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This Week’s Finishers: 10/25 – 10/31

I’ve only got two finishers for you this week. I can’t get over the suspicion that I missed some…do any of you know of any scenes I missed?

The Good, The Bad, And The Slutty #2, Scene 4 starring Presley Maddox
Presley does a nice job of jerking Ian Scott onto her face after she gives him a pretty energetic blowjob.

Blind Sex Dates #4, Scene 4 starring Jerzi Lynn
It’s not entirely clear to me what happened in this scene. Jerzi is giving this guy a blowjob and then she seems to be foaming at the mouth. It’s either an oral cream pie or rabies…

Daylight Saving Time = More Porn!

VideoBox releases 5 DVDs a day (at 12:12, 5:00, 9:48, 2:36 and 7:24, PST at the moment). On Saturday, November 1st, we’ll be uploading an extra DVD because of daylight saving time.

The schedule will be: one at 12:12, 4:00, 8:48, 1:36, 6:24 and 11:12. It will also push the release schedule back one hour going forward (until it’s time to spring ahead).


Ask Alison: Aspect Ratio Problems


Maybe this is more a technical question but why does Videbox distort HD videos rather than just letterbox them or just post them with the 16:9 aspect ratio?



What’s Your Porn Library Like?

The blog has really helped the folks at VideoBox get a better understanding of our members and we’re always curious to know more (especially because a lot of us are porn fans ourselves).

So…tell me about your porn library. How large is it (how many files you have, how many gigs they take up)? What makes a video worth downloading and saving instead of just streaming it from the site? Do you ever re-watch scenes you’ve downloaded?

Marco Banderas Music Video?!

I am actually at a loss for words…

Friday Poll: You Make Three

VideoBox is largely about fantasy, so let’s allow our imagination to run wild today. While attending an adult industry convention in Las Vegas, one of the major studios held a raffle. Lo and behold, you were the winner. Your prize is to participate in a threesome, which will be filmed and included on an upcoming DVD release. You have a choice to insert yourself in one of the following pairings:

Alexis Love & Veronique Vega
Aurora Snow & Lacey Duvalle
Britney Stevens & Whitney Stevens
Cody Lane & Tia Tanaka
Daisy Marie & Sativa Rose
Eva Angelina & Teagan Presley
Gauge & Jenna Haze
Katsumi & Nautica Thorn
Kelly Wells & Tory Lane
Monica Sweetheart & Naomi




Note: In our imaginary situation, all the girls are still active and in their prime. Furthermore, you have nothing holding you back from taking part in the scene. No family ties, work obligations, etc. Anything goes in the scene, as long as the particular performer customarily performs the act on camera. As always, please feel free to leave a comment if you wish to elaborate upon your selection.


This Week’s Finishers: 10/18 – 10/24

I’ve gotta be honest – this was not the best week for finishers…

I Just Fucked A Black Guy, Scene 1 starring Jada Heart
Unlike last week when I listed the best scene first, this one is at the top because it’s just so awful. I’m not sure if Jada Heart had ever seen a penis before that day, but the face she made when he came was one of pure disgust.

Meet The Neighbors, Scene 2 starring Michelle
Another face-maker. This chick does whatever she can to avoid getting any jizz in her mouth.


VideoBox brings pr0n to the Google Phone

Tmobile G1
Greetings, fellow watchers of porn. I know what you’re thinking. “I can play porn on my home PC. I can play porn on my PSP. I can play porn on my ipod, iphone, AppleTV, XBox and PS3. But what about my shiny new Google phone?”

I have good news for all you gadgeteers out there. Our “ipod” format content plays beautifully on your T-Mobile G1 (aka Google Phone). Specific details about the platform are sketchy at best (despite us having one in-house to play around with, T-Mobile/HTC has released very few details about the playback capabilities). From our experimentation, it appears the device is capable of playing baseline-encoded H264 with low-complexity AAC audio at a maximum resolution of 480×352. The bitrate constraint of this version of H264 is ~1mbps, though this is likely not a limitation of the device.

From what I can tell, there are very few arbitrary playback limitations, unlike the iphone/ipod (video must be recoded in a very precise manner to have any chance of playing back on an Apple device – this device is much more flexible). What this means to you is the video playback capabilities are very likely to improve with future firmware releases, since playback is more dependent on software than decoding hardware (as opposed to the iphone, which uses a hardware-based h264 decoder, which is faster but less flexible), which I suspect will come out at a fairly regular clip through the first year of availability.

May the pr0n be with you.

Hey, Sorry About that STD…

I tend to think eCards are just about the least personal way to say anything except “I was too cheap to buy you a real card.”

It’s bad enough to send one for someone’s birthday, but now you can send them to people you may have infected with a sexually transmitted disease.

As a former sex educator, I totally appreciate the thought here, but c’mon…

via Genesis

It’s Been a Year Already?

On October 20, 2007, I put up the very first post on the VideoBox Blog.

It’s been a great year and I just want to say thanks. This blog is really fun to write because it has such a smart, engaged readership and I’m very grateful to all of you. Here’s to another awesome year!