Can You Tell Real Boobs From Fakes?

I think I’m pretty good at telling the difference between real and fake tits, but I haven’t been able to get a perfect score on this quiz that I found on memepool this morning.

I know one of you can, though. Who’s going to be the first?

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15 Responses to “Can You Tell Real Boobs From Fakes?”

  1. ropeadope Says:

    Required seven or eight attempts but was finally able to score 10/10. They load in new images for each trial, but some pics do repeat themselves. Positive I got the same couple of images incorrect multiple times. Think they went easy on me for that final set; score wasn’t good enough for the “highscores.” Would love to see Alison’s tips on how to best differentiate the fakes from the real deal. On a related note, shame on all those who emailed me expressing the opinion that the headless time zone map girl in the Daylight Savings post is suspiciously trying to obscure the outside of her right arm from the camera’s eye. Thank you Alison, fun quiz.

  2. Matt H. Says:


    I love my tata’s.

  3. marca56 Says:

    I’m nearly certain a couple of those are just marked incorrectly. Also, some of the pictures are at a funny angle or the tits are partially blocked.

  4. tcully001 Says:

    Took the test six times had nine of ten correct three times, and seven of ten three times. Highest score was 200, lowest was 112, like Rope, I think, I got a couple of the same wrong more than once.

  5. Strangepork Says:

    The only thing fakes are good for is still photos. Show them in motion, and we’ll see how many people are really fooled.

  6. nawj Says:

    10 out of 11, a few times through, skills are on point!

  7. irhamsrevenge Says:

    Eight out of 10 in my attempt…not bad given that I’m not much of a ‘titty guy’.

    On a semi-related subject, one of today’s high scorers on the boob quiz had perhaps the funniest screen name ever…Gloryhole Estefan!

  8. extremejay Says:

    Well i took three tries but i got ten out of ten….its sad that i noticed a pair of familiar tits in their. Danni ashe. But im sure some in there were missmarked

  9. nazari Says:

    10/10 on the first shot, one was pretty much a guess though.

  10. whodat5 Says:

    8/10, 9/10, 9/10, 10/10 got “high scores” (241, 247) on the last 2 attempts, but didn’t feel comfortable leaving my email on some strange site.

  11. Andearl Says:

    Go them all right first go, quite proud of that. Still said I didn’t score enough for a high score oh well.

  12. alison Says:

    ropeadope – I’ll add that to my schedule: How to Tell Real Boobs from Fakes 😉

    Matt H. – I’m impressed. Maybe you should write that post!

    marca56 – I personally think you’re right. Holding them or partially covering them up are classic ways to hide fake boobs.

    tcully001 – Makes me wonder if you were actually right…

    Strangepork – You’re 100% right. Motion is the real test.

    nawj – An important skill to have, no doubt.

    irhamsrevenge – LOL @ Gloryhole Estefan

    extremejay – Don’t be sad…Danni Ashe has very distinctive tits!

    nazari – Impressive nonetheless.

    whodat5 – Nice. I’m not sure I’d put mine in there either though.

    Andearl – Keep going! I bet you could make it 🙂

  13. jfro21 Says:

    That app cheats! There is no way you can tell some of them in the positions they have them in. It requires guessing.

  14. albert Says:

    Your score is 163 points.

    total played : 10 tits
    total right : 10 tits
    total wrong : 0 tits
    total score : 163 points


  15. Brinkman Says:

    I played twice 10 out of 10 and 8 out of ten, but I saw Danni Ashe’s tits in there labeled as fake and that’s a wrong as you can get. Danni’s legendary for her giant REAL boobs.