First Look at Nailin’ Palin: I’m Massively Disappointed

Nailin\' PalinI’ve worked in porn long enough to not have extremely high hopes for parody movies. That said, I’m really disappointed by the trailer Hustler just released for “Who’s Nailin’ Palin.”

In my opinion, there were two requirements for playing this role: physical resemblance (check) and quasi-midwestern accent (fail). I’m a little crushed.

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5 Responses to “First Look at Nailin’ Palin: I’m Massively Disappointed”

  1. rubmeright Says:

    After Nov. 4, Ms. Palin may be available for future installments in person!

  2. alison Says:


  3. Mihx Says:

    Too bad they couldn’t get Tina Fey :P.

  4. davros Says:

    You mean, just like the studios in Hollywood, porn studios don’t know how to make parody movies? I’m shocked …

  5. DP Says:

    Hustler, thanks for saving me the time to have to view the entire trailer. I closed it as soon as I saw Lee Stone in the first scene. I’ll pass.