What Are Your Favorite Sex Acts? Reader Guest Post

Please enjoy this guest post by wcfields. – Alison

Once there was a fair lass named Alison,
To whom I sent an electronic mail,
To see if her permission could be won,
For questioning our members (mostly male):

She thought my note a lovely suggestion,
And said to speed my query with all haste.
So I ask ‘What gives you an erection?”
Or makes you sopping wet below the waist?

Perhaps you wish they focused on the Kiss,
Or Dirty Talk you cannot do without.
Do you long to see nasty girls drink piss?
(On this one point alone I have some doubt.)

So tell us all what cranks your libido.
Please chose your favorite dirty acts below.


Please feel fee to make a fuller accounting in the comments. Ranked lists are appreciated!

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32 Responses to “What Are Your Favorite Sex Acts? Reader Guest Post”

  1. dirtyboots Says:

    I only chose five as requested but it was difficult. There was about ten which I would have classed as ‘Yes Please!’ but didn’t make the cut because of haste.

    What are you trying to learn from this survey?

    I always think that surveys like this result in one finding out more about the survey maker (and the conclusions they’d like to come to) than they do about the takers.

  2. dirtyboots Says:

    PS – your sonnet really doesn’t scan. Loves xx

  3. wcfields Says:

    Ah, so strange to know that my first published poem will go all around the world via a porno site. Truth is, I had a lot of doubts about even submitting this post. If my real ID ever gets out I won’t be able to run for public office.

    What I’m trying to learn from this survey is how much the comments reflect people’s actual preferences, and how other people’s preferences match up with my own. It’s that simple.


    PS – What does it mean that my sonnet doesn’t scan? I don’t get it.

  4. lorddork Says:

    The lenght of this list and thus the diversity of tastes shows that Videobox is in bad need of a better tag system.
    The tags are too broad, many sex acts don’t even have own tags, and it is impossible to exclude tags from a search. Logical connectives would help too.

    I understand that making the “good” stuff hard to find might be part of VB’s business model, but I feel the balance between user need and company need has become rather unfortunate for us users.

    Videobox used to be fun, but nowerdays it’s mostly work. I find myself having to browse VB for hours to find the stuff I want to see. Since VB switched to a multiple-DVDs-a-day scheme, the size of the pool has massively increased and finding the pearls has become harder.
    Especially since I tend to have a slightly different taste every day.

    The favorite lists don’t really work that well either, IMHO. Just 10 lists is not much, and I don’t understand why we are forced to use a list paradigm anyway.

    What would really help is:
    1) A user tag cloud like last.fm has. This way the users will do all the hard work and things that are unimporttant to some but important to others would get own tags.
    It also makes possible “soft” tags about the feel of a scene.
    2) Making own annotations to scenes would help too. Being able to give selected annotations public accesss would help even more.
    3) Finding a VB member with comparable taste and getting personalized recommendations would be cool to, though maybe not easy to implement.

  5. Bronty Says:

    Anyone else surprised to find kissing so far down in the rankings? Well, voting hasn’t ended.

    With any luck, production companies will see this, and we’ll get to see more kissing!

  6. xposh Says:

    I like what lorddork was saying. Though it has never taken me a whole lot of time to find something to get off to. Rarely use the favorites lists, though sometimes they can come in handy or just to see what you’ve added to them over time. Usually just check what’s new(ish) to get off or go to a certain category like MILFs or certain stars, etc and downsize from there. A lot of times I just follow the recommendations on the side of the page which is super useful even though sometimes some behing the scenes clip will show up. Wtf’s that about? I’ve probably watched less than 7 BTS as long as I’ve been a member here. A ton of good stuff comes up through recommendation but I’ve always wondered if everyone is getting the same recommendations, how with so many mambers can they tailor make recommendations? It’s a computers thing about what you’ve viewed through your membership history isn’t it?
    Good post by wcfields! Keep ’em coming man if you have it in you. I tried to vote on 7 or 8 things but it a popup came up and said you could only vote on 5 which kinda sucked ’cause when you’re trying to get off are you really limiting yourself to only 5 top things?
    5 stars for wcfields!!!!! Hope you get that public office. Give VB a shout out when giving your victory speech.

  7. along Says:

    I like the idea wcfields, but you left out my personal favorite, creampies.

  8. greywind57 Says:

    I liked the poll. It was missing entries for group sex as well as creampies, though.

  9. marca56 Says:

    I also wanted to vote for creampie. Lots of options I really don’t imagine many will choose. I would also like to make write-in votes for (oil) wrestling, squirting, and tranny (ONLY WITH REAL GIRLS).

  10. Agnt004 Says:

    Interesting poll, but why no creampie?

  11. wario1 Says:

    How about girl- girl strap-on? Instant dl for me.

  12. tyler Says:

    no squirting?

  13. fj Says:

    I fully agree with lorddork. Adding tags by users and more search options like excluding tags or categories refining a search would be great.

    @tyler: pissing is included ๐Ÿ˜‰

  14. doppyman Says:

    Spoon sex with the guy behind the girl is a great position visually for seeing both the screwing and the girl’s face and body. It was not on the list.

  15. dingo Says:

    Interesting, my five were easy to pick. I didn’t even have to think about it. I guess my tastes are pretty well defined.

  16. nova1972 Says:

    There should have been two categories for kissing: M-F, F-F.

  17. zarafan Says:

    Dear WCFields,

    First of all I am shocked, SHOCKED, to learn that WCFields isn’t your real name: now I don’t know what to believe anymore!! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Second, when dirtyboots says your sonnet doesn’t scan, he means (apparently) that it doesn’t have a consistent rhythm. Poetry is hard and sonnets are the hardest–it’s more than just 14 lines that rhyme–but I liked your effort just fine, and as far as seeking higher office, your writing is surely no worse than Jimmy Carter’s?! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    But most important, I have to congratulate you sincerely for coming up with such a great list. True, you didn’t include everything–how could you?–but you gave us enough to choose from that (1) there’s something on that list to appeal to anyone who would subscribe to VB in the first place; (2) you’ve reminded us of sex positions we like but don’t think about enough to prioritize on our “short-list” inventories.

    I’m particularly grateful that you included options for the guy finishing besides the facial. I find the facial the most overused and un-erotic clichรฉ in the porno repertoire. Sure, if you’re doing an oral-themed scene, it makes sense, but in every scene, almost (except for creampies, which just treats the other body parts as if they were receiving a facial too: the ultimate distinction without a difference in porno), it’s just boring. I especially don’t like watching an anal scene that ends with the guy pulling out for a facial: if the whole point of anal sex is “love of ass,” then why don’t you show us that, Mr. Director, sir?! And if we’ve been watching 30 minutes of ass-pounding, why do you end the scene with a close up of cum on the woman’s chin? It boggles the mind….

    By the way, I voted for kissing, too.

    Best wishes,


  18. fourstar Says:

    Always anal. Why? Freud would have a field day…

  19. wcfields Says:

    @ Zarafan/Dirtyboots – I fear I must protest! Go back and count some syllables, the whole thing is written in Iambic Pentameter, the preferred meter for sonnets since Shakespeare was writing them. I admit that particular meter sounds strange to a modern ear, since in the modern era we tend to express ourselves in shorter, more colloquially constructed sentences, but I must insist that my sonnet is written according to the book.

    Also, Zfan, I didn’t mean that I couldn’t get elected to public office because I didn’t write well enough. (I’m actually a professional writer, so…) I meant that I couldn’t get elected to public office if it came out that I wrote a dirty sonnet to poll people on their sexual preferences for the world’s most popular porno site. I don’t think porn has gone THAT mainstream just yet.

  20. doppyman Says:

    While there are some idiots on this blog and more commenting on the vids, I find it interesting that the intellectual level of this blog is much higher than I find on most of the mainstream political blogs. Of course you won’t find the religious right on here too much, but still, I enjoy reading what the blog readers come up with because I think a lot of you guys are pretty sharp. And this blog is better than a lot of left/liberal blogs as well because it is open-minded but not judgmental or overly prescriptive (i.e. politically correct).

  21. Luke Wilson Says:

    ANAL SEX ranks at number one. Can all the dicks who whinge about how many anal dvds are on here please shut up now!!! Videobox is giving majority of consumers what they demand with anal dvds.

    Bravo videobox – suck shit whingers.

  22. chainsawbeer Says:

    I had to kinda combine two… I’m a big fan of reverse-cowgirl anal. And one thing I’ve been a bit of a fan of, which I find is nearly impossible to come across regularly is T-girl on bio-girl scenes. As I pointed out in one of my comments (which as apparently well received) on the trannyformers video, and some of the anti-trans video guys should take note of, is that watching a scene with a t-girl doing an bio-girl is probably a LOT more hetero centric than normal m/f porn.

  23. irhamsrevenge Says:

    While a scene containing the top 5 sex acts is fairly plausible, it’s a little difficult to imagine one that includes the bottom 5…I mean, how would that go? Girl hogties guy, straps one on & proceeds to irrigate his rectum while hocking loogies on his back. All the while, dude’s babbling like an idiot until he cums on a plate of spaghetti.

    Hmm, I suppose anything’s possible in porn….

  24. zarafan Says:

    Dear W C Fields,

    With all due respect, “Once there was a fair lass named Alison” is not iambic: if anything, it’s more like dactylic hexameter (thanks, Wikipedia!!). But I see your point: debating poetic meter is really much more in the spirit of the VB blog than, say, whether Sandra Romain is a bigger anal queen than Melissa Lauren…. ๐Ÿ™‚

    But I am intrigued by your admission to being a professional writer, and I’m willing to take the bait–you’re Philip Roth, aren’t you? ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Best wishes, and thanks again for an interesting survey,


  25. wcfields Says:

    @Zfan – Touche. I wouldn’t say it fits with hexameter, but It’s not really stressed right to be called iambic either. I guess that’s what I get for putting something together in 16 minutes. To answer your question, give me Sandra Romain any day and twice on Sunday. And no, I’m not Philip Roth, but wouldn’t that be awesome if I was? I’m actually the ghost of DFW.


  26. zarafan Says:

    Ah, David Foster Wallace: so this is what the afterlife is like–sitting around talking about porn. There are worse visions.
    Agreed on Sandra Romain over Melissa Lauren, but there was a time when they were really in competition with one another, I think.
    Better luck with your next sonnet and looking forward to hearing from you again,


  27. doppyman Says:

    DFW wrote some of the most depressing spine-tingling scary stuff I have ever read. (Not Steven King scary, but the abyss that is in one’s own mind scary and human degradation scary.) I hope he is now watching and talking about porn and making some of his own, wherever he is. It would be so much more affirming.

  28. aledat Says:

    The one I would have liked to see was titfucking, but finishing on tits came pretty close.

  29. emptytriangle Says:

    A second vote for my favorite act – titfucking. The best personal turn-on is with the woman lying flat on her back, totally surrounding the cock with her breasts so that only the tip is visible at the end of each stroke/thrust. The tip should be close enough to her mouth so that she can lick it on each stroke, and swallow some or all of the cum when he pops. Now THAT would be my #1 vote.

    I wish there was a category added for titfucking as well!

  30. Jappanese Beaver Says:

    more guys talking dirty

  31. Desprical Says:

    Anal only won out because there isn’t a “Not Anal” option directly below it, and the non-anal supporters ran out of votes by the time they got to the V’s and saw “Vaginal”. Also because absentee ballots clearly weren’t included.

  32. benmorgan Says:

    Left out: ass to mouth; ass to another girls mouth; golden showers; transexual; bi-sexual; public sex; ect, ect. You guys, at times, seem wholy uninspired.