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Your Christmas Present: A Horrifying Cat Tattoo

Since I took some time off for the Christmas holiday, I didn’t happen to notice the DVDs we posted that day until now. The one that caught my eye and made it hurt was A Very Creamy Christmas, scene 4. Member ccmoosecc’s comment made me laugh out loud: “Nothing says Merry Christmas like a demonic cat tattoo on your snatch.”

I showed it to a coworker who’d apparently seen it over the weekend and knew exactly what the tattoo was of. This is not any demonic cat, but the Cheshire Cat from the video game American McGee’s Alice. See for yourself:

Hideous cat tattoo Cheshire Cat

I guess somebody had to top the travesty on Jenna Jameson’s neck

Happy Holidays!

Haiku Contest

Just wanted to say Merry Christmas and Happy Hannukah (or whatever winter holiday you celebrate) to everyone.

I’ll be back to my normal posting schedule after January first. In the meantime there’ll be a few posts here and there, but it’s all just filler until I start posting my AVN 2009 coverage. Should be fun.

Friday Poll: You Make Three (part 3)

Welcome to the third edition of our threesome poll and best holiday wishes to the entire membership. Voting is still open in poll # 1 (Gauge & Jenna Haze with a commanding lead) and poll # 2 (top three combos separated by only six votes). Same rules as in the first two surveys. You’ve been selected to participate in a threesome and have the choice to insert yourself in one of the following pairings. In our hypothetical situation, all the girls are still active and in their prime.

Amy Reid & Bree Olsen
Aubrey Addams & Jeanie Marie Sullivan
Audrey Bitoni & Gloria Gucci
August* & Rebecca Linares
Ava Devine & Vicky Vette
Avena Lee** & Mika Tan
Avy Scott & Shyla Stylez
Cytherea & Dani Woodward
Kaylynn & Tiffany Taylor
Lauren Phoenix & Ryan Connors

*Several scenes credited as August Night
**Couple scenes credited as Aveena Lee



This Week’s Finishers: 12/13 – 12/19

As “This Week’s Finishers” has become a series, I’ve decided to include serial commentary that will culminate in a final blog post – Alison’s Laws of Finishing. This week’s law: Show some enthusiasm.

Ladies, this is your job. Take pride in it. Do it well. Don’t look bored or impatient. These guys take a while to cum and you need to be understanding – and then revel in the satisfaction of accomplishment. You’ve done something few porn girls manage to do and you shouldn’t ruin it by looking like you’re late for your 3:00 nail appointment.

Tiffany Holiday
Stripped, Spread, Stretched #3, Scene 1 starring Tiffany Holiday

This was a subtle cumshot. Until she picks the cum out of her mouth.
Alexis Amore
Myne Tease #4, Scene 3 starring Alexis Amore

Genuine oral creampie right here. Complete with swallowing.


Noah’s Celebrity Lookalikes

Do you ever wonder if there’s someone who watches as much porn as you do? Well there is…Me. My name is Noah and I’m your VideoBox frame picker. It’s my job to watch every movie on the site and pick out the best still frames so you guys can see what’s going on in each scene. Not a bad gig!

Seeing as how I look at porn ALL DAY LONG, you can imagine how much interesting and weird stuff I get/have to see. I usually save the best pictures in a folder so I can entertain myself and co-workers but I realized, hey, maybe the VideoBoxers would get a kick outta this stuff too. Today I’m gonna keep it pretty mild and just show you some of the celebrity look-alikes I’ve come across but I promise I’ll come back and share some juicier stuff later.

So here they are in no particular order:

Felicia Looks Like Brooke Burke

Teagan Presley Looks Like Britney Spears


This Week’s Finishers: 12/6 – 12/12

My favorite finishers this week were Aurora Snow and the girls in Caught On Tape #2. Chloe Stevens was my absolute least favorite. How about you?

Aurora Snow
Serenity in Toyland, Scene 2 starring Aurora Snow

Aurora Snow is a masterful cocksucker. It takes a lot of coordination to get both hands moving like that, I’d think. It’s hard to see where the cum goes, but I don’t think that takes anything away from Aurora’s performance.
Jenny and Kim in Caught on Tape #2
Caught On Tape #2, Scene 3 starring Jenny and Kim

Both of these girls had room to hold this guy’s cock and plenty left over to stroke it. Which is impressive in and of itself.


What Are Your Favorite Sex Acts? Reader Guest Post

Please enjoy this guest post by wcfields. – Alison

Once there was a fair lass named Alison,
To whom I sent an electronic mail,
To see if her permission could be won,
For questioning our members (mostly male):

She thought my note a lovely suggestion,
And said to speed my query with all haste.
So I ask ‘What gives you an erection?”
Or makes you sopping wet below the waist?

Perhaps you wish they focused on the Kiss,
Or Dirty Talk you cannot do without.
Do you long to see nasty girls drink piss?
(On this one point alone I have some doubt.)

So tell us all what cranks your libido.
Please chose your favorite dirty acts below.


Please feel fee to make a fuller accounting in the comments. Ranked lists are appreciated!

Why Don’t Some Porn Stars Do Interracial?

Interracial Porn
My post on what porn stars will do generated some interest in one agency form checkbox in particular – Interracial (IR). Porn being something of an alternate universe, “interracial” does not simply mean persons of different racial backgrounds having sex. It refers to black men with white women about 95% of the time.

Only about 40% of white girls will do a scene with a black man if the talent agency websites are to be believed. Even if you count the girls who are listed incorrectly in the non-interracial category (one site listed Gianna Michaels as not doing IR), it’s probably still fewer than 50%.

There are a few theories floating around about why some stars won’t do IR:


This Week’s Finishers: 11/29 – 12/5

I think doing this feature every week has made me even more opinionated about porn – specifically what kinds of girls ought not be in porn. I don’t want to rant here, but if you can’t tolerate getting strangers’ cum on your face and in your mouth, porn is not the job for you. Too many girls ruin an otherwise good thing (finishing) by acting like they’re getting squirted in the face with bleach.

Anyhoo, there were several girls this week who seemed to enjoy their work and I’ve made sure to note the good ones.

Michelle Lay
Assassin #4, Scene 2 starring Michelle Lay

This comment by philanthropist says it all: She deep throats him to the hilt and he cums down her throat hands free, until she pulls back and half of his cum sprays everywhere. Good shit.
Dress-Up Dolls, Scene 2 starring Trinity

Beautiful girl. She strokes him onto her tongue (and a little bit into her eye).


I’m Trying Out Twitter

Because almost 200 people expressed interest in a VideoBox blog Twitter feed, I’ve set up an account and will begin twittering (or tweeting or whatever the proper word is) as of today.

You can find me at

Unless something particularly interesting happens at the office, I promise not to post the minutiae of the day. Rather, smaller items (probably links) that I don’t feel warrant an entire blog post of their own.

Be warned, much like the VideoBox blog, you should assume that any links I post are not safe for work. I don’t want anyone getting fired, even if 25% of people are looking at porn at work these days.