I’m Back. Where Do We Go From Here?

I had a great vacation and it’s nice to be home. Since I had a little time to think on my 14 hour plane rides, I started trying to come up with new ideas for the blog. Things that you guys will find interesting. I had a few notions (more lists, interviews with members, more in-depth pornstar posts, guest writers, podcasts, etc.), but it occurred to me that the best way to find out what you want to read is to ask you.

So I want to hear from you about this blog. How it’s going, what you like, what you don’t and what you want to see next. You don’t necessarily have to give me ideas for posts (though I’m always open and appreciative of them). I just want to open the forum to your thoughts about where the blog should go next.

28 Responses to “I’m Back. Where Do We Go From Here?”

  1. greywind57 Says:

    First, welcome back.

    I like the blog a lot. Especially the posts that highlight a category on the site. The oral creampie one stands out, and best butts was nice too. I would suggest more of these kinds of posts.

    That said, great job all around on the site.

  2. housedj69 Says:

    I really enjoy the fact that this blog steers clear from the tabloid-like gossip that many other porn blogs seem to cover. I enjoy the lists, as I usually end up finding a new favorite girl thanks to yourself, or the other members.

  3. HotScooter2 Says:


    first thought i have is do you understand the concept of vacation? On the plane rides both ways you should have had your mind on vacationing and not this blog. you my dear lady are a workaholic. VB pays for you to have a vacation so you can come back refreshed. So here is my suggestion,you get to keep on taking more vacations until you get it right.But the
    catch is you gotta take my wife and i along as your personal tutors. Other than that you are a real doll,and highly appreciated on this site . but next time don’t be thinking about this blog when vacationing. we will get along without you,we will be miserable the whole time but we will get along.
    Lesson 2 coming up soon .All that agree that Alison is a lot cooler than Sarah Parlin say aye. i am looking forward to seeing Alison look alikes on SNL,my bet is she looks a lot sexier than Sarah.
    better hide under the covers now,but damn i can’t help myself i just love teasing Rope and Alison

  4. Marley1234 Says:

    One good feature would be a “what is up next” ….ie….I get the feeling I might want to cancel my membership…but if I am aware of “what’s up next” i might stick along longer.

    Think carrots and sticks….but the carrot is really a wicked hot porn chick….my stick is ready !

    wOOt !

  5. Garp Says:

    I am a major fan of the vacation so I am glad to took a great one. Now back to work. I enjoy your blog far more than I thought I would. It’s almost as good as a good ass video or a brazillian video..which is an ass video, etc, etc, etc. I enjoy the topic like best ass, best tits, and would like more…i must say again, especially with your best ass blog and the popularity..it is time for a big ass (Non BBW) category. I am always curious about the real train wrecks in porn as well as those that “beat the biz” of porn. So anytime you cover this gossip..especially like the porn star who was a mess. I find this interesting. Finally, welcome back and keep up the good work.

  6. peon715 Says:

    Is there more Brianna Blaze? She’s a personal favorite of mine.

  7. xposh Says:

    Seems fine as it is. Never boring. Maybe a poll about which male pornstars folks here like the least.

  8. Marc Says:

    Alison, how about some coverage of the conventions. likely these surfers wouldn’t want the tedium of the biz side but just trolling fubar you can find tons of pix of the parties filled with T & A and craziness. I know JFK doesn’t mind if you post his pix so long as you leave his watermark on. Show these folks the fun side of our biz!

  9. walken Says:

    I am a major fan of this blog and it’s contributors. The first thing I do when logging into this site more often than not is check the blog. I know, I know, even I have to slap myself in the face sometimes… I mean sometimes the latest movie update is ‘BAM!’ in the middle of the page with a fine ass beauty just begging me to click on the movie cover and check the latest action……….. but instead I go to the blog page in hope of a blog update. So based on that my suggestion would be, more frequent blog updates. Love your work!

  10. davros Says:

    I think you should keep doing what you’ve all been doing. The stuff is great, and it gives us a chance to give some feedback and gives you a chance to kind of get to know your client base. If there is one thing I’d like to see more of, maybe some more interviews with porn stars?

  11. oldvert Says:

    The blog works very well in getting input from members. Perhaps more ‘inside information’ from you, Content Dude and others at VB informing us of how you take our feedback and use it to improve the site.

  12. rokkitt Says:

    I would like to see more on future content. It looks like Legal Pink and Vince Voyeur Media have joined the line-up. Any decision on H2? Any chance of anymore Seymore Butts? Evil Angel (please, please, please). Anyway I always enjoy your blogs.

  13. Garp Says:

    Allison, I have also enjoyed the links to you have put up for other websites that had interesting content or stories, I am sure it goes against the grain to refer other sites, but we always come back. …by the way…who would think people would spend time and energy on a porn blog..me and all these other idiots. I do not participate in any other blogs…guess we fall in the nutz column. Keep up the good work.

  14. alison Says:

    greywind57 – Thank you very much. Any categories in particular you’d be interested in seeing?

    housedj69 – I figure everyone else has the gossip covered and since I’m not in LA it’s not like I’m going to scoop anyone πŸ™‚ I’m glad you like the lists. They’re a lot of work, but usually pretty fun. I’ll definitely do more.

    HotScooter2 – Haha, I like that suggestion. Where to next? The Bahamas? The French Riviera? πŸ™‚

    Marley1234 – That’s a cool idea. How far in advance are you thinking? (a couple days vs a couple weeks or longer?)

    Garp – Thanks a lot. I really do take that as a huge compliment. Like I told housedj69, I don’t do a lot of gossip, but I figure if there’s something that gets my attention, you guys might find it interesting too.

    peon715 – Not sure. I’ll pass on the suggestion to the Content Dude though.

    xposh – Thanks. We did a poll like that a while back (http://blog.videobox.com/blog/index.php/2008/04/25/friday-poll-who-is-your-least-favorite-male-performer/) and Lee Stone won in a landslide. A huge landslide πŸ™‚

    Marc – Sure, that’s easy. I go to a couple of conventions every year and I’m more than happy to write about them if it won’t bore everyone to death πŸ™‚

    walken – Thank you so much! Maybe I can bump it up to 3-4x per week in the future.

    davros – Thanks a lot. I’ve been thinking we need more interviews with pornstars too. Since you are the one who asked, mind if I ask your opinion? Do you prefer interviews in text or video format?

    oldvert – You’re right. It is a really powerful tool for figuring out what works for you guys and what doesn’t. I think every time we launch a new feature, I’m going to ask you guys for your thoughts. You always point out things I never thought to look for and it helps us improve the site.

    rokkitt – I’m not sure about this, but last I heard, we were still negotiating a few things with H2. It sounds like it might be time for the Content Dude to post an update.

    Garp – I’m really glad this blog makes you want to participate. I’ll definitely keep linking to other sites with interesting stories. I figure not everyone has 200 blogs/sites in their RSS reader, so if something really jumps out, I might as well share πŸ™‚

  15. davros Says:


    I like both interview formats, as they both have their pros and cons, depending on a person’s computer or internet speed, they may prefer to have a text option over video. But I would prefer video, as it gives it a bit more personality, you know?

  16. David Says:

    As mentioned by others, I would like to see more blogs on upcoming movies to the site. I would also like to see a daily click poll on what members thought of the updates for that day and then be able to post a comment on why they rated the way they did. I know being a 24/7 site that this could be difficult to do but you could set a daily cutoff point and then in your click poll show the box covers of the movies added since the last click poll. I would not have any thumbs up or down on the member responses and I would heavily moderate the responses to insure that members just left a good review of that days updates and no crap e.g. She looks like a crank whore, boy is she sagging comments that are commonly left in the review section of the website. I think this would help videobox get good feedback on the sites content and hopefully improve the site in the future.

  17. SweetBlackMagic Says:

    I enjoy the “Rope Looks Back” features a lot. It’s nice having a real “critic” so to speak point out some real hidden gems we may overlook. I also think that maybe some posts should be updated or have new editions periodically…oral cream pies, real female orgasms, etc.

  18. wcfields Says:

    I also enjoy this blog, and not just for the porn related stuff. I am on blogs constantly, including all the political blogs, and I must say that the average quality of writing from the posters and commenters is HIGHER on this blog than almost any other I have come across. I’m not sure if it’s the small audience size (relative to, say, HuffPost), or if it’s something about the makeup of the other pornhounds in the world, but I find much of the discussion surrounding the moral questions of porno to be thought-provoking, and (And I think this IS because the community is smaller) I find that people actually respond to each other’s ideas and there is some back and forth, unlike on the majority of other blogs that are simply people shouting into cyberspace. So I’m not suggesting that we make this a political blog, but more posts on the metaphysics and morals of porno would be interesting to me.

    Other than that, I like the lists and polls the best. A few suggestions along those lines:
    1) A poll that investigates which of a girl’s scenes are most popular. I think “Voracious” is Haley Paige’s best scene, but it would be very interesting to me to see what other people thought.
    2) A similar idea, except arrange it by theme. What is the best deep throat in any scene on the site? What is the best MFF threesome? What is the best interracial scene?
    3) I’d love it if you could arrange a poll that broke down the distribution of porn preferences among the members. I know it wouldn’t be scientific, but I’d love even anecdotal results of how many guys REALLY like deep throating and rimming (as I do), how many like and don’t like anal, feet, fake boobs, pissing, trannies, whatever. The more comprehensive the better, and let’s get some real info on the membership.

  19. ddub1352 Says:

    Great job so far. Two things: (1) maybe this has been suggested before – so forgive me if this is a repeat, but do you ever look at the last 25 years of AVN awards and try to obtain at least the “best video” of that year? Or best “…” scene? I know you have some restrictions based upon the studios, but just thought if you already have a studio on board that produced an AVN winner, it might be a popular DVD/scene; (2) It would be nice to see a post every month of studios you are working on obtaining a relationship with or upcoming scenes from studios you’ve obtained a contract with, but have yet to put any DVDs up on the site. You could also poll the members of this site and ask “we’re thinking about these 3 studios – help us rank them”. In fact, you could do a list of “upcoming DVDs to be posted” and you could have members vote on which ones they’d like to see and which ones they don’t. Maybe you have 35 DVD choices in one week…but as the polling starts, you drop 15 of them based on voting, post 20 and substitute 15 others to make up for the “drop list”. This may require a lot of work on your part – but it would make this site even more user-driven. Based on the last post of “what would like to see more of” – there was a ton of participation. This would take this post idea to a new level – members vote on the upcoming content. I think you have a pretty sophisticated group of members – people that know more about studios and porn scenes then I ever will – and could help Rope make the content even more driven by the users of this site. Well, I hadn’t read all the posts to this blog – but I just read the post just before mine…but wcfields mentions similar ideas about polls. I agree. Maybe you should poll people about what types of polls to have. πŸ™‚

  20. greywind57 Says:


    Surprise me, I trust your judgement.

  21. tf232 Says:

    What about a where are they now? You know those great starlets that appear, do some scenes, then disappear into the sunset. Nothing intrusive or gossipy, just something for fun.

  22. DP Says:

    wcfields said:

    “i’d love even anecdotal results of how many guys REALLY like deep throating and rimming (as I do), how many like and don’t like anal, feet, fake boobs, pissing, trannies, whatever.”

    I’d love to see the download statistics of trans releases compared to some non-trans scenes. I think a lot of people would be surprised, and perhaps more tolerant in their comments when those trans releases are put out once a month.

  23. wcfields Says:

    DP – Agree, would love to see those stats, but I worry it might be considered private info. I’m not sure if it will have much effect on the hateful comments (bigots are bigots, I’ve found, regardless of statistics or arguments or pretty much anything else), but I would definitely be interested to see…

  24. mytmike Says:

    An interesting topic would be CHIC FINISHES! Maybe you could get some input from the business such as talent and directors
    so we could better understand why this doesn’t happen more often. We could also rate our favorite seens in witch a hot
    chic finishes the male talent herself. Isn’t trhat what they get paid for.

  25. Sax Monkey Says:

    I really need the blog to update daily. Otherwise I start to lose interest and momentum.

  26. rundmz Says:

    I’d really like to see a tweak to the Favorites section. It’d be great to be able to add an actress’ library to your favorites; not any specific scenes, but the page that lists their scenes or DVD’s. Rather than searching the STARS section of the site for different Dani Woodward scenes, or searching within my Favorite Folders for specific scenes featuring her, I’d like to be able to go to my Favorites Folder & scan through various favorite actresses, find Dani’s name, then choose a scene depending on my mood. That make sense? Put another way, it’d be great to bookmark favorites within the STARS section for quick reference. Love the blog, and I can’t think of anything else to add. Keep up the great work!

  27. Da_gwai_lo Says:

    After recently discovering the “Oral Creampie” entry, i think that the blog should feature more rare categories. Personally i’d like to see: The top 10 pornstars with the most beautiful faces in the business, (along the lines of oral creampie entry) multiple creampies, and most realistic POV scenes.

  28. lumpkin Says:

    Alison I’m a student of the social/political influence of Porn. I have found your blog with the people that comment a great resource to the mystic of the industry. I see a lot of the audience insight. What I want to see more is the outsider looking in. The interview with JS was the kind of thing that I’d like to see. Most of the self referential stuff is too marketing driven. posed and contrite to a degree that doesn’t give the real meat (could not find a word that didn’t come out as a pun), of the industry. If you could do more of that kind of reporting I think it would be a boon to the blog.