I’m Curious: How Do You Feel About Twitter?

I’m the first to admit that while I’m pretty hip to the stuff the kids like, I’m not what you’d call an early adopter. I tend to think that most new technologies are useless until proven otherwise and ignore them until I cannot afford to any longer. Which is why I don’t use Twitter. And why I’m now curious about it.

So I have a few questions for you. If you’d be so kind to answer and elaborate in the comments if necessary, I’d be much obliged.




As an FYI, I’m leaving Tuesday morning to go visit my family for Thanksgiving, so my internet access will be pretty limited. Happy Turkey day to all of you who celebrate it!


12 Responses to “I’m Curious: How Do You Feel About Twitter?”

  1. ropeadope Says:

    Had to Google it as I never heard of Twitter. Still not fully clear, but I’d certainly read a twitter feed if written by Alison. Have a great Holiday.

  2. tombrokaw Says:

    Twitter is dumb. What’s next, I get to read the exact timestamp of someone taking a dump? Oh wait, that’s twitter.

  3. Bronty Says:

    Like ropeadope, I wasn’t quite sure what Twitter was. Once I got to the site, I decided to register an account to explorer. I was amazed to find that I was already a member! I must registered for hell of it ages ago, and forgot.

    I used their “find people” feature with both my Yahoo email address books, both of which are quite large. Zero Twitter users found.

    Even despite not having any friends on Twitter, I still can’t find the advantage.

  4. xposh Says:

    No clue what it is. Heard it mentioned a couple times before in YouTube videos. Checked their website and watched their video. So dumb. Really don’t care what other people are up to at this very second or if they’re cooking dinner like the video says. Congrats to Twitter for recreating instant messaging and the chat room. Wouldn’t use this service.

  5. Strangepork Says:

    I don’t use Twitter, and so far I haven’t seen anything about it to make me want to use it. It seems like its mainly people sharing mundane play-by-play details of their daily lives. However, I refrained from voting in the final question since I don’t know what a VB Twitter feed would be all about. It might be cool for giving the titles of releases as they come out, but I can’t think of what else it would contain. I don’t think I’d join just for that – maybe if you could give some examples of what it would be used for….

  6. dirtyboots Says:

    I find twitter incredibly valuable. I can understand tombrokaw’s attitude but one could say the same about blogs. If you read boring people’s blogs you’re going to get updates on what they eat and then crap out. If you follow rubbish people on twitter you’ll get the same. However, tune in to the right people and you’ll be surprised at what you’ll discover and the conversation you have.

    I’m a programmer/web developer so I follow a lot of people in similar professions who have interesting insights to share and first-hand news/discoveries to pass on.

    If you’ve joined twitter fill out your profile and then enter your details at twitter.grader.com and it’ll recommend some people to follow. Look at blogs/websites of people you admire and you may find out that they twitter.

    Also check out search.twitter.com to discover like minded people and twitturly.com to see what people are sharing right now.

    So yeah, I dig it and would defs follow a VB twitter feed.

    What porn related twitterers do people follow?

  7. Del Says:

    I do use Twitter, and would be interested in following a feed from you.

    However, you need to be aware that normal use of Twitter allows people to see who’s following you and who you’re following. I’m not sure that I really want folks looking at my Twitter page and seeing Videobox there. 🙂

    As such, I’d probably just make another Twitter account to follow you.

  8. paul Says:

    Ditto to what dirtyboots said, if you think twitter is about announcing what you’re doing this very instant, then you don’t know how to use twitter. Advantages to twitter over email/IM/chat rooms is the text messaging. Even if we all have iPhones, it’s impossible to get people into a social chat room anywhere in the world like twitter does.

    But honestly Alison, I can’t say I’d follow you if you used twitter for professional purposes. One reason is the stigma of following VideoBox publicly. The other reason is that I can’t think what you could say that I’d be interested in. I really don’t care about the latest releases (I mainly go by recommendations), and I don’t need to be updated as to when a new blog post is out… I check about 2 or 3 times a week, and that habit isn’t going to change. As for creating a second account to follow you, I mainly use twitter on my mobile, and you can’t link a mobile to more than one account.

    Though, if you had a personal account I’d follow you 🙂

  9. vigilante Says:

    Twitter is self absorption gone berserk. To be so audacious to think people really give a crap about all the mundane things we do in our day to day lives is more perverse than anything I could ever imagine! And thats saying allot as a self proclaimed porn nut.

  10. Bronty Says:

    Come on, vigilante, don’t you know people who phone their mum? Unfortunately, I doubt most mums (at least the ones over 70) use Twitter.

    That said, did any of you see the news about how Twitter was utilized during all the recent chaos in India?

  11. alison Says:

    Hey guys, thanks a lot for giving me your honest opinions. With 183 people interested enough to subscribe to my Twitter, I might actually consider getting an account. I’d probably use it for smaller items that don’t warrant their own blog post (links or random thoughts). I promise not to post when I blow my nose. 😉

  12. stoked01 Says:

    I think Twitter is mostly useful for people who have a following. I completely agree with your sentiments, Alison. I find Twitter to be a bit strange, too. It’s similar to the “status” thing on Facebook, right? That already provides me with TMI.

    What I think IS cool is the idea of a “tweet”, and I’m not talking about Twitter, I’m talking about a broader concept. A tweet is when a user of a social networking app posts a provocative link. A “tweet” usually comes in the form of a TinyURL (see tinyurl.com), and is typically a syndicated bit of information or news about a topic of interest. For example, I could post a tweet about this here blog on my flickr, facebook, myspace, twitter etc:


    That’s way better than telling the world that “stoked is negotiating a sneeze”, which goes into the TMI category.

    Cheers from Stoked!