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This Week’s Finishers: 10/11 – 10/17

Girls Who Finish
Because it was so popular last week (I even got emails about it!), “This Week’s Finishers” is back for another round. This time, we have a dozen scenes featuring sisters doing it for themselves:

Secretary’s Day #2, Scene 3 starring Jenna Haze
Too good not to go first: Jenna Haze wearing cute glasses gives an awesome blowjob, takes it on the tongue (and then, for some reason, Kevin Moore takes his dick back from her and strokes a little more out, but whatever).

Ski Bitch, Scene 2 starring Julie Robbins and Katja Kassin
This is two (handjob) scenes in one and both girls finish at least one guy.


Which Studio Do You Wish VideoBox Had?

Hi everybody, Content Dude here. Buying content that satisfies a user base of diverse tastes and interests is no easy task, but we do track your comments and read all of the content suggestions members send in.

Most of the time, I think we do a pretty good job at getting you stuff you like, but sometimes we fall short. Every now and then, DVDs I think will go over pretty well get ripped apart. And sure, you can blame me for the plague of Audrey.

People usually ask for particular DVDs or stars as opposed to studios. So what I am asking is for you to tell me what studios you feel we are either missing or have gap in coverage in.

Think of this as a to-do/wish list for me. The sky is the limit, but I can’t make any promises.

First Look at Nailin’ Palin: I’m Massively Disappointed

Nailin\' PalinI’ve worked in porn long enough to not have extremely high hopes for parody movies. That said, I’m really disappointed by the trailer Hustler just released for “Who’s Nailin’ Palin.”

In my opinion, there were two requirements for playing this role: physical resemblance (check) and quasi-midwestern accent (fail). I’m a little crushed.

Ask Alison: Traveling with Porn

Dear Alison,

In a few months I’m going to be traveling through Europe (from America) on business, so I will be bringing my laptop with me (a Mac, if that makes a difference…).

My question is, should I be worried about the porno files stored on my hard drive or the “adult” bookmarks on my web browser as I go through various airports and customs? What is the policy about bringing porn in this fashion into the EU?

As far as I know (I would hope this goes without saying, but…) nothing in my computer would be constituted in America as illegal or obscene, though it’s possible that a few downloaded files–my beloved and oft-mentioned copies of Laure Sainclair movies, for instance–violate copyright laws (I really don’t know: I don’t show them to anyone else and I don’t profit from them, I just downloaded them from the web…).

How closely will airport (or railroad) security in these countries be checking my laptop? I’m not a terrorist, and I’m not bringing explosives or the like into their country, but I remember once traveling abroad with a porno magazine in my suitcase and I got a fairly thorough grilling about it from security at JFK airport. They let me travel, and they let me bring the magazine (I threw it away in the country I was visiting) but it was embarrassing and I wouldn’t want either to be held up or to hold up other passengers with a two-hour quiz on the content of my VB files!!

Please advise!!

Thanks and best wishes,


The Strangest Condom Ads I’ve Ever Seen

John Lennon CondomA friend sent me a link to these condom ads that use “famous dicks” to promote safe sex. Well, safe sex or some random brand of condom I don’t recognize…

Celebrity Porno Lookalikes

One of my favorite (non-porn) sites is For example, Nicole Richie totally looks like a Sleestak.

I liked the site so much that I came up with a Totally Looks Like of my own.

Kristen Bell totally looks like Eve Nicholson

Kristen Bell from the tv show Heroes totally looks like Eve Nicholson from Destination Tonsils #2.

Lisa Ann: Serra Paylin

Lisa Ann Nailin Paylin
TMZ did a quick on the street interview with Lisa Ann, star of Hustler’s upcoming movie Nailin’ Paylin.

With the glasses on, she looks like a halfway decent Palin. Let’s see how well she gets the accent down.


via PS Babylon

You Asked, I Answered

I’d like to introduce the first installment of what I’m very creatively calling Ask Alison. Thanks to everyone who sent in questions! I’ve included three in this post, but don’t worry if your question didn’t make it this time. It may appear in a future edition.

What measures are taken to ensure hygiene and minimize the risk of infections in A2M scenes? As most people know, feces is a bearer of all kinds of pathogenic germs, even to the extent that entering a vagina with a penis that was previously a woman’s butt can destroy the vaginal flora. Taking such a penis into the mouth doesn’t make it much better, so what is done in porn productions to reduce the risk of infections through A2M or similar activity?

Yours, A.

Dear A.,

I’ve been a very vocal critic of ass-to-mouth (A2M) for years. It’s an unhygienic practice and I personally don’t find it attractive to watch. The bad news is that, for the most part, no precautions are taken on sets to specifically reduce the risk of infections through A2M. Before most anal scenes, the female performers use enemas or anal douches to clean their rectums so as to avoid unpleasant accidents on set. People claim that this makes the risk from sucking on a cock that was recently in someone’s ass much lower. I don’t personally buy it, but I’ve never heard of someone getting sick from it either, so I think the jury’s still out on this subject.



Go Ahead, Ask Alison

Since it sounds like fun, I decided to start an Ask Alison feature wherein readers can email me at and I will respond to their questions in a post.

This is not my first attempt at this sort of thing, in case you’re concerned about my credentials. I wrote a sex advice column for about two years when I was working for a porn/sex toy retailer and had (what I considered at the time to be) an excess of knowledge about things like how to clean CyberSkin and how to convince one’s significant other to watch porn.

Since that time, my very specialized expertise has expanded to things like how pornstars get ready for an anal scene (hint: they don’t eat burritos) and how much they’re paid for it.

So, if you’ve got a burning question about sex, porn, dildos, relationships or related topics, email me! Be sure to include the name you’d like to be identified by in the blog.

Looking for Some Shitty Advice?

Tom Byron & Shayla LaVeauxTom Byron is a bit of a porn legend. He’s been in something like 2,000 movies since the early 80’s. He’s also, apparently, a funny guy.

This video from is called Shitty Advice from Tom Byron wherein he and Shayla LaVeaux proceed to give shitty advice to people who write in and ask for it (though I can’t imagine why they would).

I clearly need an advice column.