VideoBox Nominated For Best Adult Website

VideoBox Nominated For Best Adult Website
The nominees for the 2009 AVN Awards were published last week and I’m very proud to announce that VideoBox has been nominated for Best Adult Website!

This is the first time we’ve been nominated for an AVN award and everyone here is very happy. The AVN website says that the judging “will be based on content quality, quantity and originality, site design, usability and features.”

I think we do well on most of those criteria, but I’m probably biased. I guess we’ll see if the judges agree with me next month. The award show is happening on January 10th at the Mandalay Bay Resort in Las Vegas.

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23 Responses to “VideoBox Nominated For Best Adult Website”

  1. zarafan Says:

    Given that yours is the only site I currently subscribe to, and the only one to which I’ve subscribed more than two months’ consecutively EVER, I sincerely hope y’all win: who else is the competition? Anyone we need to worry about? I hope they take customer satisfaction and loyalty into account. And I hope you get to go to the award ceremony, Alison!

    Good luck (you’ve already won an award in my book),


  2. zarafan Says:

    Went to their website and checked out the other nominations: my word, they have a lot of categories!! That being said, in the best adult website category, there are at least three or four other sites nominated that I have subscribed to, but as I said previously, never more than one or two months at a time: they get boring with the same-old, same-old very quickly. But it occurs to me that you are being compared to apples and oranges in the sense that what Videobox is so different from the other sites that produce their own content. I hope the judges for this award recognize that? I also hope that if you go to the award ceremony, Alison, you’ll chat up Rebecca Linares and arrange to have her multi-nominated feature RAW appear on Videobox soon!!!



  3. alison Says:

    hey zarafan – Thanks so much! It’d be nice if they did take customer satisfaction and loyalty into account – I hear pretty often that we lead the industry there. But I guess we’ll just have to see. Not sure If I’m going to the awards, but I should be at the show, taking pictures and video if I can. I’ll see what I can do about Rebecca Linares 😉

  4. Budley Says:

    I predict a landslide victory. All your porno are belong to Videobox.

  5. boricuadoc Says:

    I want to hire puerto rican star Dee (a.k.a. Dee Baker) to direct a few movies I want to produce and finance myself. Does anybody know who her agent is, or how to contact her?

  6. Strangepork Says:

    Congratulations! You are in good company with the other nominees. This should bring added prestige to the site as the only one of its kind nominated, and I’m sure you’ll be able to leverage that in future content negotiations. 😉

  7. davros Says:

    I hope you gals and guys win. This is a great site, and the few other sites I’ve belonged to don’t hold a candle to this one.

  8. vigilante Says:

    proud to be a member!

  9. Shocked & Appauled Says:

    Only thing that needs to be fixed is the Flash player. I keep getting the “We have encountered an error message. Please try again.” That frustrates me as I only use the flash player and don’t download.

  10. doppyman Says:

    Because VB is up against a lot of original content sites, you may be a long shot here, but then again, the original content sites might split the vote. I might be wrong (I only gave the list a quick look) but VB seemed to be the only site of this type, which is appropriate because VB is by far the best of its kind, and like with Zarafan, it is the only site that has kept my interest for more than two months BECAUSE THE SITE IS GREAT. I hope you win and that it gets VB more customers which generates more money for content dude to do his magic and generates more strange marriage proposals for Alison. Keep up the good work and good luck.

  11. Spazz Says:

    This is the best site I’ve joined so far. Good luck.

  12. greywind57 Says:

    Way to go VB! This is by far the best porn site I have ever seen. No one else has VB’s combination of regular updates (with quality vids) and a price that can’t be beaten. Best of luck at the awards.

  13. alison Says:

    Thanks, you guys. We are definitely up against some stiff competition, and I know this sounds cheesy, but it’s really nice just to be nominated.

    Shocked & Appauled – Have you contacted support about that issue? The Tech Guy happened to be walking by my desk just now and he said he’d need some more info, but we’ll definitely look into it.

    boricuadoc – Sorry, dude. Maybe start by checking the big agencies (LA Direct, etc)?

  14. irhamsrevenge Says:

    Ahh, the Consumer Electronics Show/Adult Entertainment Expo…good times. Back in the day when I was prowling the event, there was a ‘secret’ way to sneak into the AEE without the somewhat-embarrassing wait in that long entrance line. Since then, I think the organizers got wise and shut down that leak (or perhaps they moved it to another venue…I don’t know, it’s been a while).

    Anyway, good luck to VB at the AVNs…no site gives more bang for the buck.

  15. Oldbaldy Says:

    Good luck guys and gals; this is a great site. Allison, you’ve brought up an interesting point with “Loyalty” anybody figured out who is the member that has been around this site the longest?

  16. E.J. Says:

    Congratulations! Well deserved! If there’s any justice in this world you’ll come home with the hardware!

  17. Garp Says:

    Good luck, Alison and VB. I think “we” deserve the award.

  18. WhiteCircle Says:

    maybe we could get a list of award winning videos either in the blog or on the category chooser? That would be a great feature!

  19. content dude Says:

    doppyman – that is kinda what i am thinking. It really depends on how they weight the different areas that they are judging. So if original content is one of the stronger factors, we don’t have a chance since we have none. I like our chances though…

  20. ocdave67 Says:

    I think if the award was presented for best value. VB would win hands down. If the award is for original content. Reality Kings would win hands down. Too bad they do not have an award for each.

    To Shocked & Appauled- I often have the problem you described with the flash player. The solution for me was to click a frame or two into the video clip images to get the movie player going. I think that there is a problem with clip images not downloading to player properly causing the flash player to claim an error and try again. Not trying to replace tech guy but this solution has worked for me when I had this frustrating problem.

  21. along Says:

    VB deserves the award.
    I, like Zarafan, have signed up for several porn sites over the years, but this is the only one I’ve kept more than a month or two.
    The price is GREAT, there’s ALOT of content, and Alison and the the others maintain the perfect balance between professional and friendly.
    Win or lose, I say, and I think most of your other members will agree, VB is the best on the web.

  22. Damon Says:

    I glad that the people over there are finally paying attention! Actually how long has the website been on the web?Congradulations on the honour. Your website delivers terrific value due to the amount, variety and quality of the content posted. I would not say it is a perfect porn website but for the price who could complain? And Alison as the members liasion to the website you should feel good about your contribution towards VideoBox’s success. I am happy for you all. 🙂

  23. Exactly Says:

    If anyone should happen to chance upon this post, I think you’ll see that it somes up this website nicely.

    “Ladies and Gentlemen, we’ve traveled across the internet to come to you tonight. We couldn’t get to you sooner, because a new studio was on the line and we had to see about it. Ladies and Gentlemen, If we say we’re a porn site, you will agree, we are a porn site. We’re a fan site, we post content for the fans. Notice our blogs and our suggestion box. We have a great site here, we’re fixed like no other porn site on the web. We have a string of dedicated servers in the ready to put to work. That’s why we can guarentee to let you start downloading, and put up the movies to back our word. I assure you Ladies and Gentlemen, no matter what those other members only sites promise to do, when it comes to the content they wont be there.”