Which Studio Do You Wish VideoBox Had?

Hi everybody, Content Dude here. Buying content that satisfies a user base of diverse tastes and interests is no easy task, but we do track your comments and read all of the content suggestions members send in.

Most of the time, I think we do a pretty good job at getting you stuff you like, but sometimes we fall short. Every now and then, DVDs I think will go over pretty well get ripped apart. And sure, you can blame me for the plague of Audrey.

People usually ask for particular DVDs or stars as opposed to studios. So what I am asking is for you to tell me what studios you feel we are either missing or have gap in coverage in.

Think of this as a to-do/wish list for me. The sky is the limit, but I can’t make any promises.


82 Responses to “Which Studio Do You Wish VideoBox Had?”

  1. cockgod Says:

    new sensations

  2. Master Kweef Says:


  3. countrydick Says:

    Jules Jordan, Evil Angel, 3rd degree.

  4. Knat Says:

    sorry if im to late but


    We want all the sliders movies (please god hear my wish)

  5. bigmike Says:

    Mercenary, Candy Shop, Hustler, Evasive Angels, Elegant Angel

  6. Oldbaldy Says:

    Red Light District, they had some great series a while ago but are they even available?

  7. WoodcockII Says:

    Hush Hush – Shane Diesel series Blackzilla Wife, Blackzilla
    series Duaghter series

  8. balla666 Says:

    To add to this, I vote for:

    2.Red Light District
    3.Jules Jordan Video
    4.Evil Angel
    5.Tom Byron Pictures (can’t believe it hasn’t been mentioned)
    6.New Sensations
    7.Fusxion is always good too

  9. WoodcockII Says:

    videos which, when the box and blub make a big deal of Black this and Black that and the nastiness of interraccial sex is promoted that the one or more of the following occur:
    1. The back male actually speaks to the white women
    2. that some form of verbal comminication betweem the participants actually occurs
    3. the words black and white are frequently associated with body parts
    4. scrap pc considerations and let black men enjoy white pussy , and white women to respond to the nastiness of what they are doing.

  10. Jim Says:

    New Sensations. They have a plethora of Alexis Texas, Jenny Hendrix, Tia Sweets, and all that is ass. The I Love Big Butts series would be awesome.

  11. doppyman Says:

    I am probably a minority voter on this issue and I know that you probably can’t get deals with some of my favorites but Vivid, Wicked, Digital Playground, Adam and Eve and New Sensations would be great. So would VCA and Metro. I really like mid to late 90s stuff and would add Sin City to the list for that reason. Also more of the stylish S & M that Ernest Greene did. I will second the thought of an earlier poster and say that I am very happy with the site and think you do a great job as it is.

  12. GatosNunez Says:

    Quote: “And sure, you can blame me for the plague of Audrey.”

    Wow, now *that* was a brave and bold confession. You have my respect. Grrrr…

  13. jaykay Says:

    Evil Angel, Vivid and

    Vixen Pictures !

  14. Si P Says:

    I still say Sineplex and Sinsational. Come on content dude!

  15. yoshimitzu73 Says:

    …just in case these haven´t been mentioned enough times:
    jules jordan, 3rd degree, evil angel, anabolic

  16. gimp Says:

    Marc Dorcel

  17. trlfmdr Says:

    Rodney Moore videos from Odyssey Group or Rodnievision! You could spend a week just posting Nadia Nyce videos and I would be in Heaven …

  18. MacMan Says:

    1) Hush
    2) Master Costello
    3) Evasive Angles
    4) Devil’s Films
    5) New Sensations
    6) Manhammer/Steroid
    7) Evil Angel
    8) Rosebud
    9) Candy Shop

  19. Frankthetank Says:

    1) Moodyz (Japanese Studio)
    2) John Thompson (GGG)

  20. transfer68 Says:

    Evil Angel would be great. Especially series like Chrisoph Clark’s “Beautiful Girls” which are great DVD’s but now getting a bit old – i.e. I see no reason for not giving them a fresh lease on life via Videobox. The same could be done with Black Ice, WCP. Remember WCP “Black Cravings”?

    Also some classic euro would be fun like Maximum Perversum and Teeny Excess.

  21. Steve Says:

    1. Anabolic/Diabolic
    2. Ben Dover
    3. Red Light District
    4. Evil Angel

  22. Mr Handy Says:

    1) VCA – if I’m going to put one “just dreaming” of the big names.
    2) Score
    3) Bring back the Gourmet/GVC stuff that disappeared 🙂
    4) Hustler (esp. the Asian Fever and Busty Beauties series)
    5) Some of the classic ones: Essex, VCX, Video-X-Pix, Vidco2000, although I suspect that’s all rights owned by other folks these days. Plus while there’s already a little there, Caballero
    6) Some of the slightly less classic early-90s ones: Zane, Moonlight, and there’s already a little of it there, but Cinderella/CDI
    7) Joey Silvera’s stuff for Evil Angel (and anything else by Evil Angel, but his in particular)
    8) Devil’s Films

    Oh, and while there’s a good bit of each here already, three studios I can never get enough of:
    * Private
    * Big Top
    * Legend

  23. Heather Says:

    My husband and I would enjoy Sex and Submission! It’s very sexy!

  24. tmack Says:

    *Black Ice
    *Video Team
    *Elegant Angel
    *Devil’s Film
    *Jules Jordan

  25. Mark Says:

    1. Evil Angel
    2. Devil’s Film
    3. Sineplex/Sinsational/Sinteraccial

  26. PeterMc Says:

    Would have to go with Jules Jordan Video, Evil Angel and Elegant Angel, they all get the best stars but I guess it’s not too likely we’ll get them on here. Love to see some of the earlier Private stuff as well with Silvia Saint, Cassandra Wild, Laura Angel, Nikki Anderson etc.

  27. Ray Says:

    i. Ben Dover
    ii. Hustler Productions
    iii. Wicked
    iv. Vivid
    v. VCA
    vi. VCX

  28. DoctorSurf Says:

    Blue Vanities, they have a great selection of old porn: Swedish Erotica and other studios.

  29. Ernie Says:

    Evil Angel, Girlfriends Films, Sweetheart Video

  30. JAT84 Says:

    thanks for being open to suggestions Content Dude, i humbly request more films by:

    1.Starr Productions

    PS: big Summer Cummings fan, anything she stars in would be greatly appreciated

  31. The_Branchise Says:

    I would love to see the Canadian girls more. A stuido like Doghouse Digital would be great

  32. emefer Says:

    simple anabolic diabolic evil angel vca cabellero and jm prod