This Week’s Finishers: 11/8 – 11/14

Vice Girls #2, Scene 4 starring Ashley Blue
Ashley gets a little help from guy 1 and then doublehandedly (that’s a word, right?) strokes the second guy off into her mouth. Classic Ashley Blue.

Cum To Mommy #2, Scene 4 starring Andrea
Not a great scene, but perhaps realistic if you were actually to fuck some random mom in your neighborhood. Member s2w9 sums it up: “complaining about anything in this scene is off-limits because she dirty talks while finishing him like a champ.”

All You Need Is Sex, Scene 6 starring Rebecca Linares and Lilianne Tiger
Lilianne jerks him off into both their mouths. Then they do a little french kissing/cum swapping. Probably the hottest example of this I’ve ever seen. (mostly because I’ve never seen a hot example of cum swapping before). Why the hell they cut to this guy’s awful face before the pop, I don’t know.

10 Years Big Bust #4, Scene 1 starring Minka
Minka jerks this guys off between her ridiculous ginormous (keeping the word invention going) breasts.

Perverted Planet #2, Scene 1 starring Salma de Nora
This scene was going fine until she’s stroking him into her mouth and gets it up the nose. Which looks like a booger and ruined it a bit.

Nasty Talk, Scene 5 starring Sandra Romain
Sandra Romain jerks him off into her mouth. Not at it, into it. You can see the cum on her tongue. A fine example of why Sandra Romain is awesome.

Superfuckers #10: Non Stop Sex, Scene 6 starring Petra Short
Two guys in this scene. Petra jerks the second guy off into her mouth after first guy does it himself.

Superfuckers #10: Non Stop Sex, Scene 3 starring Yasmine Fitzgerald and Alissa
The blonde (I’ll admit it, I don’t know which one is which) jerks him off into her mouth, kinda.

Naked Eyes, Scene 3 starring Bunny Bleu and Susan Hart
Guy gets jerked off by Susan and Bunny while eating Susan’s pussy

Naked Eyes, Scene 2 starring Bunny Bleu and Susan Hart
Bunny Bleu blows Herschel Savage, who says some dumb ass shit while he’s coming. It’s slightly comical, but not hot. Best quote: “The fortune of life surges through my penis!”

Believe Me I Wanna DP #3, Scene 3 starring Nikki Ryder
Ms. Ryder strokes one guy’s cum right on to her tongue ring. The other has to jerk himself off.

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3 Responses to “This Week’s Finishers: 11/8 – 11/14”

  1. rygar13 Says:

    In regards to the Salma De Nora scene, I’ve heard that called “booger planting”

  2. papayaman Says:

    In Superfuckers10 the blonde is Alissa. She has a few other scenes on the site. One of the girls I always look out for on account of those blonde good looks.

  3. thelettere Says:


    Great stuff as always. Is there any way you could label the pictures of the girls that is above? (like have the name come up if you put the cursur over the picture)