This Week’s Finishers: 11/29 – 12/5

I think doing this feature every week has made me even more opinionated about porn – specifically what kinds of girls ought not be in porn. I don’t want to rant here, but if you can’t tolerate getting strangers’ cum on your face and in your mouth, porn is not the job for you. Too many girls ruin an otherwise good thing (finishing) by acting like they’re getting squirted in the face with bleach.

Anyhoo, there were several girls this week who seemed to enjoy their work and I’ve made sure to note the good ones.

Michelle Lay
Assassin #4, Scene 2 starring Michelle Lay

This comment by philanthropist says it all: She deep throats him to the hilt and he cums down her throat hands free, until she pulls back and half of his cum sprays everywhere. Good shit.
Dress-Up Dolls, Scene 2 starring Trinity

Beautiful girl. She strokes him onto her tongue (and a little bit into her eye).

Handjob Heaven
Handjob Heaven

Every single scene in this DVD has a finisher
Anal Vacation Scene 5
Anal Vacation, Scene 5

After 1:10 of handjob (which seems like forever), he squirts into her mouth. She licks up the cum, plays with it a little, and continues sucking for a while.
Anal Vacation Scene 8
Anal Vacation, Scene 8

After the three girls ooh and ahh for a while as the blonde in the middle strokes his cock, he finally shoots in her face and she spits it back onto him. None of them seem to like cum very much at all.
Share My Cock 8
Share My Cock #8, Scene 6 starring Promise and Sasha

This scene made me laugh out loud. Priceless dialogue after one girl sucks him off and he tells her to keep going a few times:

Girl: Did you know you already came?
Guy: No. Did I?
Chelsea Johnson
100% British Hardcore Fuck Fest #1, Scene 1 starring Chelsea Johnson

Plus one point for making him cum, minus one point for keeping her lips clamped tightly shut while she did it.
Karina Clarke
100% British Hardcore Fuck Fest #1, Scene 4 starring Karina Clarke

There was absolutely no need to flash to this guy’s face right before he came. That said, she does a nice job of jerking him off onto her face/tongue.
Nancy Sweet
Truly Nice Tits #4: Funbags, Scene 5 starring Nancy Sweet

Nancy here does a great job of finishing off guy #1. Very enthusiastic. Not to mention that she was multitasking.
Michelle Banks
Anal Bandits #5, Scene 10 starring Hillary Scott and Michelle Banks

Michelle is the one who finishes the deed, but her attitude about it isn’t awesome. The constant blinking in fear of getting it in her eye was distracting.
Everything Is Not Relative, Scene 3 starring Duda

She jerks Joey Silvera off onto her tits. She has puffy nipples (if you like that). They kiss afterwards. Not bad.
Everything is Not Relative Scene 4
Everything Is Not Relative, Scene 4 starring Danyel Cheeks

This girl jerks him off onto her cheek. Perhaps that’s where her name came from.

(Actually, it’s not Danyel Cheeks who finishes, but I couldn’t stop myself from making that joke.)
Danyel Cheeks
Everything Is Not Relative, Scene 5 starring Danyel Cheeks

I guess her feet finished him off. I got a foot cramp just watching it though.

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9 Responses to “This Week’s Finishers: 11/29 – 12/5”

  1. wcfields Says:

    Alison – Not to hijack this thread, but there really is no thread here, so I thought I would express what I consider to be the general membership displeasure with updates like “The Girls of Wolfpac”. I’m not one of those guys who hates on the tranny stuff, or the foot fetish stuff, or even the pissing stuff (although I do find that pretty silly), because I realize that there is a legitimate interest among some of the members in seeing that kind of material. No problem there, I want everyone to be happy. But I would argue that updates like the one above don’t service (so to speak) anybody’s needs. Who is that video appealing to?

    The women are downright unattractive, which nobody likes. There is no discernible theme to the video (1 lesbian scene, 1 solo, 1 fetish, and 1 straight sex). And in the case of each of these scene categories, the scene given represents a very poor example of the genre. The only group I can even imagine enjoying this would be a hardcore fetish crowd (they might dig the hooks thing, all I can think about is that movie “Red Dragon”), but the reality is that VB has no hardcore fetish content anyway. A person seeking that sort of porn would have gone elsewhere long ago.

    The point here is that the video in question doesn’t miss the mark because I don’t happen to like the categories of porn involved. It misses the mark because it is not well-planned OR well-executed. It bothers me when you guys spend our money on a video like that. Look, I understand that 5 videos a day is a lot of porn, but if you can’t find enough decent stuff, then just skip an update once in a while, or reduce the number to 4 a day and assure us of some quality, please.

    The point here is that I really enjoy this web site. It saves me space on my HD, and I’ve gotten rid of all the porn DVDs I had since high school. I just want it to be as good as possible, and I know you guys are a whole lot better than “The Girls of WolfPac”. Just sayin’.

  2. doppyman Says:

    Wc’s comment is respectful and well reasoned, but I have to disagree with him. True, Wolfpac was not well done, but it headed in an interesting direction and was just different from most of the other content here. I am hoping that it was a bad video from a group of other videos from the same studio that might give us some other alt stuff that IS good. In my opinion, Wolfpac wasn’t as bad as the WOW stuff or Rude Britannia or some of the 3rd World Media stuff that does a bad job in genres we get plenty of every day. I would rather that VB continue to offer a diversity of genres, even if we have to skip some of the worst ones, rather than they offer fewer vids.

  3. davros Says:

    Thanks for the info, Alison. I’ll have to check out some of those scenes.

  4. Anon Says:

    Please add threaded comments to videos!

  5. xposh Says:

    Danyel Cheeks was so hot in that scene! Really fine ass, boobs + very sweet. Can’t ask for anything more. Good times seeing the guy with the funny hair and her laughing together. She reminded me of Anna Nicole in the way she sounded.

  6. alison Says:

    wcfields – Thanks for the long and well thought out comment. In response, I would say that while I sympathize with your argument, there are several reasons why we do what we do. First, you’re right. Five videos per day is a massive amount of porn. It’s difficult to find consistently quality porn in that volume for the prices we charge. Second, if releasing a different number of videos per day were possible, it might be an attractive option. However, we’ve made a name for ourselves as a site with 5 daily updates and if we were to stop offering that number, we’d have a lot of very unhappy members on our hands, regardless of the reasons for the change. Third, people truly have diverse interests on VB, even if they don’t make comments or rate the videos. The emails we receive tell the story very well – our 2 most requested genres are tranny and BBW. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure, as they say.

    doppyman – Thanks for offering another perspective. (and sorta proving my point before i made it 🙂 )

    davros – No problemo.

    Anon – Thanks. I’ll send your request along to our product manager.

    xposh – I went back and looked at that scene again…you’re right about the resemblance to Anna Nicole. I’m glad you liked it!

  7. sam m Says:

    why not create a new category for this so they are easier to find?

  8. wcfields Says:

    Alison – I take your point. As I said, I love the site. I’m interested, though, when you say that the most requests you get are for BBW and Tranny scenes, is that the ‘highest percentage of membership requesting” or is it “highest raw number of requests”?

    You can see the difference between these two. If I email you 500 times a day and ask for snake-oriented porn, that’s a lot of requests, but it doesn’t mean that there is suddenly a huge influx of interest in snake-porn…it just means I’m really motivated and have too much time. So which of these two is it?

  9. jfro21 Says:

    Why not create a category for these, so we can find these more easily? It is really an important piece of info…more important than “GILF” or “Cumshots”