This Week’s Finishers: 12/13 – 12/19

As “This Week’s Finishers” has become a series, I’ve decided to include serial commentary that will culminate in a final blog post – Alison’s Laws of Finishing. This week’s law: Show some enthusiasm.

Ladies, this is your job. Take pride in it. Do it well. Don’t look bored or impatient. These guys take a while to cum and you need to be understanding – and then revel in the satisfaction of accomplishment. You’ve done something few porn girls manage to do and you shouldn’t ruin it by looking like you’re late for your 3:00 nail appointment.

Tiffany Holiday
Stripped, Spread, Stretched #3, Scene 1 starring Tiffany Holiday

This was a subtle cumshot. Until she picks the cum out of her mouth.
Alexis Amore
Myne Tease #4, Scene 3 starring Alexis Amore

Genuine oral creampie right here. Complete with swallowing.

Christie Lee
All In The Family, Scene 3 starring Christie Lee

Not the most enthusiastic scene or finish I’ve ever seen. The cum ends up on the cheek. Eh.
Stacy Silver
Gag ‘n’ Shag, Scene 4 starring Stacy Silver

Stacy finishes him off into her mouth. I sort of wish they’d shot it from the other side to hide that awful tattoo, but what can you do?
Joanna Angel
Total Ass Wreckage, Scene 4 starring Joanna Angel

Member Craqshot says: “This is one of the best scenes ever. She cums twice within the first 5 minutes and squirts. Throughout the course of the video she cums several more times. It ends with her finishing him onto her face. And, she is extremely hot.”
Lena Ramon
Anal Fuck Buddies, Scene 3 starring Lena Ramon

A smiling face while cum shoots onto her tongue. Excellent.
Sarah Twain and Mili Jay
New Girls #1, Scene 6 starring Sarah Twain and Mili Jay

Two beautiful brunettes (maybe I’m biased for my own kind?) take turns licking his cock until he cums. A+
New Girls #1, Scene 1 starring Henriette

This cute little faux redhead hops off after some reverse cowgirl anal and strokes him onto her…shoulder.
Sandra Kay
Fantom Seducer #2, Scene 6 starring Sandra Kay

Finishes him left handed (nice) into her mouth.

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7 Responses to “This Week’s Finishers: 12/13 – 12/19”

  1. doppyman Says:

    Can I deduce some laws from your comments? 1)Swallowing is good. 2)Licking to a finish is also good (but I would think very hard to do). 3)Aim for your face. 4) And smile. 1,3 and 4 do seem like basic laws.

    Alexis swallows, Joanna aims for her face and Sarah and Mlli Jay lick to the finish and Lena smiles. But Lena is the only one with her eyes open. Would keeping eyes open be a law?

  2. vitaminC Says:

    This might be an unimplementable nightmare, but I think that if your “This Week’s Finishers” column had a link to the scene wherein it would play in the video from where the “finish” began, it would be a well liked feature.

  3. davros Says:

    Nice list Ali. Keep up the good work.

  4. xposh Says:

    Tiffany Holiday is this week’s cutest girl on This Week’s Finishers postin.

  5. HotScooter2 Says:

    Hi Alison

    Merry Christmas and i hope you don’t plan on ending this feature any time soon,as i think this is a very popular blog.
    And hey thanks for revealing the color of your hair. I don’t know why but i always wondered what color your hair was. first i thought blonde and then redhead,didn’t do so well.shows you how well i know women.It will be interesting to see your comments on Bang Bus 1 scene 1 with Haley Paige. ii don’t know if you will like it as much as me but i think that is the greatest oral creampie of all time. You already know Rope and I are big Haley fans

  6. Luke Wilson Says:

    Alison – why are there so many clone sites. In my travels i notice plenty of other sites with similar layouts AND all of our comments on there… but being basically exactly the same. Same uploads same comments.


    eg. youporn premium

    ..and one more i cant find that had a black and green layout.

    I have noticed about three so far

  7. Marlon Says:

    Thats great material, like your stuff, just passing to say hi!