This Week’s Finishers: 11/22 – 11/28

Since I was gone for the Thanksgiving holiday, these finishers are a bit late. I hope you can forgive me 🙂

Kaiya Lynn
Asian Parade #1, Scene 1 starring Kaiya Lynn

Kaiya sort of allows her face to get fucked for a while, then jerks the guy off onto her chin. She gets pretty well drenched.
Lana Croft
Asian Parade #1, Scene 3 starring Lana Croft

She jerks him off for a while and he seriously launches right over her head. Pretty impressive, really.

Can I F**k You… Too?, Scene 3 starring Anais (and Sabrina, sorta)

Excellent slow and sensual oral creampie from Anais. Cute freckles.
Ava Lustra
Hot Wet Sex, Scene 2 starring Ava Lustra

The flash player on this scene is kinda messed up (we’re on it), but it’s worth watching. After a lot of time jacking this guy off, there’s a subtle finish. Ava rubs it on her face and licks it up.
Tory Lane
FPS: First Person Shooter, Scene 5 starring Tory Lane

Tory Lane works hard for this finish. She takes it on her tongue and gobbles up the cum.
Sophie Dee
Killer Grip #4, Scene 1 starring Sophie Dee

Sophie Dee jerks him off into her mouth and finishes her cum like a good girl.
Alexis Love
Killer Grip #4, Scene 2 starring Alexis Love and Gianna Lynn

Alexis gives some nice dirty talk before jerking cum all over her face. Gianna double hands him onto her tits.
Kristina Rose
Killer Grip #4, Scene 3 starring Kristina Rose

Kristina Rose obviously needs some lessons in cum dodging or something. She’s cute, but her dodges are very obvious.
Killer Grip #4, Scene 4 starring Samira

Samira jerks John West off onto her tits.
Sarah Vandella
Killer Grip #4, Scene 5 starring Sarah Vandella and Tristan Kingsley

Sarah Vandella is up first with the jerk onto the tits. Tristan Kingsley finishes onto her feet.
The Love Twins Lyndsey and Lacey Love
Killer Grip #4, Scene 6 starring Lyndsey and Lacey Love

Full disclosure: I hate the Love twins. I think member i_masterbate sums this scene up nicely: “they look 40 but stroke cock like a gf I had when I was 15!”

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6 Responses to “This Week’s Finishers: 11/22 – 11/28”

  1. HotScooter2 Says:


    Be easy on yourself wlllya. why apologize for this blog being late hey i didn’t even notice. hope you had great holidays with family. that’s about it for now. i really doubt if anyone is upset with you even if this update is late. a big cyberhug as always from the originator of the cyberhug at least on this blog

  2. walken Says:

    Forgive what??? Thanks for another week of finishers!

  3. xposh Says:

    Didn’t notice either. Never really check this blog but maybe once a week if I remember. Didn’t watch any of these scenes.. Same as the week before.

  4. irhamsrevenge Says:

    When ‘Killer Grip #4’ was posted, I thought ‘Alison’s got her TWF work cut out for her when she gets back’. Great scene descriptions….

    Looking forward to next week’s entry, which will no doubt be featuring last night’s update ‘Handjob Heaven’.

  5. alison Says:

    HotScooter2 – Thanks! My Thanksgiving with the family was better than I’d expected. Cyberhug back at ya 😉

    walken – You’re very welcome.

    xposh – I thought the Anais, Sophie Dee and Alexis Love were decent. It all depends on your personal taste, though.

    irhamsrevenge – These handjob movies are too much! I might just start posting the link to the whole DVD.

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