The Strangest Condom Ads I’ve Ever Seen

John Lennon CondomA friend sent me a link to these condom ads that use “famous dicks” to promote safe sex. Well, safe sex or some random brand of condom I don’t recognize…

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8 Responses to “The Strangest Condom Ads I’ve Ever Seen”

  1. zarafan Says:

    Hard to know what demographic they’re trying to reach with this campaign…. With all due respect, though, neither John Lennon nor Arnold Schwarzenegger are the first names I’d like MY erection to be associated with…! (To say nothing of the more obscure references in the other ads.) On the other hand, isn’t this proof that ANYTHING can be marketed these days? As if there were ever any doubt….

    Looking forward to the next installment of “Ask Alison”!


  2. brumbrum Says:

    I believe this is an ad for the Durex “Love Condom”. I understand that it’s slated to run in some gay lifestyle magazines in Europe. Probably others, too, but I’m not sure.

  3. irhamsrevenge Says:

    “Imagine there’s no condoms,
    It’s easy if you try….”

  4. HotScooter2 Says:


    girl all i can say is that these condoms would be enough to scare any woman away lol. i will just stick to good old trojans thanks

  5. rygar13 Says:

    If you zoom in, you’ll notice these only costs half a Euro (about 70 cents) for a 3-pack. Would you trust a 23 cent rubber? Also found it amusing that they call it the G-point.

  6. davros Says:

    After seeing that advertisement, I have to quote one venerable Dr. Hank McCoy: Oh my stars and garters …

  7. sharpshooter Says:

    why are the cocks all like 8 inch’s long..i’ve seen john lennons and his was average, and i highly doubt bill gates is that big

    makes me feel inferior and not wanting to buy these

  8. Rael Says:

    You saw John Lennon’s cock?