Marco Banderas Music Video?!

I am actually at a loss for words…


18 Responses to “Marco Banderas Music Video?!”

  1. HotScooter2 Says:

    Our dear Amigo Alison. at a loss for words not a chance. I bet she can’t resist the impulse to comment on our comments,since this is her blog and her title. by the way i rejoined this site a few days ago. couldn’t stay away too long.
    Had this thought the other day and you know afteri get many of them i gotta get out the air freshener. Anyway VB has it’s own version of the 3 amigos. they are Alison,Content Dude and Rope.
    so Alison hon don’t make me look bad and write in a lil ole comment

  2. Andy Says:

    Meh now we have the three amigo’s of porn
    Nick Manning
    Bent Dick(cant remember his name)
    this guy!

  3. tcully001 Says:

    Don’t quit your day job Marco, oh wait maybe he should.

  4. KyonoRocks Says:

    That is possibly the worst thing I’ve ever seen

  5. irhamsrevenge Says:

    Ricky Martin oughtta bend this dude over & plow him a new hole for ripping off ‘La Vida Loca’.

  6. Matt H. Says:

    I had better production values in my high school A/V club.

  7. ocdave67 Says:

    Wow!! Guess I am going to have to end my subscription to VB. I have a limited budget for porn and guess I will have to join so I can see the sex version of this vid. Oh crap, 4 more minutes till another VB movie update. Sorry Marco.

  8. G man Says:

    Wow … you Americans just keep on enriching culture and philosophy. The comeback of Britney Spears – Sarah Palin – and now this. It brings tears to my eyes … literally.

  9. sasha Says:

    on the same boat with Alison…at a loss for words…

  10. friedrich Says:

    I’ll bet this is all over Telemundo.

  11. Michael K Says:

    Just 3 words mis amigos, WTF! BTW Friedrich, if Telemundo or Univisión value themselves just a little bit, they wouldn’t play this crap even if he pays them. If I were Ricky Martin, I would had him sue for making a bad porn version of “She bangs” video.

  12. marca56 Says:

    That’s the funniest thing I have seen all day. Thank you!

  13. Mark Says:

    This just proves that porn stars don’t have a talent in anything else other than fucking. There’s a reason why they chose porn as a career.

  14. Budley Says:

    I hate this guy and his teeth. This coming from a guy who “doesn’t mind” Lee Stone.

  15. TBBG Says:

    1:00 mark – Easily the fakest money I’ve ever seen in a rolling in money montage

  16. Feliciana Says:

    I don’t like what you say about Marco. I saw Marco sing on TV in Spain many years ago. He is a professional singer a long long time before he was a porn star. You shoud see his first music video “Volveras” on his You Tube profile to see that he is better singer than porn star.

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