Friday Poll: You Make Three (part 2)

Volume #2 of our threesome survey. If you haven’t had a chance to vote in the initial poll, please go here to do so. I’ve tried to incorporate a few of the prior suggested performers in today’s post. I still have a few dozen combinations in mind for future editions of the poll. Possibly we’ll run the poll five times and select the top two finishers from each vote to compete in a final showdown. As you’ll recall from the earlier post, you’ve been selected to participate in a threesome and have the choice to insert yourself in one of the following pairings:

Adrianna Faust & Micah Moore
Alexa Von Tess & Stephanie Cane
Alexis Texas & Jenny Hendrix
Angel Dark & Jennifer Dark
Annette Schwartz* & Sasha Grey
Ashlynn Brooke & Keri Sable
Belladonna & Taylor Rain
Gianna Michaels & Penny Flame
Jasmine Byrne & Jenaveve Jolie
Lily Thai & Luci Thai

*Several scenes also credited as Annette Schwarz





28 Responses to “Friday Poll: You Make Three (part 2)”

  1. KyonoRocks Says:

    Went with Angel and Jennifer Dark.. mainly because Angel Dark is a goddess.

    If only you put Angel Dark and Sasha Grey together πŸ˜›

  2. rygar13 Says:

    Honestly I saw Alexis Texas and immediately clicked the button. I wasn’t even sure who Jenny Hendrix was until afterwards. Hell, it could have been Jimmy Hendrix and I wouldn’t have cared… dead OR alive!

  3. irhamsrevenge Says:

    Good pairings, rope…I think we’ll see much tighter competition at the top of the poll, unlike the previous Gauge/Jenna Haze landslide.

    This time, went with the two future Hall-of-Famers Taylor Rain & Belladonna….

  4. mistahleary Says:

    I went with Annette Schwartz and Sasha Grey. Micah Moore doesn’t do anal, so her pairing was out. Taylor Rain is one of my all time favs, but Belladonna doesn’t do much for me.

  5. zarafan Says:

    You made it too easy this time, Rope: Angel and Jennifer Dark (who I’m presuming are not actually sisters, given that one is from Hungary and the other from the Czech Republic…) are just the sexiest stars working right now; the pre-sex interviews that Jennifer Dark gives are sexier than most performers’ actual intercourse! And Angel Dark has the most effortlessly sexy figure in porn today; if Jennifer Dark can send me over the edge just talking, Angel Dark can bring me to the brink fully clothed in a still photo!!
    Now, if I win this contest, where will the scene be filmed and when do I show up?!
    Great poll (and your survey is nice, too!),


  6. PeterMc Says:

    From the last time, I seem to remember we get them in their prime right? If that’s the case it has to be Belladonna and Taylor Rain, two of the greatest anal sluts of all time. Belladonna in her prime I would still rate as having one of the greatest asses in the history of porn. If we were filming it as the stars are today, I’d go with Alexis Texas and Jenny Hendrix, two incredible asses and Alexis now does anal as well.

  7. Drock Says:

    I want you guys to release all the DVDs that were leaked yesterday

  8. housedj69 Says:

    Angel Dark is so hot, I would have picked her if she was paired up with Rosie O’Donnell.

  9. walken Says:

    This one was tough… I love Micah Moore but as this is a fantasy scenario I couldn’t go past Belladonna… the possabilities are endless.

  10. whodat5 Says:

    Gee I didn’t think this one would be this close…everyone has their “niche” favorites but 2 super hot mainstream stars (ashlynn and keri) not pulling away? Just goes to show you, different strokes for different folks! (no pun intended)

  11. Mister Handy Says:

    I picked the Sasha Grey & Annette Schwartz one because, well, Sasha Grey and ANYONE would be my top choice from the list presented… heh, yeah even Rosie O’Donnell as housedj69 said πŸ™‚

    If I could pick any second from the list, it have to be Gianna Michaels.

  12. marca56 Says:

    I was sure Gianna and Penny would be winning this…

    I picked Jasmine and Jenaveve. Jasmine is a maniac (and hot), and Jenaveve is a doll (and also exciting to watch).

    The pairs seemed to be themed so going for balance was harder this time.

    I don’t especially care for Jennifer Dark so her being paired with one of my top 5 favorites was unfortunate.

    Even though Sasha and Annette are great performers I didn’t think they would be doing so well.

    Keri and Ashlynn was a tempting pair.

    My write-in pick is once again Lela Star and Rachel Starr.

  13. extremejay Says:

    Well it was tough not to pick Gianna cause id cut out my right nut with a dull spoon to fuck Gianna, but Lily Thai is a new obsession of mine. that girl can fuck, shes a squirter and she has one of the most amazing pair of tits i have ever seen. They are big…like d cups but they are so damn perky they look small…kind of…its hard to explain just watch her stuff. They are basically what fake tits try too look like except they are real. And she has nips that could cut glass. So i had to pick her…glad she landed third place. im dont even know who the other girl she is paired with is.

  14. extremejay Says:

    oops she fell to fifth

  15. xposh Says:

    The few girls I like here are each paired up with one I don’t like so I just didn’t vote.

  16. Garp Says:

    Had to go with Alexis Texas and the rising star Jenny, but this one was tough. Angel Dark is #1 on my list and Micah Moore is so beautiful. However, I went with the ass for historical purposes. But in reality, could not pass up Angel Dark.

  17. ropeadope Says:

    @ KyonoRocks – I was considering pairing Angel with Laura Lion or Jane Darling but finally settled on Jennifer due to the common last name.

    @ rygar13 – Familiarize yourself with Jenny, I’m sure you’ll approve. I imagine Jimmy would have (had) no objections joining you in the scene.

    @ irhamsrevenge – Thank you, very competitive voting thus far. Good solid selection with Belladonna & Taylor (though not my top choice).

    @ mistahleary – Annette & Sasha, both up for anything. As Alison has stated, either you love Belladonna or hate her. Not many neutral opinions. For the record, I am a fan.

    @ zarafan – Well I couldn’t bear the thought of you sitting out two votes in a row, so I made it easy for you. VideoBox has offered me a free #2 pencil if I can get you to vote for a non European coupling. So here’s a sneak peek at half the team you’ll be selecting next time out >>>>>>>>>> Peaches! The scene will be at my house (I’ll let the winner know when). Please, no further commenting on my pole.

    @ PeterMc – Correct, I should have repeated that language in this post. All performers still active and in their prime. Really can’t go wrong with either of the combinations you made mention of.

    @ Drock – Um okay, not sure what that has to do with this post, but thank you for checking in.

    @ housedj69 – Angel definitely seems to have a dedicated following among the VideoBox membership.

    @ walken – Very true, but please be cautious. No Russian Roulette with Belladonna, she’s probably one of the few who could give you a run for your money.

    @ whodat5 – I recall that Keri was one of your very favorite performers (believe Jenny was as well). Ashlynn may still be a bit new to many in the membership. However, you’re certainly correct … different strokes for different folks.

    @ Mister Handy – Wow, two votes for Rosie O’Donnell. Would Sasha & Gianna be your ultimate combo from the entire industy?

    @ marca56 – You abandoned me on the Lily & Luci combo? We voted the same (I think) in poll #1, but appear to be in opposition here. I definitely still have Lela & Rachel on my list, hard to include everyone all at once.

    @ extremejay – I’m a huge fan of Lili, don’t believe her breasts quite make it to the D cup range (although I always defer to Alison’s expertise regarding anything and everything breasts, so I’ll need to seek her opinion), totally agree on the glass cutting nipples. Great performer.

    @ xposh – Out of curiosity, who did you vote for in our first edition of the poll?

    @ Garp – Words to live by. When you just can’t make up your mind, go with the ass. Excellent philosophy.

  18. irhamsrevenge Says:

    Gianna’s totally worth the winner’s circle, but pairing her up w/ the ‘it’ girl PenFlame may push those girls’ numbers over the top. I like it, tough…maybe the VB marketing dept can utilize these stats to select stuff members want. Thank you & allison for the compelling blog subjects.


  19. zarafan Says:

    Rope, I’d hate to stand in the way of you and a new #2 lead pencil; I hope this doesn’t constitute commenting on your pole…!

    Looking forward to the next round,


  20. wcfields Says:

    Wow, it’s really amazing how close it is. The top 5 are all within 20 votes. Good job, Rope.

  21. wcfields Says:

    PS – Annette and Sasha…Just for the skills. They aren’t the two hottest but either one could put my dick and balls in her mouth and still recite the pledge of allegiance.

  22. albert Says:

    SASHA AND ANNETTE 100%!@!@!@!@


  23. doppyman Says:

    Penny rings my bell so that pretty much determined my vote. Thinking about it a little more. it struck me that Penny and Gianna seem to laugh a lot more than most porn girls do, at least in the scenes I’ve seen. So while there would be awesome sex and incredible beauty in all of your selected pairs, I think these two might be the most fun!

  24. Annette Schwarz Says:

    Hi, thanks for pushing me to the top with Sahsa! I just wrote some words about me and Sasha on my blog:

  25. Pitspain Says:

    Lovely…. πŸ™‚
    Of course I like all the girls but Annette & Sasha are the best, hot hotter y muy caliente!!!!

    Wish you the best πŸ˜‰

    Hugs from the HOT SPAIN

  26. Annette Schwarz Shooting with Sasha Grey « Porn Star Annette Schwarz Blog Says:

    […] the videobox blog people could sometimes vote which girls they would like to see in one scene. This time Annette Schwarz and Sasha Grey got the most votes. Honestly, I am not the biggest fan of her, of […]

  27. Dave Says:

    I assume that the voting has already been tallied! It is amazing that just few moments ago I was writing a blog about how gorgeous I think Annette is. I stated perhaps only Sasha Grey could compete. Now I read this! Well even if it is too late I’ll just leave a comment: I think that Annette and Sasha would be fanfuckingtastic together! I think both girls have the most beautiful pussies and assholes I’ve seen. I would love to fuck both sweethearts and lick and suck their assholes completley dry!! HEAVENLY CUNTS AND ASSHOLES THEY ARE!!

  28. Dave Says:

    Could someone confirm for me just how old Jenna Haze is? I’ve seen her in about 15 flicks recently — all in which she looks exactly the same — and she has stated in a few that she was 19, which is about what she looks in these flicks. I was just informed by a fellow comrade that Jenna is 27. Is this correct? And if so why have I not seen any recent flicks of her? I would assume she would look older. The same would stand for her cute little friend Aurora Snow who I have seen in 2 flicks w/Jenna and they both claim to be 19; God is Aurora a cute little fucker!!