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I’d like to introduce the first installment of what I’m very creatively calling Ask Alison. Thanks to everyone who sent in questions! I’ve included three in this post, but don’t worry if your question didn’t make it this time. It may appear in a future edition.

What measures are taken to ensure hygiene and minimize the risk of infections in A2M scenes? As most people know, feces is a bearer of all kinds of pathogenic germs, even to the extent that entering a vagina with a penis that was previously a woman’s butt can destroy the vaginal flora. Taking such a penis into the mouth doesn’t make it much better, so what is done in porn productions to reduce the risk of infections through A2M or similar activity?

Yours, A.

Dear A.,

I’ve been a very vocal critic of ass-to-mouth (A2M) for years. It’s an unhygienic practice and I personally don’t find it attractive to watch. The bad news is that, for the most part, no precautions are taken on sets to specifically reduce the risk of infections through A2M. Before most anal scenes, the female performers use enemas or anal douches to clean their rectums so as to avoid unpleasant accidents on set. People claim that this makes the risk from sucking on a cock that was recently in someone’s ass much lower. I don’t personally buy it, but I’ve never heard of someone getting sick from it either, so I think the jury’s still out on this subject.


Why aren’t there any dependably working toys for men, i.e. male masturbators? I’ve tried a variety and found them all lacking, while there are a ton of “fun” toys for women. I’m glad they have them, but with today’s technology they should have developed something for men by now. I resorted to making my own, using common household items (bubblewrap and duct tape with a generous amount of Astroglide). It doesn’t replace any woman, but suffices until the next one comes along. Just curious about your views.


Dear Putalvr,

I think toys are the one arena of sex where women have the clear advantage. It’s much easier to build a vibrating egg than a fake vagina. Having sold sex toys for a number of years, however, I’ve noticed that a few toys have consistently gotten good reviews from male customers. Good enough reviews that even though I lack the proper equipment, I feel pretty comfortable recommending them.

The first one is the Fleshlight. I’ve rarely heard anything but lavish praise for this toy and I’ll admit, when I’ve poked my finger into them, they feel pretty fleshy. The other is the Senso Sapphire. Most of the jelly “senso” toys are so small that it’s hard to imagine fitting a penis in them let alone using them to get off. The Sapphire is pretty hefty and measures around 5.5”, so most guys can get a decent fit without popping out of the end.

There are variations of this toy with beads along the shaft for extra stimulation, but I’ve not heard definitively whether they add to the experience, so use your own judgment about whether that sounds exciting to you.

Of course, both of these toys require copious amounts of lube, but such is the price of pleasure I suppose.


I have two questions:

1. What are the laws pertaining to shooting porn throughout the country. Isn’t having sex for money considered prostitution?
2. When these production companies or sites hire girls to shoot scenes what is the average rate and do they have to pay for their airfare as well as hotel stay? I’m just curious on how much an average scene costs to make.

Thanks and I appreciate it,
Joey Heels

Hi Joey,

To answer your first question, the way porn producers get around prostitution laws is by claiming that the money is compensation for the acting performance, not the sex. In essence, because there’s a camera present and a commercial product being made, it’s not prostitution. That’s worked out pretty well so far.

For your second question, I’ll refer you first to a post I did about how much porn stars get paid. Re: airfare and hotel, it depends on where the producer is located and who the girl is. Most porn companies are located in LA. So are most pornstars, which eliminates the need for travel expenses.

But every now and then a girl will have to be flown from another part of the country. Those girls’ flights are covered. Since shooting rarely takes more than one day, hotels aren’t always required. In instances where they are, the production company takes care of it. It’s a tax write-off for them.

I’ve heard widely varying estimates, but I think you can probably make a pretty bare bones gonzo movie for $15-30k, all told.


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8 Responses to “You Asked, I Answered”

  1. irhamsrevenge Says:

    Bubblewrap & duct tape? Putalvr is the ‘MacGyver of sex toys’! While employed at an Asian grocery wholesaler, a coworker once told me that, as a teen in Japan, he & his mates would use ‘konnyaku’ (a firm, yet gelatinous, yam cake) to masturbate…I guess they cut a slit into it, then went to town (though, he said that you have to boil it first or you’ll get a rash!). Call me ‘conventional & uninventive’, but nothing gets the job done like good ol’ ‘Handrea Palmer’.

    Great blog idea, Alison. Mahalo.

  2. markbart Says:

    I’m confused. Is Alison a dude or a chick? If she’s a chick, who is she? A former pornstar?

  3. alison Says:

    irhamsrevenge – That’s one of the funniest comments anyone’s ever made on this blog.

    markbart – I’m the (female) marketing manager at VideoBox. Definitely not a pornstar.

  4. brumbrum Says:

    – Any ass-to-mouth activity is ‘icky’ to some, but fine or a turn-on for others. I’ve read before that—-as long as everything is clean down there—-ATM is quite safe in terms germs; eating meat, for instance, is no riskier. The STD aspect changes things, but if you and your partner are STD free, you should ATM away, if it’s your cup of tea. My wife, and previous girlfriends I’ve had, have definitely enjoyed getting rimmed. Hell, it was even on a Sex in the City episode. And, getting a blow-job midway through any kind of intercourse feels fantastic, to me at least.

    – Male sex toys: Look up Venus 2000. I’ve seen one, never tried. Expensive as hell but very interested. From the makers of Sybian. For anal/prostate fun, there’s the Aneros, available at good sex shops. Check it out.

  5. ANDY Says:

    Oi its Mrs Palmer and her 5 daughters! she does me all night long and doesnt complain.
    Just make sure u dont do a2m with a vegetarian!
    they get more germs then meatlovers!

  6. jfro21 Says:

    Probably more dangerous for women than A2M is ass to vag without cleaning up. The vagina does not have the defenses of the mouth and stomach against infection.

  7. markbart Says:

    Thanks for the clarification. Nice to see a chick get involved in porn as you do. Your boyfriend/husband must be a lucky guy. Now if only our girlfriends and wives understood our obsession with porn…

  8. Luke Wilson Says:

    Alison – id really like to know why when i click on “show dvd cover” on a dvd title page the cover doesnt open corrrectly it opens as a condensed vertical line.