This Week’s Finishers: 12/6 – 12/12

My favorite finishers this week were Aurora Snow and the girls in Caught On Tape #2. Chloe Stevens was my absolute least favorite. How about you?

Aurora Snow
Serenity in Toyland, Scene 2 starring Aurora Snow

Aurora Snow is a masterful cocksucker. It takes a lot of coordination to get both hands moving like that, I’d think. It’s hard to see where the cum goes, but I don’t think that takes anything away from Aurora’s performance.
Jenny and Kim in Caught on Tape #2
Caught On Tape #2, Scene 3 starring Jenny and Kim

Both of these girls had room to hold this guy’s cock and plenty left over to stroke it. Which is impressive in and of itself.

ATM POV starring Caroline de Jaie, Liliana Ferri, Lilit, Maria Bellucci, Susanne Brend, Trinity, and Vanessa Hill

Every single girl in this video finishes.
Chloe Stevens
Twin Cheeks UK, Scene 1 starring Chloe Stevens

Honestly, this was just strange and wrong.
Chloe Stevens
Twin Cheeks UK, Scene 4 starring Chloe Stevens

Another finish by Chloe. The animal noises from the male performer in this scene are distracting. Watch it with the sound off.
Christie Lee
Throated #6, Scene 2 starring Christie Lee

After what seemed to me like a hurried blowjob, he finally blows on her face. POV-style.
Anita Blue
Throated #6, Scene 3 starring Anita Blue

Anita jerks him into her mouth/on her face, then continues to suck his cock until he’s completely finished.
Echo in Throated #6
Throated #6, Scene 4 starring Echo

Good blowjob. The cum bubbles were kind of a nice touch.
Alicia Rhodes
Throated #6, Scene 6 starring Alicia Rhodes

Alicia rubs him off onto her chin. The cum bubbles were less attractive this time.
Kea Kulani
Banzai!! #6, Scene 1 starring Kea Kulani

She directs the cum into her mouth, but spits it out onto her chin, creating a foaming-at-the-mouth look that’s mighty attractive.
Sindy Lange
Grudgefuck #6, Scene 4 starring Sindy Lange

It doesn’t look like she’s going to be the one doing the work at first, but a few weird edits later, she’s jerks him off onto her tongue/face.

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2 Responses to “This Week’s Finishers: 12/6 – 12/12”

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  2. walken Says:

    Hi Alison, since your “What’s your porn library like?” topic I have been slowly sorting my porn collection as per Ropeadope’s comments, creating shortcuts to categories etc. I have included a ‘finishers’ category but have found something interesting as I scan all my scenes which I am sure you would have come across too. The scenes where the girl does all the work right up to the pop, and then the guy grabs his cock, pumps it once and let’s it rip… I don’t know what to make of that? I guess it’s not technically a finisher, but I feel like the girl has been ripped off, so close to been labelled a finisher. Here’s a couple of scenes for eg: Dani Woodward in Crank shaft scene 6 and Crystal Ray in University Co-Eds Oral Exams 14 Scene 6. By the way, I did not enjoy Chloe Stevens scenes either!