This Week’s Finishers: 11/15 – 11/21

There were a lot of finishers this week. Twenty four, to be exact. I also tried out a new format this week. Let me know if you like it!

Fresh Faces #6, Scene 1 starring Gwen

I guess Gwen didn’t want cum in her hair (she held it back). Or in her eyes (squeezed shut). Or on her face (moved out of the line of fire).
Hand To Hand Combat, Scene 10 starring
Brianna Love

Brianna Love is really cute. But some of the faces she’s making here are not. Getting this guy to cum seems like squeezing water from a stone. This is a great movie in which every girl finishes, but this is not my favorite scene.
Hand To Hand Combat, Scene 9 starring
Crista Moore and Shawna Lenee

Christa bobs Shawna’s head on the cock for a while, but when he starts coming, they seem slightly surprised and and up licking it off their fingers.

Hand To Hand Combat, Scene 8 starring Kylee Reese

Kylee Reese is a cute girl and her technique isn’t bad either. She strokes him off into her mouth.

Hand To Hand Combat, Scene 7 starring Jayden James

Jayden James slurps down the cum for a very solid finish.

Hand To Hand Combat, Scene 6 starring Stephanie Cane and Ruby Rider

Not as good as scene 4, but alright. Both girls are a little cum shy.

Hand To Hand Combat, Scene 5 starring Jessica Lynn

By this scene, I was sick of this guy’s grunting and groaning. And Jessica seemed a little tired by the end. Good, but not great.

Hand To Hand Combat, Scene 4 starring Adrianna Nicole and Alexa Jordan

Adrianna and Alexa are masterful at finishing this double blowjob with perhaps the rarest of porn rarities – the double oral creampie.

Hand To Hand Combat, Scene 3 starring Lindsay Kay

A classic example of a cum dodger. If that doesn’t really bother you, it was an okay scene.

Hand To Hand Combat, Scene 2 starring Jaelyn Fox and Lacey Maguire

For some reason (maybe because you don’t see them very often), I think the scenes with two girls where one finishes are a thing of beauty. One jerks the cock while the other licks the balls. Nice work.

Hand To Hand Combat, Scene 1 starring Mackenzee Pierce

Mackenzee’s cute and puts in a good performance in this scene.

Down Your Throat #6, Scene 5 starring Scarlette Fay

She does a nice job of jerking him off, but it ends up on her mouth rather than inside, which just seems unprofessional to me.

Down Your Throat #6, Scene 4 starring Mariah

Mariah manages to finish this guy while tit fucking him. It’s an interesting finish and one worth checking out.

Down Your Throat #6, Scene 2 starring Jennifer Dark

Jennifer Dark finishes perfectly onto her tongue.

Down Your Throat #6, Scene 1 starring Brynn Tyler

Brynn does a nice job of following through on the blowjob as he’s coming and even after it’s over.

Real 2 Reel #2, Scene 4 starring Ebony Princess

She seems happy to jerk him off onto her tongue.

Double D Babes #4, Scene 8 starring Gianna Michaels

Gianna finishes this guy with the flair you expect from her. Pro: Lots of sexy eye contact. Con: she spits.

Cream Crazed Cuties, Scene 5 starring Sierra Sinn

This guy pops so hard it squirts out of her mouth.

Cream Crazed Cuties, Scene 3 starring Jasmine Tame

She works the cock furiously and gets it between the eyes.

XXX Rated #3, Scene 3 starring Victoria

She does finish. I think. It’s a little hard to tell.

Absolute Beginners, Scene 3 starring Yvonne

This was terrible in just about every way. But she did finish him.

Absolute Beginners, Scene 1 starring Carly

She doesn’t quit stroking the moment he starts coming.

Open Legs, Open Minds, Scene 1 starring Katerina

Katerina finishes him off onto her cheek. Except you can’t see it.

T and A Buffet, Scene 4 starring Kitty

Kitty is gross. And the guy keeps having to tell her to keep going.

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8 Responses to “This Week’s Finishers: 11/15 – 11/21”

  1. xposh Says:

    Didn’t watch a single one of these.

  2. ropeadope Says:

    Purchasing an adult DVD from the video store >>> $19.99.

    Renting an adult DVD from the video store >>> $4.99.

    Reading Alison’s capsule comments on the above scenes >>> Priceless!

  3. walken Says:

    Priceless indeed! I like the new format.

  4. whodat5 Says:

    Good job with the new format! Just wish that most of the “finisher” scenes weren’t blowjob/handjob.

  5. t85 Says:

    Love the capsules format and this series.

    How about a series that features clips where women actually orgasm?

  6. content dude Says:

    t85 – Its much easier to spot a women finishing a guy off than a women having a ‘real’ orgasm. Add to it that a real orgasm is a extremely rare event in porn. I am sure if you want to post your top real orgasms Alison would post it on the blog in a heartbeat.

  7. rome476 Says:

    Does anyone know of any other Gianna “finisher” scenes? I have checked out a lot of her scenes and I have never found any except for a couple of tit fucking scenes.

  8. mistahleary Says:

    I second the motion that Kitty is gross.