Noah’s Celebrity Lookalikes

Do you ever wonder if there’s someone who watches as much porn as you do? Well there is…Me. My name is Noah and I’m your VideoBox frame picker. It’s my job to watch every movie on the site and pick out the best still frames so you guys can see what’s going on in each scene. Not a bad gig!

Seeing as how I look at porn ALL DAY LONG, you can imagine how much interesting and weird stuff I get/have to see. I usually save the best pictures in a folder so I can entertain myself and co-workers but I realized, hey, maybe the VideoBoxers would get a kick outta this stuff too. Today I’m gonna keep it pretty mild and just show you some of the celebrity look-alikes I’ve come across but I promise I’ll come back and share some juicier stuff later.

So here they are in no particular order:

Felicia Looks Like Brooke Burke

Teagan Presley Looks Like Britney Spears

Janine Lindemulder Looks Like Jillian Barberie

Casper Vice Looks Like Kelly Osbourne

Jesse Jane Looks Like Jamie Pressly

Christoph Clark Looks Like Gerard Depardieu

De’Bella Looks Like Swamp Thing

Okay, the comparison between De’bella and swamp thing may be a little harsh but don’t you think we kinda got the shit end of the stick when Jewel De’nyle quit doing porn because her mom (De’bella) started making videos too? I haven’t seen a trade that bad since the weird kid in kindergarten swapped my apple for his snack pack. Anyway, I’m sure you all have some other look-alikes stored up so let’s hear ‘em!

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41 Responses to “Noah’s Celebrity Lookalikes”

  1. AxXis Says:

    Do you ever pick a screencap just to get a rise out of us? Just asking….

  2. xposh Says:

    Thanks. I like it. Janine/Jillian is brilliant.

  3. Stoked Says:

    The De’Bella one is spot on. HAHA!!! Word!!!

  4. zarafan Says:

    I’ve long noticed the similarity between Teagan Presley and Britney Spears; I hate to say it, but if I didn’t know who was who I would guess that Christoph Clark was the movie star and Gerard Depardieu is the porno guy….

    It would take a ton of makeup, but Taylor Rain’s smile at least is very similar to Anne Hathaway’s…. Now THERE’S an idea for a threesome!!


  5. countrydick Says:

    Lexi Love reminds me a lot of Britney.

  6. passingthrough Says:

    I always thought Felix Vicious looked like Britney Spears.

  7. countrydick Says:

    Lisa Ann/Michelle Caruso-Cabrera(CNBC).Obscure,yes. But I’ve kinda got a thing for her.

  8. Luke Wilson Says:

    You have a nice job. So what caps do you choose?? Im guessing its the 6 that most people comment on in the reviews section of a dvd page. The small caps at the download page are just cosen in x minute intervals i guess.

    To be critical tho – for someone who does this all day that was a pretty weak list.

  9. Luke Wilson Says:


  10. irhamsrevenge Says:

    I think Alison already covered this subject…like Joanna Angel/Sarah Silverman, Stefani/Diamond, etc.

  11. alison Says:

    Luke – I think you’re being kind of harsh on Noah. This is his first blog post and I don’t think telling him it was weak is going to make him want to post another one.

    irhamsrevenge – I did one post on the topic, but I think Noah brought some new comparisons to the table. I certainly hadn’t heard the De’Bella one before…

  12. G man Says:

    Nice little entry. – Keep them coming 🙂
    I am sure I am not the only one wondering what it is actually like watching porn all fucking day … literally. Methinks it would rather an interesting post.

  13. papa-lop Says:

    Your job sounds hard. Does your brain get fried to hell from looking at porn all day? Awesome list btw!

  14. zarafan Says:

    I agree with G man (what a surprise?!!) and papa-lop that reading a simple “day on the job” post from Noah would be interesting, and I hope Luke Wilson’s criticisms won’t deter him from posting some of the other stills he’s promised us in future blog entries!

  15. ropeadope Says:

    Noah – Excellent first post. I never make these connections on my own, but the side-by-side pics of Felicia & Brooke and Teagan & Britney are uncanny.

    You have an outstanding job. I loved doing the screen captures for the couple of movie previews I posted to the blog. Great location, great group of people to work with, who could ask for anything more?

    Looking forward to your future submissions.

  16. Ditto Says:

    Cheers, Noah, thanks for the first post. Your Casper Vice / Kelly Osbourne duo made me laugh out loud – and I mean that in the literal sense, rather than the generic internet “lol.”

    Come back soon.

  17. Noah Says:

    Hey guys! Wow, thanks for all the nice feedback. I’m glad most of you enjoyed the post.

    Axxis- Good question! Honestly, no. I like you guys (for the most part). I don’t wanna do anything to disrupt an ejnoyable visit to videobox. If you ever see a photo that
    is gross or strange, it’s there because I want you to know what’s in store for the scene. You might be grossed out by a still frame of a random tranny, but isn’t that better than happening upon one while watching the scene and in mid-beat?

    Irhamsrevenge- You’re right, Alison did do this post once but I didn’t see the harm in contributing to the topic. I’m sorry this seemed redundant to you.

    Rope- I’ve been reading the nice emails you’ve been sending to us for a long time now and I gotta say we’ve all developed a fondness for you at the office (i’m sure you know that). Thanks for the kind words!

    Zarafan and Gman- I’m flattered that you guys are interested in what my job is like. I will defintitely do a posting soon about what a day is like here in the office.

  18. Noah Says:

    Thanks Ditto! Glad you got a laugh out of it!

  19. DP Says:

    Nice post.

    Every once in awhile I’ll see a porn star look like a celebrity, but most of the connections I see are how much some of them appear to be girls I’ve known from the past who I never saw naked 🙂

    Am I the only one?

  20. wcfields Says:

    @noah – Enjoyed the post…can’t wait to see the stranger end of the pictures you must come up with on a daily basis.

    @DP – I’m definitely with you. Porn Stars that look like celebs don’t do that much for me, but when I see one who looks like a girl that I know or knew, I get really excited. It can be an ex-GF, a lust object, or even a girl I am friends with and am not particularly attracted to (which is the weird part). But for whatever reason, porn girls that look familiar to me are a huge turn on.

  21. walken Says:

    Loved the first post! I’ve noticed the increase of posts been added to the blog and I think it’s excellent. Are you the first person to refer to us as ‘Videoboxers’? If so, well done sir, I like it! Like others I too would like to read a post about your job, and how it may have affected your perception of sex or your enjoyment of porn? Looking forward to reading more.

  22. Luke Wilson Says:

    I guess u set the bar too high alison. Good luck on ur next post Noah. Take some time with it tho.

  23. davros Says:

    Good job on your first post, Noah. I would like to add to the list that at certain times, Lexi Belle looks a bit like Michelle Trachtenberg. And of course Tyra Banxxx looks a little like Tyra Banks, only she’s not annoying, unlike the celebrity.

  24. pakiboi Says:

    Here’s one, thought of it after seeing the most recent VB update:

    Alektra Blue and Leighton Meester (from Gossip Girl, google her name for pics).

    Take a look at the actual video (not the boxcover) and they both have very similar facial features.

  25. Bronty Says:

    Daryl Hanah is super hot and sexy, and my wife resembles her, except that my wife is even more hot and sexy; but, I’m biased.

  26. GatosNunez Says:

    [murmur] Who the heck is Michelle Trachtenberg?![/murmur]

    Hey Noah, thanks for this enjoyable post. I also think you have a really good write, so I am looking forward to reading more of that.
    Actually I wondered whether this job would be a manual one, but your explanations made that pretty clear. I sometimes still wonder how some of the stuff passes QC but I guess it’s not your call to veto a technically bad video (not talking content – taste is a bitch anyway).

  27. ropeadope Says:

    GatosNunez – Rent the movie EuroTrip (Michelle Trachtenberg).

  28. Chris Says:

    To me, Devon looks more like Britney than Teagan.

  29. harstad Says:

    I’m with Walken. Porn chicks who look like women I know is a lot better than ones who look like celebrities. I am not discounting the comparison or this post though. It’s pretty interesting though, I am more interested in your daily job.

  30. ilovekittens Says:

    i got a kick out of this, but it seems kind of cruel to feature women who aren’t on videobox! particularly jesse jane…i have yet to find a video of her on this site…

  31. microsurf Says:

    I think Jessica Lynn looks like Kristen Bell….I tried finding similar photos. Compare and decide for yourself!

  32. DoomGoober Says:

    Noah, you’ve got the magic eye. You make the crappiest scenes look good by choosing the right frames. Ever think of being a DP (director of photography not the other DP?)

  33. Noah Says:

    Thanks again for all the kind words guys! You all definitely added some good ideas to this post. I got some good ideas so sometime after the holidays i’ll do another blog.

    Walken- I don’t know if anybody else uses “videoboxers”. It just seemed to roll off my tongue. I’m glad you’re cool with it so I will continue to use it!

    DoomGoober- I would love to do something like that. I would definitely jump on the opportunity if it came my way!

    ilovekittens- Sorry about the tease. I just thought it was too close not to use.

    GatosNunez- I only knew Michelle Tractenberg as a child actress that my kid sister used to watch on Disney or something like that, but I guess she’s grown up a lot (check out Ropeadope’s suggestion). also, I don’t have a say in what goes on the site, I just try to make it look nice. But I agree, taste is definitely subjective.

    Bronty- I’m glad you love your wife! Seriously! But I have this sneeking suspicion that you are your wife and you have snuck onto your husband’s VB account. Right on though, enjoy the site!

    Happy Holidays Everyone!

  34. ocdave67 Says:

    I enjoyed your post Noah!! It was entertaining!! Since you have a photo of Jesse Jane, could you give a little nudge to Content Dude to get some scenes of her on Videobox? That would be AWESOME!!

  35. ticl Says:

    Jasmine Byrne = Claire Forlani

  36. emefer Says:

    look at nicole sheridan looks like beth stern almost like twins

  37. jettyman Says:

    For you guys in the U.K. Tina in Coronation Street and a young Tory Lane.

  38. mortux Says:

    I was watching a sean with Holly Hollywood to me she looks like Jennifer Esposito from spin city. Any comments ?.

  39. gary busey Says:

    Jenna Presley looks like Elizabeth Hurley. Nice

  40. stunna Says:

    Actually Teagan looks nothing like Britney Spears. Teagan looks like Erica Durance of the tv show “Smallville”:

  41. Polarbear53041 Says:

    you guys know of a porn star who looks like aclicia silverstone? dated a girl once that looked like her, id like to find a video 🙂