Your Christmas Present: A Horrifying Cat Tattoo

Since I took some time off for the Christmas holiday, I didn’t happen to notice the DVDs we posted that day until now. The one that caught my eye and made it hurt was A Very Creamy Christmas, scene 4. Member ccmoosecc’s comment made me laugh out loud: “Nothing says Merry Christmas like a demonic cat tattoo on your snatch.”

I showed it to a coworker who’d apparently seen it over the weekend and knew exactly what the tattoo was of. This is not any demonic cat, but the Cheshire Cat from the video game American McGee’s Alice. See for yourself:

Hideous cat tattoo Cheshire Cat

I guess somebody had to top the travesty on Jenna Jameson’s neck

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9 Responses to “Your Christmas Present: A Horrifying Cat Tattoo”

  1. apefl3to2 Says:

    Kind of enjoyed the scene.The first thing I thought of with the pussy tattoo was how the artist could concentrate on his work?

  2. alison Says:

    apefl3to2 – That’s a good point. My thought was, “Man I bet pussy tattoos hurt” 🙂

  3. davros Says:

    I have some tattoos myself, but some of the choices that are made by some of these porn stars makes me shake my head. I like a lot of the art work that some of the gals get, but some of it just staggers the mind.

  4. irhamsrevenge Says:

    When I first saw the caps to the aforementioned scene, I could only think ‘why?’. But who am I to judge? At least Tabitha’s got a sense of humor (albeit twisted). Back in the day, I thought porn star Shawna Edwards was super-hot, but that ‘Joseph’ tattoo on her mons bugged me much more than this demon cat. In fact, watch this scene and tell me you don’t laugh just a little bit when the dude goes down on her at the 10:27 mark…like frenchkissing a cartoon character!

  5. OGWiseman Says:

    Jesus God. I don’t hate tattoos by any means, but can you fucking imagine if you hooked up with this girl in real life and saw that once you got her panties off? What a shocker.

    Also, is there weird symbolism at play here? The Cheshire Cat can appear and disappear, as well as change his shape. I can think of a couple of messages she might be trying to send with that, not the least of which is: “I used to be a dude”. (I don’t think she’s a tranny, I’m just saying…)

  6. BikeNerd Says:

    And I like American McGee’s Alice! But who am I to question what may be deemed appropriate for a porn performer?

  7. greywind57 Says:

    Seeing that on a woman who I was about to fuck would make me think twice about putting anything in there.

  8. Checkered Demon Says:

    The tattooing fad is like the big hair fad of the 80’s or the bell-bottom pants fad of the 70’s, except that those you could easily change when they fell out of fashion. Someday all those tats are going to look really dated even though tattooing has been around for thousands of years.

    I accept tattooing as an art form, and there are many that are very original and entertaining. Unfortunately, a lot of them are the equivalent of a day-glo toreador painted on black velvet. Not long ago a tattoo was relatively rare and was much more an expression of originality than it is today. Unfortunately the tattoo explosion is going to come back and haunt many someday, as it already has for some, but that’s cool. Enjoy it while you can.

  9. DP Says:

    Hey greywind57- if seeing the tatt on a pussy would make you think twice about going in there, then there’s only 1 option for you– ANAL! Everybody wins with the pussy tattoo.