wife. Anyway, I’d rather vote Gianna for president…. of my pants!!

  5. dirtybirdy Says:

    Haha, they left out my question about the trains.

  6. zarafan Says:

    Well put, Strangepork, well put!!

  7. HotScooter2 Says:

    Nice going with the interview VB. i wonder what other little tricks,Alison has up those cute little sleeves while she is gone off to Europe, and enticing the whole male population there
    Of course Gianna was elusive as a political candidate,it’s election year.

  8. itz420 Says:

    Besides my wife She iz the chick I would love to fuck the most.

  9. greywind57 Says:

    Great interview! GODDAMN I love that woman!

  10. Greg Says:

    Hey content guy, any way to get Fashionistas on VB? I’d like to see her favorite scene. 🙂

  11. Mr Handy Says:

    I think the scene she meant was actually in the sequel, Fashionistas Safado: The Challenge… pretty sure she isn’t in the first one (although both Taylor St. Claire and Belladonna are super-hot in it.)

    I’ve already got the DVDs of the two, but I’d love to see the Fashionistas series up here, and for that matter pretty much any other Stagliano work 🙂

  12. Kevin Says:

    Awesome interview questions and very honest and unscripted responses. She seems like a really cool girl.

  13. Mr E Says:

    Gianna asked a very good question:

    “for all the men out there do you really get off on facial pops????”

    Personally, not at all. I don’t know why almost every straight scene sex ends with one.

  14. ThinMan Says:

    How is it that Videobox can even have an interview with this gem and not clean up the organization of her scenes on the site? Some are Gianna, some are Gianna Lynn, some are Gianna Michaels. Let’s get it together guys.

  15. walken Says:

    Thanks for the interview VB. Now if you would just refer to the previous blog topic by rope – we would like interviews with all of those woman.

  16. Dun'r Ite Says:

    “for all the men out there do you really get off on facial pops????”

    Yes. (Almost) EVERY TIME.

  17. deepsix Says:

    I agree with DP, this was a terrible interview on Gianna’s side. To weigh this interview vs none…its a hard call which one is better.

  18. Soupy Says:

    I agree with Gianna. Facials are hot when they are organic; but the staged obligatory facial is boring and over used. I also think this mandatory finishing style is a culprit behind the women not finishing the men off in scenes. I’d love to see more pop-shots on tummies, tits & asses.

    Thanks to Alison for getting my interracial question in even though it was submitted 5 days later than any other. But like most questions, the answer was superficial to the point of being no answer at all. Still I read the interview and immediately jacked to one of Gianna’s scenes. I encourage VB to try more interviews on the blogs.

  19. Grendel Says:

    Soupy – a little aside about gianna’s response to the interracial question: i don’t know how much porn you watch outside of VB, but the truth is that “the vast majority of Gianna’s scenes” are NOT interracial. there may be a preponderance of IR scenes here on videobox, but the truth is that if you check her entry on IAFD, 67 titles out of 260 currently listed contain interracial scenes – barely a quarter. my guess would be that gianna’s response was neither evasive nor superficial. and she meant exactly what she said. she just said it succinctly, and without correcting your question. she just doesn’t care. a man IS a man, after all.

  20. James Says:

    I must say, this was a really terrible interview. I suppose I’m being blunt about this.

    The answers were quite dull and revealed almost nothing about the interviewee.

    My blame for that is on the interviewer. The questions asked had almost no chance of spurring any sort of interesting answer. Most of the questions seemed to be simple, ‘what’s your favourite colour’ type of questions. Questions which could only have a single sentence response, not much better than a multiple choice questionnaire.

    I would have loved to have seen more questions which prompted elaboration of her responses and opinions, and I would have loved to have heard more stories from her about her work.

    Adult actresses, escorts, and the like lead incredibly interesting lives, very far removed from most of ours, so some questions which encouraged her to talk about the actual life she leads in the business and stories about the interesting things that happen to her would have made for much more engaging reading.

    Adult workers experience so much that most of us never could, and to only read questions and answers about likes and dislikes seems to be such a waste of an opportunity.

    Aside from learning that she doesn’t like anal and enjoys chocolate ice cream, I got nothing from that interview.

    That said, I have no idea if she would have been willing to be open enough to reveal more than she did. I still think it was a waste of an opportunity for what could have been an incredibly compelling article.

  21. Luke Wilson Says:

    Wow!!! You even asked my question about Lexington Steele. Right on!!!!

  22. Strangepork Says:

    James: The interview was based on questions submitted by the readers in response to a previous blog post. Maybe if they do another interview like this, you can submit some better questions. Although I enjoyed the interview, it did leave me wanting more. I’ll accept part of the blame, as I couldn’t think of any good questions to ask her.

  23. Luke Wilson Says:

    Ur a knob James. Try getting a clue about what is going on.

  24. itz420 Says:

    James: What are you expecting from a interview from a porn star? If your looking for the meaning to life, it’s not in the Gianna Michaels interview. How much elaboration do you expect from a porn interview. I would also like to add that really good interviews come from bad situations, i.e pornstar Houston getting skin cancer and her interview on the Howard Stern Show, that was intersing and compelling

  25. itz420 Says:

    Sorry hit the enter button by mistake, but I consider good porn interviews to come from bad situations. If you have ever heard any of Howard Sterns interviews with pornstars they basically sound like the above and I consider him to be the best pornstar interviewer out there. I mean what were you expecting from a interview that has question put together by fans.

    Good interviews come from answering questions about the interviewed persons personal life in which case they might not be willing to talk about,and they would be no Gianna Michaels interview for us to see. Also if someone could put both of my post together that would be great too, I F-ed up when writing the first one.