Lisa Ann: Serra Paylin

Lisa Ann Nailin Paylin
TMZ did a quick on the street interview with Lisa Ann, star of Hustler’s upcoming movie Nailin’ Paylin.

With the glasses on, she looks like a halfway decent Palin. Let’s see how well she gets the accent down.


via PS Babylon

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8 Responses to “Lisa Ann: Serra Paylin”

  1. irhamsrevenge Says:

    Hmm, perhaps Druna from ‘Mothers I’d Like to Fuck #2’ would’ve made a better choice….
    Either way, we can always count on Mr. Flynt to stir up the hornet’s nest. I’m just glad that he spared us from a ‘Laura’s Bush’ political parody (who am I kidding…that’d be awesome!).

  2. alison Says:

    Wow, good call on Druna. Her accent’s a little closer too.

  3. rundmz_500 Says:

    As much as I love Lisa Ann, Tina Fey is the only pseudo-Palin I’d want to be nailin! She nails not only the accent, but the mannerisms perfectly:

    “and I can see Russia from my backyard.”


  4. content dude Says:

    Something funny about advertising a cleaning product for on the go moms before a clip on a celebrity gossip site about a porn star who will be playing a parody role of a white trash ‘hockey mom’ that somehow got to be Governor.

  5. davros Says:

    I agree on the Druna call.

  6. irhamsrevenge Says:

    content dude – Ironic! I can totally visualize Palin in a commercial of her own: “Scrutinizing pundits, a pregnant teenage daughter, that damn bridge-to-nowhere…Calgon, take me away!”

  7. DP Says:

    Awesome, can’t wait to see Nailin Paylin on Videobox!

  8. doppyman Says:

    Lisa Ann is way too curvy to be Palin. Plus she is way way way too classy; it will take quite an acting job for such a poised and intelligent woman to get down to that level of trashy ignorance.