Last Week’s Finishers: 12/20 – 12/26

A little late, here are last week’s finishers.

Sharon Wild
American Ass #4, Scene 3 starring Sharon Wild

A no-handed oral creampie. It’s like seeing a unicorn…
Demi Blue
First Class Euro Sluts #3, Scene 4 starring Demi Blue
Member rutnadexin3’s review: “She stroked off the first guy really nicely for the first 1/2 of the finish. Then the second guy felt the need to operate his equipment himself. She even gags a bit because of it (probably she expected to hj him into her open mouth as well).”

Sunrise Adams
Patriot Dames #1, Scene 1 starring Sunrise Adams

Sunrise Adams + oral cream pie = Awesome
Jenna Haze and Sunrise Adams
Patriot Dames #1, Scene 5 starring Jenna Haze and Sunrise Adams

Sunrise pops the dick out of Jenna and strokes it off. Too bad you can’t hear it (the content team is working on it, I promise).
Brit Dicks For Euro Splits, Scene 1 starring Tallulah

Tallulah has some crazy ink. But I think this scene confirms that tatted/inked up girls are better in bed because she finishes him off herself.
Rubie Marie
Ass Munchers #1, Scene 4 starring Rubie Marie

A two-hander onto the tits. She rubs it in like lotion.
Vouyer Vision #2, Scene 4 starring Syvette

This cute blonde gets a very rare oral creampie out of Vince Vouyer. He usually manages to ruin it by grabbing his dick away from girls at the last minute.
Mya Diamond
Sextra Time, Scene 1 starring Mya Diamond

Sort of a dodger, but the novelty of stroking him off on a footbridge is kind of entertaining.
Angelica Wild and Victoria Lanz
Sextra Time, Scene 5 starring Angelica Wild and Victoria Lanz

Angelica and Victoria work together on this finish. Not a great scene overall, though.
Liliane Tiger
First Class Euro Sluts #4, Scene 5 starring Liliane Tiger

The end of this scene seriously looks like it’s on fast forward because she’s stroking his cock so fast. That technique can go either way, but this was a really great finish.
Sammy Jayne
Sex Analyst, Scene 2 starring Sammy Jayne

After a very long handjob, Sammy Jayne jerks him onto her chest.
Sammy Jayne
Sex Analyst, Scene 4 starring
Sammy Jayne

This time Sammy aims for her chin.

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17 Responses to “Last Week’s Finishers: 12/20 – 12/26”

  1. ropeadope Says:

    Thank you Alison. Very informative and enjoyable reading. Love this feature and was already suffering withdrawal symptoms due to the holiday imposed delay. Couple of observations:

    The pic above of Demi Blue looks like Katsumi to me. I navigated to the scene comments and saw that member magman25 had the same pronouncement.

    Alison wrote – Tallulah has some crazy ink. But I think this scene confirms that tatted/inked up girls are better in bed because she finishes him off herself.

    Whoa Alison, doesn’t this type of statement require a disclosure? Like when a financial analyst is recommending a stock in which he (she) already owns shares. Speaking of your gorgeous tattoo, last I heard it was 2/3 complete. Has the tattoo been finished? Will the loyal legion of the membership get to see the tattoo in its full glory?

  2. jax-onn Says:

    How about a “last week’s best Dirty Talkers”…?

  3. j341 Says:

    Great idea!

  4. BikeNerd Says:

    While this running post is certainly entertaining, why not more on the rest of the business? What the performers/videographers/producers do off-camera. Giving a little perspective and depth to the final product makes it all that much more interesting. I think….

  5. extremejay Says:

    totally off subject but there are alot of downloads from tha last few days that have no audio. anybody on this? not just recent stuff though…i was downloading a bunch of claire dames vids and half dont have sound.

  6. davros Says:

    Keep up the good work, Ali.

  7. sizelarge22 Says:

    I’m with jax-onn!

  8. biglucifer Says:

    What’s happened to Rope. Let the people know!!!!!!

  9. ropeadope Says:

    Hi Lucifer. I’m still here. I think. Hold on a second. You’re not THE Lucifer, are you? Were you expecting my arrival? Uh-oh, maybe I’m not still here. Maybe my ghost is haunting the VideoBox blog. At least spare me until I get to view Alison’s coverage of the upcoming AVN show.

  10. Luke Wilson Says:

    How can i email ask alison. There is no link i can see.

    I wanna talk to the webmaster because i have added every double anal scene i can find to my favourites and wanna know if anyone wants to categorise the category of double anal.

  11. ropeadope Says:

    Hey Luke, Alison specified the following link:

    Intended to be used for sex advice, so try to incorporate your work into the form of an appropriate question. Such as, Alison, I’m trying to convince my girlfriend to do double anal. Should I just bring a buddy home with me and surprise her, or should I try to warm her up to the idea by use of a dildo before springing a friend upon her? Oh, by the way, I’ve downloaded all the double anal scenes on the site. Would you be interested in seeing my data?

  12. alison Says:

    ropeadope – Now that you mention it, she does have a Katsumi-esque look. That said, Katsumi is a gorgeous woman (even moreso in person)…I don’t think Demi is quite at her level of beauty. As far as my tattoos/prowess are concerned, I cannot confirm nor deny anything. 😉 I did get my tattoo finished, but it looks largely like it did before, just a little brighter and more filled in. I have a feeling you’ll be seeing pictures of it very soon.

    jax-onn, j341 & sizelarge22 – A very interesting idea. Sadly, I don’t get to watch enough of the scenes to really do the topic justice. If you had some to suggest, I’d be more than happy to post them, though!

    BikeNerd – Don’t worry, I’ve been kind of filling space for the last few weeks because of the holidays, but I’ll be right back in the swing of things starting Thursday – it’s AVN time.

    extremejay – I talked to the content guys and apparently it’s a complicated problem but they’re working on it and will hopefully have solved it by now.

    davros – Thanks!

    Luke Wilson – You can email me at the link rope posted, but the deal is that we’ve created a new set of categories that includes double anal. Actually rolling them out onto the site has posed some technical issues, but I promise they’ll be up as soon as possible!

    rope, again 🙂 – The best way to convince a woman to do something potentially painful that might cause her to break up with you is definitely to surprise her. Why give her a chance to think about it and say no? 😉

  13. HotScooter2 Says:


    this is totally off topic but there is an issue i wish to address and that is al the Haley Paige death jokes in the reviews. i find them sick and highly offensive as i also do the rascist remarks in other interracial DVD’s. did any of these assholes consider when they make what they consider funny comments about Haley’s passing ever consider that some of her friends or even family may be watching some of her vids in her honor. she died a terrible and tragic death and at way too young of an age,and i find nothing funny about it,and resent these sick motherfuckers that write this crap.
    Alison you are a dear person but i just wanted you to know how i as one VB customer feel about this. i know you oppose censorship and i respect that but do you feel this sort of depraved jokies about Haley should be allowed. Whatever you decide i will respect your decision,but i did wish to share my feelings to you about this

  14. alison Says:

    HotScooter – I appreciate you letting me know how this has affected you. I, too, find the things being said about Haley quite disgusting. There have been many discussions in the office about how to handle this and we’re trying to find the right balance of freedom and keeping things reasonable. We deleted some of the most egregious comments, but, admittedly, it’s difficult to police the many DVDs we release. I will, however, ask our content team to take a look at that scene and clean up anything offensive or degrading to Haley.

  15. Dickbrly Says:

    BEST BLOG EVER!!! Thank You Alison!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. doppyman Says:

    The Haley comments are annoying, if not disturbing. There are a lot of other comments that are actually much uglier, many of which are directed violently at women. And then there are the all too frequent racist comments, all of which are moronic and many of which are very ugly. But it’s a slippery slope; you start pulling comments on one issue and then you move on to the next. Soon, you’re censoring, or even worse, censoring selectively (As a theoretical example, perhaps the racist comments were deleted and the more violent ones towards women but the ubiquitous “You’re a fag” comments left alone and then what would that say about VBs moral stance,?). I think the VB community does a nice job of policing its own. A large majority of the most offensive comments get very high numbers of neg bangs and elicit quite appropriate scoldings and STFUs. Do what you think is right, but remember, it’s a slippery slope.

  17. HotScooter2 Says:

    doppyman you have a very solid point. i don’t much believe in censorship but feel regarding the first amendment much the same way that Oliver Wendell Holmes,the great supreme court justice back in the early part of the 20th century did. He made this famous statement. “Freedom of speech does not give one the right to yell fire in a crowded theatre” you strike me as being very intelligent and i feel you can see beyond taking the quote literally . To me his statement applies to any case where freedom of speech endangers public safety.
    Even though physical harm does not come from the statements about Haley,but how about emotional damage.If friends of hers or family members were to read the garbage reviewers of VB DVD’s have written concerning her.
    Obviously Racist remarks on VB can lead to violence towards members of those races being discriminated against. By my interpretation of justice Holmes denying nazis and the KKK the right to march would be valid. But the KKK marches without incident in the South and they have nowhere near the appeal they once had down here.
    doppyman you pose a very thoughtful argument,and i need to further contemplate it. and you are right Alison and the VB staff are the ones that need to address the Haley and racist issues,as well as derogatory remarks towards women. Very well written doppyman