How Do You Use the Flash Player?

Because the post about porn libraries yielded so many interesting responses, a new question has emerged from the VideoBox team: How do you use the Flash player?

Do you watch the Flash player instead of downloading scenes? Do you use it to preview scenes before you download them? If you don’t use it at all, why not?


33 Responses to “How Do You Use the Flash Player?”

  1. ropeadope Says:

    I rarely use the Flash player as I prefer downloading scenes. However, today brought about an interesting discovery. Reading through the comments of this morning’s Paste My Face #4 update, revealed a few of the scenes were playing upside down* in the Flash Player. I know this has been reported from time to time, but I never really checked it out. Because this movie was filmed primarily in POV style, a strange effect ensued. The upside down Flash player scenes show the action from a quasi female perspective. I believe this is nicely illustrated in scene 9 with Smokie Flame. The downloadable scenes show the action from the male perspective. Of course I favor the male point of view, but found the Flash Player scenes a fascinating counterpoint to the norm.

    *Not sure if upside down is the exact accurate description but it’s flipped in some way, shape, or form.

  2. maegorfromow1 Says:

    I used to download a whole bunch of scenes. Then I realized that I don’t plan on ending my subscription anytime soon haha. So I pretty much just use the flash player all the time.

  3. oldvert Says:

    I see little reason to download anything. VB stores and organizes everything for me on YOUR hard drive. The only porn on my hard drive are classic scenes unavailable on this site.
    Your ‘favorites’ system is perfect for me.

  4. 8panthers8 Says:

    I use the flash top preview ones that I am not so sure of. If I like, i download.

    I like to download so that I can take advantage of the dvd quality on my 24″ widescreen monitor.

  5. PeterMc Says:

    Use the flash to skim through the scene to check if it is worth downloading, if I think it’s a keeper I’ll download it.

  6. Matt H. Says:

    I agree wholeheartedly with oldvert

    Reiterating my previous post, I have used the flash player since VB first implemented it and have never looked back. I stream everything and only download when streaming is occasionally unavailable.

    It does lack the DVD quality the download offers, but my old account that had the DVD quality (when it was still free!) was disabled so I dont even get it anyways.

  7. Lenny Says:

    I rarely use the flash player for two main reasons. First that I spend a lot of time in business travel, where reliable internet isn’t always assured. Second, to be entirely honest, is based on reading comments to the videos. The overwhelming number of complaints from people about performance of the flash player just sort of drove me away from it. Well that and the fact that it chews up my CPU like crazy. Maybe I’m too protective of my machine, but when my CPU is pegging out at 50% and the CPU fan is chugging along to keep things cool, I just figure it’s time to give up and download what I want.

    When I have used the flash player, I liked the features. It’s the performance issue that drove me away from it. And for those wondering, my laptop is a 1.8GHz dual core machine bought last year. I shouldn’t need to own a high-end gaming system to use the flash player effectively.

  8. mistahleary Says:

    I rarely use the flash player. My wireless connection is a little slow due to the distance between computer and router, so it comes in choppy. Sometimes I will use it to take a quick peak to see if I actually want to download something, but usually I set something to download and then get some work done while its coming in.

  9. mnws Says:

    I prefer the Flash player, and never download scenes anymore. I used to, before the flash player. I don’t have to hide anything this way.

    Please never get rid of it.

  10. zarafan Says:

    I’m using the Flash Player more and more as I’m trying to save space on my hard drive; that + the favorites file are two terrific features of the VB site. Another great feature is this blog!!!


  11. Dingo Says:

    I use the flash player pretty much exclusively. I have a handful of favorite scenes saved on my hard drive for emergencies (porn related emergencies, hehe) but other than that I just use the my videobox options and watch through the flash player.

  12. out4fun3 Says:

    I use the flash player exclusively unless the video is upside down.

    I never download scenes. I keep track of my favorites by bookmarking scenes.

    I would like to see the capability to bookmark a snippet of a scene rather than the entire scene. Another web-site I look at calls them clips.

  13. ocdave67 Says:

    I use the flash player for viewing of most of the scenes on Videobox. I have a less than optimum (600 kbps) wireless internet service. I like the fact that I can change the video quality of the scene so that most of them play without getting choppy. I can not say this about the other porn site I subscribe too that has a player but video stops often or is very choppy and no adjustment. I do download quite a few scenes from here but with your flash player + reasonable membership fees, I will let VB be my main storage for me.

  14. ths Says:

    I use it to view the movie. But I search for the good positions and only view that positions. I never see the whole movie from start to end.

    Some times, I want to download a movie. Than, I use the player to preview the movie.

    Most times, I only view the movies online and do not download them. I tag my movies to my favorites, so I find them again.

  15. Eliot Says:

    I regularly queue up a bunch of scenes to download. This weekend though I was using a less than ideal connection. The flash player worked like a dream. On that connection, it was a better streaming experience than almost any other flash video site I tried (youtube, hulu, etc.)

  16. lorddork Says:

    Only for previewing and tagging scenes.
    Well there is one DVD where a scene with Aurora Snow was deleted from VB, but thankfully the flv is still aviable, so I got that instead.

  17. KyonoRocks Says:

    I don’t use the flash player although it’s mostly down to old habits. It would be easier, and a lot nicer on my hard drive if I just streamed… but I’ve not had a reliable fast internet connection until recently and I used to do that old trick where I’d sign up for porn pay sites, download as much as I could, then cancel my subscription. VB is the only site I actually stay subscribed to, so maybe I should just start streaming…

  18. Dudero Says:

    I use the flash player entirely, love it except for those times when a scenes plays back upside down in it for some reason. Otherwise, my connection works fine for streaming everything instantly on the higher res setting.

  19. apefj3to2 Says:

    Flashplayer is great for a quick look at the video without investing much time or a DL but I get a lot of freezing up where I have to switch between screen sizes to unfreeze or escape out of it all together.Also always have to battle going back to start even after you think you have it figured out.Or if controls are totally unresponsive click on video and start all over again.Would be easier to DL scene but I review a lot of scenes .Getting better last couple of days.More Paste my Face please.

  20. Bronty Says:

    The Flash player is already a well-designed interface. That said, I would use the Flash player and favourites more often if the features were more dynamic. It would be especially great to queue fav clips, like I do in Windows Media Player. I also wish favorites could be sorted more dynamically (and then queued up according to my sorting preference). Basically, I want an internet-based Windows Media Player.

    The other big reason I like to download clips is to have the glitch-free DVD quality.

    At the moment, I only the flash player to preview or (very occasionally) snip the clip. I use the favorites to help me remember what I want to download.

  21. Bronty Says:

    As I always say, so much porn so little time.

  22. Luke Wilson Says:

    Always download.

    I guess in a collector/hoarder of porn.

    Im addicted to downloading it.

    Ratio of actual watching time to searching for and downloading is 5% to %95.

    I search 19 times more than actually watch.

  23. Ditto Says:

    I use the Flash player regularly to preview a scene. If I think I’m going to watch it again, or multiple times, I go ahead and download the scene. Often, it’s a nice way for me to see what angles are used, whether a woman is appealing to me in motion, what activities go on in the clip as far as positions and such … things like that.

    While I’m at it, though, I have a complaint about the Flash Player.

    Let’s say I’m watching a film. The little “you are here” counter is getting towards the end of the film strip, so it auto-advances said film strip. Now, let’s say I just saw something I wanted to hop back to. I go down to the location bar, and click behind my current location so that I may select what I wanted to see from the film strip. Now that the film strip has backed up (at my request), the “you are here” counter goes, “Oh hey – we’re up ahead of the film strip again,” and auto-advances the film strip. Wait wait … I just backed that up!

    This “tug of war” happens to me ALL the time. When the “new” Flash Player first came out, it gradually pushed the “you are here” counter to the center of the active filmstrip’s location. I liked that a lot more, and was dismayed when it changed back to the old method. I understand that others may prefer THIS way more, and I think there should be some kind of option that allows a user to choose which style they like.

  24. Andearl Says:

    Don’t use it, I tend to download. I can usually tell by the caps, models etc if I’m going to be interested. If I’m still unsure I go to edit the scene, look at more caps, then decide.

  25. sizelarge22 Says:

    What I don’t get about the new flash player is why it plays choppy unless I leave the pointer on the filmstrip (so it doesn’t autohide). The old flash player worked better in this regard, but I do like the navigation features of the new one better.

  26. TacoSlim Says:

    I use the flash player 90% of the time simply because it’s so easy. No worries about HD space or the need for dealing with media players…plus the site is so easy to navigate you can jump around like a mad man looking at stuff instead of waiting around for downloads to finish.

    Still the NEW player has issues like the above comment stated…it’s choppy when you go fullscreen unless you have the cursor on the filmstrip. VERY annoying as the filmstrip has weird scrolling bugs too.

    This isn’t the only site with that kinda choppy playback though and I’m pretty sure it’s a flash issue that no doubt conflicts with certain peoples PC’s. I’m still trying to pinpoint the problem.

  27. Shocked & Appauled Says:

    “We have encountered an error. Please try again.”

  28. VVV Says:

    I find myself using the flash player more recently when I am home but for me it is no real substitute for my portable hard drives with high quality downloads. I tend to move forwards and backwards quite a bit and the flash player can get a bit choppy.

    Like Luke Wilson above, I get a weird satisfaction from downloading and storing the porn. I don’t think I’ve actually watched many of the scenes I’ve downloaded. It’s nice to know that they are in my briefcase whenever I need them though. 🙂

  29. Jcase Says:

    I use the flash player 100% of the time, I never download anything because I just don’t have the room. Even if I did have room I like to rely on my favorites lists that I create on the site for me to be able to get back to my favs. I use the film strip bar to jump forward in 1min chunks quickly through the movie.

  30. mbale Says:

    I use flash exclusively. Downloading takes too long. This is instant gratification.

  31. MBM Says:

    I use the flash player 100 per-cent of the time. The only time i never used it is when you didnt have it haha!

  32. keldav Says:

    I used to use the flash player 99.9% of the time but as of today I am not able to view that way anymore as when I start the scene it will either show 1 second or nothing at all and a screen comes up and says that I have used up all my flash previews and that I need to join the site. I have been a memeber since 07! Anyone else have this problem?

  33. residentperv Says:

    I don’t use the flashplayer at all. The streaming quality sucks more often than any porn star I’ve seen! Also, I pick out most of the flicks, download, and share with my wife when time is perhaps more convenient.